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Estas Tonne - Internal Flight

Estas Tonne - Internal Flight
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Introduction to the Enneagram Copyright © Ewald Berkers The Enneagram system The Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types. The nine types (or "enneatypes", "ennea" means "nine") are universally identified by the numbers 1 to 9. People of a particular type have several characteristics in common, but they can be quite different nevertheless. Wings Usually one has characteristics of one of the types that lie adjacent to one's own that are more prominent. To find out which Enneagram type you are, see which description fits you most, or do the free Enneagram Test on this site. Enneagram type descriptions Type 1 - The Reformer Perfectionists, responsible, fixated on improvement Ones are essentially looking to make things better, as they think nothing is ever quite good enough. Type 2 - The Helper Helpers who need to be needed Twos essentially feel that they are worthy insofar as they are helpful to others. Type 3 - The Achiever Focused on the presentation of success, to attain validation

Stoned Meadow Of Doom Ah..Electric Moon! What's to say.....foremost purveyors of psychedelic acid rock, capable of turning a 20 minute acid jam into something heavenly and, I have to say, three of the coolest, soundest people I have ever had the fortune to meet. 'Stardust Rituals' is the band's 5th studio offering, as well as a plethora of brain scrambling live recordings, and sees them adding a few surprises into the mix. As ever, the personnel are Sula Bassana on guitars, e-sitar and various keyboards, Marcus Schnitzler on drums and Komet Lulu on bass, effects and vocals.....yes, you read that correctly...vocals! I won't go as far as to say that 'Stardust Rituals' sees the band take a new direction but there is a certain structure to this recording rather than the freeform jams of the past. 'Astral Hitch Hike' opens with some groovy e-sitar backed with a pulsating bass line and jazzy drumming. The change in approach from the band pays dividends and how! 1.

Black Magic – The Bad and The Ugly 4th April 2016 By Claudia Ayaz Guest Writer for Wake Up World Black magic — that is man-made magic — stems from either evil or selfish intent. There is, of course, another form of magic, one that stems from adherence to and reverence for natural law — but that has no need to be revealed. It is the obvious consequence of being in tune with nature and working with its power; and it is beautiful to experience or witness. Black magic, however, does need to be revealed. The Magic of the Ego The key to black magic is ego. Black magic is a primary tool used by the (largely unseen) controlling powers in our world today. “It is worthwhile remembering a defining aspect [of Black Magic]: the inversion of everything. This manipulated inversion of reality can be seen in the collective consciousness in countless ways. Why? Except… People are not sheep. If you imagine the truth about vaccination to be hard to digest, you’ll find uncovering the truth about black magic even harder. Black magic is theft.

What is Intuition? How to Sense Your Intuition By Valerie, contributor for We all have felt at least once in our lives that there is an inner wisdom in us that directs us to better choices, but at the same time an inner impulse that often leads us astray. This inner wisdom is called intuition and its role is to warn us of impending danger and help us make reasonable decisions. How to distinguish the voice of intuition from a wrong impulse? There are two ways that might help you discern if the inspiration you have is a premonition or a wrong impulse: If you happen to do a completely spontaneous choice, do not try to test the logic, but check how you feel: The right choice causes a feeling of joy and relief, while a wrong one causes tightness. Intuition has the form of a flow of emotions, not thoughts (such as repulsion, feeling of danger, relief, sadness, joy, peace, restlessness), or a sudden inspiration. What does the science say? Intuition = power About the Author Valerie Donate to Help Make a Difference Tags: intuition

Are You a Bridge Between Two Worlds? 24th March 2016 By Christina Lavers Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Many of us, who feel we have awoken, currently find ourselves straddling two worlds. In contrast, the new reality that many of us feel lapping at the edges of our internal horizon, is based on love, authenticity, and personal sovereignty. These are the realities of the old and new paradigms that currently co-exist on Earth. And yet, when we take the time to focus on the truth of our hearts we recognize the external droning for what it is: a shallow, crumbling illusion that we have outgrown. If you identify with what is written here you are likely a bridge: a person who has awoken here in this time and place in order to assist in the process of shifting out of the old world paradigm and ushering in a fresh new one. Be conscious of your energy and how you direct it We each have an energy signature, the energy that flows out from within. Trust the process Be radically you We are no longer on the king’s highway.

Scientific Proof of Jedi Powers ... and How to Develop Them 5th March 2016 By Brendan D. Murphy Guest Writer for Wake Up World “Repeated ignorant or stubborn denial of the existence of certain powers does not keep them from existing—except for us!” Everyone has some level of innate intuitive capability, a.k.a., Jedi powers, and this has been demonstrated repeatedly over several decades of experiments by the parapsychological community through tens of thousands of trials utilizing thousands of regular people with no known or presupposed psychic gifts. In this article, we will look at research, guidelines and relevant principles for unblocking and developing your innate intuitive abilities, a.k.a. your superpowers. Open Your Mind and Eliminate Closed Ones Have you ever noticed how closed-minded skeptics (CMS) rarely if ever have any experiences with the siddhis (psychic faculties) or “the paranormal” in general? Dr. Need, novelty, and emotion have long been known to play a part in psi phenomena.

Difference Between Incarnation and Reincarnation | Difference Between | Incarnation vs Reincarnation Incarnation vs Reincarnation Incarnation and reincarnation are spiritual and religious concepts. Most people mistake that incarnation and reincarnation has the same meaning. Religious people, especially those that believe in these spiritual concepts, believe that there are significant differences between incarnation and reincarnation. First of all, the concept of incarnation are normally attributed to deities or higher spiritual being descending on a lesser physical being such as the human form. On the other hand, reincarnation has a less deific meaning. Another big difference between incarnation and reincarnation lies in the question about how these two spiritual processes end. On the other hand, the cycle of reincarnation ends when the ‘old’ soul achieves a completion of purpose. Incarnation and reincarnation are different concepts. Search : Custom Search Loading ... Email This Post : If you like this article or our site.

