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60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites 3D printers have immensely revolutionized the art and manufacturing industry. With advancements in the 3D printer technology, it is now not very difficult to own one, even in your home or office. Moreover, you don’t have to be an AutoCAD engineer to design a 3D model for your needs, as this job is taken up by numerous 3D model websites. So, either you want to create 3D furniture, a mechanical component, or even human or animal figurines, here are 50 of the best free 3D model websites to cover up all your needs. Take a look. 10 Cheap and Affordable 3D Printers to Buy 10 Cheap and Affordable 3D Printers to Buy There was a time when 3D printers were a novelty - but not anymore. Pikbest Pikbest offers thousands of 3D models that are presented under various categories like decoration, wedding, appliances, bathroom, kitchen, furniture. GrabCAD GrabCAD Community Library offers 2.8+ million designs and models including CADs, thanks to its largest community of designers, engineers, and students. Cults

7-Zip : logiciel gratuit et libre d'archivage à très haut taux de compression Freebies Below are all of our free models. To gain access to these models simply join our e-mail newsletter. You will be e-mailed a download URL and password to gain access to everything. If you need a model and are already on the e-mail newsletter, search for previous e-mails from me. They will all have the URL/password which you can use to unlock a download page.

Top 18 Online Meeting and Web Conferencing Tools In a world where we now communicate and collaborate mainly via the Internet, it’s important to have the right tool available. Not only do you need something that is dependable and works properly, but you also want a tool that is easy for all of your collaborators to use. Having a lot of features is nice, but if the people you’re trying to communicate with can’t figure out how to join you, more than likely you’ll end up alone! This list will got over some of the best online tools for meetings, group collaborations, and screen sharing. All of these tools are easy-to-use and, for the most part, are even easier for your collaborators to join in as well. MeetingBurner MeetingBurner is not just a great place to hold online meetings (right in the browser – no downloads required), it’s also good for hosting webinars, and sharing your screen. Pricing: has both a free and PRO account ($19/month or $190/year). Jabbster GoToMeeting Yugma WebEx Twiddla Vyew Huddle 321Meet

20 Gorgeous iPhone App Presentation Websites One of the most important aspect when selling a good is its package because this is the most important detail that can transform a person into a buyer. A good package design and a good presentation is more important than the product itself, so a lot of money and resources are being allocated in order to create something great. So, in order to sell a product you need a good package but what happens in the case of virtual goods? Therefore, below you can see a collection of 20 gorgeous websites made for presenting iPhone applications. Instafocus Flipagram Spotify Hipstamatic Weather Neue Analytiks app Wthr Gogogabi Transit Invy Cheddar app Local hero Popset Banca Flight card Nizo Blip me Zootool Discourse

Akademy's space CanvasZoom app So, here it is, the CanvasZoom app drawn with just the HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript: Image of Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300 from Hubble Site You can zoom with the mouse either with the scroll wheel - forward to zoom in, backward to zoom out - or by clicking the select button to zoom in. The buttons beneath the canvas can also be used. It works very well in Firefox 3.0+ and Opera 11+ . Create your own Once you have it installed create a project (or the local machine, network positions don't work) then choose an appropriate image and import it with "Add Image".

Free video soft: video converter, ipod converter, mp4 converter by Dany Super logiciel !! Le meilleur meme avant jen utiliser plusieurs différents mais maintenant j'en ai qu'un seul. Vraiment bravo !! by AbdoDodo merçi beaucoup de tout mon coeur/Thinks a lot my friends this softwar is THE BEST EVER ^____^ by Jojo Super et je sais de quoi je parle , je suis électronicien et dépanneur PC , félicitation et continuez dans ce sens. by zeus Depuis Abidjan (Capital Cote d'Ivoire), j'utilise ce bijou avec beaucoup d'admirations pour ses concepteurs! by Marsu Tip-Top.

Vectors Free Vector Corkboard with Frame Since the notes and pins are popular on fuzzimo, here’s a vector cork texture with a wood frame in case anyone needs an all vector bulletin board artwork. Read more Illustrator Tutorial Crop a Group of Shapes Here’s a basic Illustrator tutorial on how to crop an area from a group of multiple shapes or just hide unwanted parts by using opacity masks or clipping masks. Read more Free Vector Classical Acoustic Guitars A while ago I thought about playing the guitar, but after some tries I realized it was the guitar’s fault… I’ll just stick to vectors :). Read more Free Vector Safety Pins + Hi-Res Images Since everyone likes sticky notes, here’s another way of placing them in designs – Safety Pins! Read more Illustrator Tutorial Make a 3d Vector Pencil Time for another tutorial – how to make a 3d pencil using the Revolve tool in Illustrator.

Save web articles as PDF for reading later: Joliprint Liste de 18 outils pour prototyper des maquettes Aujourd'hui, j'ai cherché une petite application qui me permettrait de réaliser des maquettes d'interfaces graphiques simplement, comme je le faisais sous Linux avec Pencil (mais pour Mac OSX). Puis au fil de mes recherches, j'en ai dégoté plusieurs qui je pense vous intéresseront. Voici donc une sélection de 18 outils de création d'interfaces graphiques (et de schémas) pour vos projets. J'ai fait un mix entre les outils Mac, Windows et Linux (en précisant à chaque fois) et j'ai listé les outils payants à la fin (en bonus). Balsamiq mockups Fonctionne sous Mac, Windows et Linux. Rejoignez les 60762 korbenautes et réveillez le bidouilleur qui est en vous Suivez KorbenUn jour ça vous sauvera la vie..

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