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Creative Coding — Monash University

Creative Coding — Monash University
Learning to program is no longer just for computer specialists and software developers. People from many different backgrounds now want to understand the basics of programming, because it’s both fun and an increasingly valuable skill. One of the most exciting ways to learn programming is through authoring your own creative programs. So if you’re an artist, designer, architect or musician who’s interested in how you can expand your creative skills, or even a computer programmer looking to work in creative applications, you will find this free online course extremely useful. Explore the concepts and skills of creative coding Throughout the course we’ll help you develop practical programming concepts and skills by exploring creative ideas and challenges. The aim is to teach you “algorithmic thinking” – ways to conceptualise and model the world so you can express creative ideas using computer programs. Learn with professional artists and designers Can a computer be independently creative? Related:  OhjelmointiSources of Information

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python This course is the first of a two-course sequence: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python, and Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science. Together, they are designed to help people with no prior exposure to computer science or programming learn to think computationally and write programs to tackle useful problems. Some of the people taking the two courses will use them as a stepping stone to more advanced computer science courses, but for many it will be their first and last computer science courses. Since these courses may be the only formal computer science courses many of the students take, we have chosen to focus on breadth rather than depth. The goal is to provide students with a brief introduction to many topics so they will have an idea of what is possible when they need to think about how to use computation to accomplish some goal later in their career. That said, they are not "computation appreciation" courses. Recommended textbook.

SEO specialist job profile | A career in SEO (search engine optimisation) is a good choice for you if you possess creative flair and good analytical, technical and marketing skills As an SEO specialist you will identify strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website and obtain a high-ranking placement in the search results page of search engines. Those working in SEO may also be known as online marketers or digital account executives. This type of work may be referred to as content marketing or conversion rate optimisation work. Responsibilities As an SEO specialist, you'll carry out some or all of the following: Salary Experienced freelancers can command high levels of pay. Income figures are intended as a guide only. Working hours Working hours are normally 9am to 5pm. Part-time work and job sharing is available in this line of work. What to expect SEO work requires you to constantly review your skills and keep up to date with ever changing technological developments and trends. Skills

25 life-saving tips for Processing | Amnon P5 - Experiments with Processing by Amnon Owed 25 life-saving tips for Processing Posted by Amnon on January 28, 2012 · 37 Comments Well, perhaps they won’t literally save your life. But they surely will help you write your sketches easier, faster and more efficiently! This post will be covering tips, tricks and other need-to-know information about Processing. I’ve also included many runnable code examples. 1. frameCount, millis(), modulo % and noise Let me start with a few functions that in themselves and in combination are extremely useful. 2. math, logical and relational operator shortcuts Any program will use operators. 3. math with ints A very common mistake is doing math operations on integers and expecting a floating number outcome. 4. frameRate Processing’s frameRate is by default capped at 60 fps. 5. loading specific files from an external input directory Many applications use file input, for example an image or a data file. 9. combining 2D and 3D drawing What if you want a 2D background behind a 3D sketch? Final note!

Geomerative Tutorial. Part 1. | Free Art Bureau A beginners tutorial to using the Geomerative Library developed by Ricard Marxer. Part 1. Original tutorial written by Mark Webster & published 18/09/2011. This is an introductory step by step tutorial to using the Geomerative Library. It includes basic information about the function of various methods and classes within the library and should be of particular help to graphic designers and artists who wish to work with fonts and text. >>> You can download all the necessary files for this tutorial here. We will be doing a second part of tutorials for the Geomerative library very soon. Working with the Geomerative Library. 1). a_Geo_Font_01 Open up this first sketch which shows the most basic structure for displaying text with Geomerative. In Processing, we use the PFont class to work with fonts. Once we have all these in place we can simply call our text using draw(). NB. RFont is a reduced class variable for creating, holding and drawing text from TrueType Font files. 2). b_Geo_Font_02

CodeWorld Rises Again! | Sententia cdsmithus About three years ago, I started work on an idea about technology-based math education. The idea was to get middle school students to work passionately on using mathematics to create things, by: Doing their own original, creative work, instead of following instructions or reaching set answers.Getting instant feedback 24 hours a day, so they can tinker and learn in a self-directed way.Building confidence by working on their own ideas, inspiring pride and excitement.Experiencing how concepts from geometry, algebra, and physics can be springboards for creativity.Becoming creators, rather than just consumers, of technology. That’s a lofty set of goals, but it was very successful. Students didn’t really think of what they were doing as math. At the end of that year, I had plans to teach this program in multiple schools the following school year. Over the last week and a half, though, that’s changed! Getting Started The CodeWorld web site is (as always) at Changes:

Software tester job profile | A software tester is involved in the quality assurance stage of software development and deployment. They conduct automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by developers is fit for purpose. Software testing involves the analysis of software, and systems, to avert risk and prevent software issues. The role of a software tester is integral to the creation of software systems and technical products including vehicles, electronic goods, defence, and healthcare. Ultimately software testers are employed to find bugs and issues within a product before it gets deployed to everyday users. They can work on bespoke individual projects or multinational projects spanning the globe and costing billions of pounds. Responsibilities The role of a software tester can vary depending on project requirements. Large organisations may have software testers dedicated to one project; whereas smaller organisations may have a central team working on multiple projects. Salary Working hours Skills

processing GUI, controlP5 About controlP5 is a library written by Andreas Schlegel for the programming environment processing. Last update, 07/30/2015. Controllers to build a graphical user interface on top of your processing sketch include Sliders, Buttons, Toggles, Knobs, Textfields, RadioButtons, Checkboxes amongst others and can be easily added to a processing sketch. They can be arranged in separate control PGraphics contexts, and can be organized in tabs or groups. → read more. Installation Unzip and put the extracted controlP5 folder into the libraries folder of your processing sketches. Details Keywords gui, ui, controller, interface, user interface Reference. Source. Platform osx, windows, linux Processing 2.2.1 Dependencies none User interface for the 'vulcano generator'. project synthazards, syntfarm. A complete list of features can be found on controlP5's github page. Features Custom FontsBy default controlP5 uses a bitFont to render text. Examples

Level Creation Guide - The LittleBigPlanet Wiki - LittleBigPlanet characters, levels, walkthroughs, and more Pressing in create mode pulls up the Popit Menu. The main functions essential to creation that appear in the Popit Menu are the Goodies Bag, Tools Bag, Sticker Menu and the Popit Cursor. Levelcraft Understanding these concepts is easy, but applying each and every one of them into unique and original ideas can be more difficult. Make sure there's not too many complicated things in one small area, or else the entire game will freeze and will lose all changes. The World You need a basic idea of what the world your level takes place in is like so that you can model your level after those ideas and so when you publish it sackthings will like the setting. Physical Appearance Using techniques such as Landscaping and Decorating can give the players of your level a good idea of what kind of world your level is in. Atmosphere If the level's theme is a spooky mansion, use the Tools Bag to make the fog level go up and the lighting go dark. Music Enemies Dialogue The Name The Description The Level Badge

Web developer job profile | Web developers build and maintain websites and web applications. Although their work usually focuses solely on the underlying software and databases (known as the 'back end'), some web developers work on the interface and visual design (the 'front end'), while others combine both ('full-stack development'). Job titles vary according to the focus of the role. In an agency or as a freelancer, a web developer's job is to create products that meet clients' needs. The work can be particularly varied with many projects to work on simultaneously and lots of meetings with clients to discuss their requirements and update them on progress. In all cases a web developer's primary task is creating reliable and high performing applications and services, which can be accessed over the internet. Responsibilities The day-to-day work of a web developer varies depending on whether they work mainly for clients or in-house for an organisation, but most roles include: Salary Working hours What to expect Skills

Linux creator Linus Torvalds: I do not believe everybody should learn to code | VentureBeat | Dev | by Harrison Weber Even Linus Torvalds, one of the most influential computer scientists alive today, doesn’t believe everybody should learn to code. Torvalds, the creator of Linux and Git (a version control system for dev teams, and the technology behind GitHub), opened up for an unusually lengthy Q&A this weekend. Now 44, Torvalds shaped modern computing, and yet his views contrast recent learn-to-code campaigns like Codecademy’s Code Year. When asked about the future of computer science education, Torvalds said, “I actually don’t believe that everybody should necessarily try to learn to code. While enthusiasm for computer science is high — even President Obama is into it — many developers have reacted negatively to learn-to-code campaigns. However, Torvalds clarified that “there may well be lots of people who never realized that they might actually like telling computers what to do.” Check out Torvald’s interview in full.

Web designer job profile | Web designers plan, create and code web pages, using both non-technical and technical skills to produce websites that fit the customer's requirements. They are involved in the technical and graphical aspects of pages, producing not just the look of the website, but determining how it works as well. Web designers might also be responsible for the maintenance of an existing site. The term web developer is sometimes used interchangeably with web designer, but this can be confusing. Web developing is a more specialist role, focusing on the back-end development of a website and will incorporate, among other things, the creation of highly complex search functions. The recent growth in touchscreen phones and tablet devices has dictated a new way of designing websites, with the web designer needing to ensure that web pages are responsive no matter what type of device a viewer is using. Responsibilities Salary Salaries tend to be higher in London and the South East. Working hours What to expect Skills

7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills It's hard to imagine a single career that doesn't have a need for someone who can code. Everything that "just works" has some type of code that makes it run. Coding (a.k.a. programming) is all around us. If you're concerned that that a) elementary school students don't have the ability to code, b) there's no room in the curriculum, and c) you don't possess coding chops to teach programming skills, throw out those worries. In no particular order, we have listed all the coding apps that are appropriate for young learners. GameStar Mechanic Platform: WebCost: $2 per student GameStar Mechanic teaches kids, ages 7-14, to design their own video games. Scratch Platform: WebCost: Free! Tynker Platform: WebCost: Free! Move the Turtle Platform: iOS (iPad and iPod)Cost: $2.99 We love Move the Turtle, a gamified way to learn programming procedures. Hopscotch Platform: iPadCost: Free! Daisy the Dinosaur Platform: iPadCost: Free! Cargo-Bot Platform: iPadCost: Free!

UX designer job profile | If you're interested in web design and improving the user experience of websites and apps than a career as a UX designer may be for you UX designers are involved in designing sites and software for specific target groups and end users. The purpose of your role is to ensure that the 'user experience' for individuals using websites or applications is as efficient as possible and makes sense to people, who are often from non-technical backgrounds. In practice this means using a range of specialist software tools to create applications and sites that are usable, easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing and engaging, to the extent that the user wishes to repeat the experience by re-visiting the website. Types of work Roles that fall under the umbrella of UX designer include: information architect (IA)interaction designer (UI designer)usability testerUX researcher or analystvisual designer. Responsibilities As a UX designer, you'll need to: Salary Income figures are intended as a guide only. Skills

Learn To Code, Learn To Think : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture Is learning to code software a valuable skill? Is it one that prepares people to join the workforce of the future? On the one hand, the popularity of computer science as a college major and the proliferation of coding bootcamps suggest the answer is decidedly "yes.", a non-profit that encourages education and diversity in computer science, currently invites visitors to its homepage to join over a million others in agreeing with the following statement: "Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science" On the other hand, some endorse the headline on Kevin Maney's May 29th article at Newsweek: "Computer Programming Is A Dying Art," one that will soon be taken over by smarter, more "brain-like" computers. " ... in 2030, when today's 10-year-olds are in the job market, they'll need to be creative, problem-solving design thinkers who can teach a machine how to do things. Maney's timeline may be optimistic but the prospect isn't crazy.