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This 4-Year-Old Makes Paper Dresses With Her Mom

This 4-Year-Old Makes Paper Dresses With Her Mom
By Ilana Wiles, Mommy Shorts I started following @2sisters_angie a little over a year ago. Back then she was posting the typical stuff you see from moms on Instagram -- pics of her daughter at the park, pics of her daughter eating breakfast and lots of photos of her daughter playing dress-up. You know, the same stuff I post. Then, about nine months ago, Angie's feed started to change. It became clear Angie's daughter (she calls her "Mayhem") was more interested in fashion than the average 4-year-old. Then one day Angie got tired of finding her clothes in Mayhem's toy box and suggested they make a dress out of paper. I've been continually amazed every time Angie's pictures pop up in my feed. And over the last few months, I've watched them evolve to this: Having a 4-year-old daughter of my own, whose biggest fashion moment was putting a red bow around the waist of her green Super Soccer Stars t-shirt and calling herself "Peter Pan," I had a few questions for Angie. Most of the time.

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OMG this little girl is so cute!!!!!!!!!! by gomath12345 Sep 21