About Bruce Cathie Bruce Cathie Captain Bruce Cathie was born in 1930 in Auckland, New Zealand, and was educated at Otahuhu Technical College. On leaving school, he became an engineering apprentice, then joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force to train as a pilot. After completing his flying training, he spent three years in agricultural aviation. In 1955, he joined New Zealand’s National Airways Corporation and served as Commander on DC3s, Focker Friendship, and Viscount airliners. He passed away on 2 June 2013 and is survived by his wife and two sons who all live in Auckland. Rod Maupin Rod Maupin was born in 1959 in Alva, Oklahoma, in the United States. In 1988, he learned about Bruce Cathie‘s work through reading two of his books. He currently lives in Rainier, Washington, USA. Software The first version of the Gridworks software was released in 1993. The first Microsoft® Windows® version of Gridworks was released in early 2001.

Engineering Anomalies Research General Overviews The Persistent Paradox of Psychic Phenomena: An Engineering Perspective (1982). Proceedings IEEE, 70, No.2, pp.136-170. Engineering Anomalies Research (1987). Human/Machine Experiments Remote Perception FieldREG FieldREG Anomalies in Group Situations (1996). Theoretical Models and Analytical Methodology On the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness, With Application to Anomalous Phenomena (1986). Philosophical Perspectives and Cross-Disciplinary Considerations Anomalies: Analysis and Aesthetics (1989).

Liberating Syria’s Ancient Pentagram Vortex & It’s Geopolitical Effects The Syrian vortex includes Allepo, Homs, Raqqa, Manbij and Palmyra. Liberating the Syrian pentagram is the talk of many right now within the esoteric fields of study as well as those involved in covert geopolitical action. It is with no doubt that much of Washington D.C.’s effort and focus right now is and has been for the past 4 years specifically to forcefully overthrow the sovereign and democratically elected regime of Bashar al-Assad. It is easy to understand the reasoning for this in a geopolitical sense, as Syria is pivotal in the control for Middle Eastern oil and natural gas. First though, let’s look at the political and financial importance of Syria. In 2009, two pipelines were proposed: One that started in Qatar and went through Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq then on to Turkey [then to Europe]. This “no” from Assad in Syria was certainly done to protect his Russian ally, as well as to protect himself from being overthrown. The Syrian Pentagram Goddess Vortex

Unique, Free On line Translator of English into the Babylonian Cuneiform Alphabet ! The Babylonians, one of the first civilizations, existed about 4000 to 2500 years ago. They were very skilled in the arts, science and mathematics. A very intelligent people and extremly advanced for their time, they valued both mathematics and literature. It has been estimated that Babylon was the largest city in the world from 1770 to 1670 BC, and again between 612 and 320 BC. The Babylonians lived in the area of present day southern Iraq, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Among the sciences, astronomy and astrology occupied an important postition in Babylonian society. King Hammurabi of Babylonia is one of the most gigantic figures of the world's history, to be named with Alexander, Caesar, or Napoleon, but best compared to a Charlemagne, a conqueror and a lawgiver, whose powerful genius formed a lasting empire out of chaos, and whose beneficent influence continued for ages throughout an area almost as large as Europe.

First Music Lesson - Frequency, Octave, Semitone, Sound Names, Major Scale Frequency We can describe sounds in terms of frequency. You can click on the buttons below to hear the sounds of piano. When you hear the first sound the membrane in your speaker makes 440 vibrations per second, and when you hear the second sound it makes 220 vibrations per second. The frequency is measured in Hz. (1Hz = one vibration per second) Octave and Semitone We can measure the distance between the frequencies of two sounds by deviding the frequency of one by the frequency of the other. Names of soundsApronus convention The sound with frequency 440Hz is called here A1. Note that 130.8Hz x 1.05946 = 138.6Hz which means that the interval between C and C# is one semitone. Note that in our Apronus didactic notation A(-1) = 110Hz, A = 220Hz, A1 = 440Hz, A2 = 880Hz, etc. Scale When you click on the button below you will hear the diatonic scale C major. You can play it manually by pressing the buttons below from left to right. Now look at the C major scale in terms of semitones. Next Lesson >>

Cosmic Octave and Planetary Tuning Forks The Planetary Tuning Forks The original, from the developer of the Cosmic Octave: Tones of Sun, Moon, Earth and Planets. For Planetware offers of individual tuning forks and sets please click here. For notes about using the planetary tuning forks please click here. In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist discovered the natural law of the "Cosmic Octave"; this links a variety of natural phenomena which occur periodically, such as of the orbits and rotations of the planets, the weather, colours and musical rhythms and tones. Using the octave formula f (frequency) x 2n (= doubled n times) he calculated the audio frequencies of the circulations and rotations of the earth, the moon and the planets. Since 1978 Fritz Dobretzberger has cooperated with Hans Cousto, producing tuning forks which vibrate at the frequencies calculated, thereby making these audible. The Planetware tuning forks are available in 3 different types Tuning Fork "S" (small, standard) Tuning Fork "L" (large)

12 Immutable Universal Laws - Laws of the Universe The Law of Divine Oneness - everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us. Law of Vibration - Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns, the same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills in the Etheric world. Law of Correspondence - This Universal Law states that the principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world energy, Light, vibration, and motion have their corresponding principles in the etheric or universe "As above, so below" Law of Cause and Effect - Nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws.. Law of Attraction - Demonstrates how we create the things, events and people that come into our lives Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn attract like energies. Law of Rhythm - Everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms..