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A little cozy goes a long way (and a hand warmer DIY) - rae ann kelly

A little cozy goes a long way (and a hand warmer DIY) - rae ann kelly
i’m not a super mom. in fact, i’m pretty sure it’s an oxymoron or the opposite of a double negative, or something that cancels itself out. most days i’m just doing what has to be done, making sure my babes have what they need and praying that everything else falls into place. but there is one other thing i take very seriously…. that my kids feel loved. everyday. it would be easy for this task to become overwhelming, but luckily my kids have taught me that it’s the little things that matter. just one act of love goes a looooong way. this winter my default has been just about anything warm and cozy. letting them eat breakfast by the fireplace, adding an extra blanket to their beds, a hot cup of cocoa after being outside, a warm towel to wrap up in after tubs, or…. … reheatable hand-warmers to pop in their pockets on the way to school. so cozy. (continue reading for the DIY instructions) 3. fill 3/4 of the way up with rice. xo . rae Want to receive goodies like this in your inbox? Related:  DIY/ othercrafts

Gabarit à imprimer - Confectionnez une bouillotte sèche et des chauffrettes! - Fermer X Il semble que vous utilisiez un bloqueur de publicités ! Ce site est financé par la publicité, celle-ci permet de produire du contenu gratuitement. Nous nous engageons activement à respecter les règles du marché fixées par l’IAB et à réduire sensiblement la publicité intrusive. Merci de bien vouloir désactiver votre bloqueur et recharger la page.Trouver de l’aide pour désactiver votre bloqueur (didacticiel) En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de Cookies pour vous proposer des publicités ciblées adaptées à vos centres d’intérêts et réaliser des statistiques de visites. Fermer Suivre sur S'abonner au magazine : J'achète ce numéro Abonnement classique Abonnement numérique Confectionnez une bouillotte sèche et des chauffrettes! Par Karine Thiboult Note : (8 votes) © Fabrice Demessence Bouillotte sèche Schémas de montage 1 Schémas 1 Schémas bouillote 2 Schémas 2 Gabarit à imprimer Comment éviter les erreurs lorsqu'on sèche les cheveux ?

Decorative Wire Vase DIY Hi, guys! It's Mandi here. I love having flowers in my home, but I can rarely justify buying a fresh bouquet at my every impulse, only to have them die a few days later. Wah, wah. Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful and realistic looking artificial flowers available at craft stores these days, so I recently splurged on a few pretties. I wanted to make a funky pair of sculptural vases for displaying them. - Heavier gauge wire (This 10 gauge wire is great—I used electrical wiring, because I had it on hand)- Electrical tape- Wire cutters- Scissors- 1ʺ-2ʺ strips of scrap fabric (Use any color or pattern, and feel free to mix it up!) Step One: Cut six pieces of wire to the same length. Step Two: Bend down the ends of the cut wires and secure with electrical tape, leaving enough of an opening for two pieces of wire to squeeze through. Step Four: Fasten the looped vertical wires to the circular base by wrapping electrical wire crosswise around the joints. -Mandi

V and Co how to: jersey knit bracelet i don't know what it is about this time of year that makes me just want to have my bare feet in the sand, be watching the sun setting into the ocean, and breathing in the warm salty air of the i get older, more and more i find myself missing that place i used to go to almost as a teen. (my skin doesn't miss it. as a matter of fact, i now wish i listened more and DID put SPF on my face...hindsight is 20/20). my mom calls me from her walk on the beach almost every morning...*sigh*yeah, i get a little homesick around this time of the year. heck on my pinterest my "dreaming of summer" has the most pictures in it. ah yes. i miss my ocean. case in point. this bracelet, brought a flood of memories, not because i used to have one like it but because i can totally see me wearing it by the beach, not caring that it's gotten salty and wet, because i can totally make another one in like less than 5 minutes flat when i get home. *sigh* okay... *cut off excess tails!

DIY starter kit Chel asks: ”Hi Mr. Kate! You are such an inspiration to me. My Answer: Hi Chel! Per your wonderful question, I compiled some of my essentials to create a DIY starter kit. In my kit: Adhesives. Here are some of my past projects using only one or two of the items above: 1. 2. 3. 4. Get these things and you’ll be good to go! always rooney: Passport Holder | DIY **Edit: From publishing this project over two years ago, I have started to make and sell my own passport covers on Etsy. I have sold thousands of covers since then. If you are interested in purchasing one you can head over to my shop here. With summer well on its way, I'm sure most of you are itching to get out and travel. I am going to India in less than three weeks and I can hardly wait. Materials: Leather, Chalk, Passport to measure Optional: paint, paintbrush, q-tips, stamps, hammer Lay out passport and draw with chalk around leaving two inches on each side to fold over. To decorate the outside, I used q-tips to make a dotted pattern. I am beyond excited to get some stamps in my passport! -Courtney

★ Le tuto de mon organisateur de sac Attention, voici venu le post le plus long jamais écrit sur ce blog... J'ai bossé dur, fait des dizaines de photos et pris plein de mesures pour vous livrer, enfin, le petit tuto promis il y a quelques semaines. Mais avant tout, j'attire votre attention sur le fait que ce tutoriel est mis à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons : Citer l'auteur - Pas d'Utilisation Commerciale - Partage à l'Identique Il est interdit de vendre des organisateurs de sac cousus d'après mon modèlesur marchés, plateformes de vente de créations (Etsy, Dawanda, etc), pages facebook et e-shops.Merci de respecter mon travail ! Alors une fois que ceci est dit, si vous êtes partantes pour vous coudre un organisateur de sac avec 5 poches à l'extérieur et 2 poches + 4 emplacements de cartes + une poche zippée + 1 porte-clés à l'intérieur... et bien, je vais tenter de vous expliquer ! D'abord le matos : NB : les mesures indiquées comprennent les marges de couture d’1 cm Pour l’extérieur : Ouf ! Bravo !

DIY Magnetic Wristband - My Altered State She can make you do things that you had never imagined yourself doing. Things that will call into question your strength of character, your endurance, and your will to survive. Yes my friends, she can make you sew. S-e-w. With a sewing machine. (More on that in a bit.) First, let me tell you about screws and nails. When you’re creating something, there is a moment when you have wood right where you want it. You balance, prop, stand on one foot, and then turn to grab a nail… …or a screw. (Mom, I totally stopped using my teeth for holding screws, or opening packages. This frustration might be shared by others, like people who make jewelry, or people who are real sewing machine users… These people work with small metal parts too. Enter that handy wristband you may have seen at hardware stores. I thought one of those would be the solution for my loose screws. Only- have you actually SEEN those wristbands at hardware stores? They are huge. So I wasn’t really excited about the prospects. But first… Why?

Glitter Dipped Mason Jars | Lilyshop Blog by Jessie Jane Nothing better than a "fancy" mason jar : ) Get your glitter and glue out girls because we're making fancy jars again! Aren't these perfect for an engagement party? Wedding? New Years!? Love! I think the black one is my favorite! Here they are in action : ) Glitter Dipped Mason Jars What you need: Krylon Spray Paint (Glossy Black and Metallic Gold & Silver) Glossy Mod Podge Paint Brush Recollections or Martha Stewart Glitter Directions 1. 2. 3. Notes: Be careful with these jars. Also, to get a perfect straight line on your jar you can lay it down on the table and place a piece of paper over the jar and you can use that line to guide you.

DIY Dinosaur Eggs My oldest son was learning about dinosaurs in his class and it gave me motivation to do these Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Dinosaur Eggs (or rocks if you don't want to shape them into eggs.) We had all the ingredients, but I would suspect that some people may not have sand readily available to them. It only takes 1 cup of sand to make the five eggs you see in the photo mixed in with the other ingredients. The eggs are about 4 to 5-inches long and about 3-inches in diameter and we used an air dry method with plastic dinosaurs (and animals.) We just did this for fun, but I would expect that these "eggs" could be made in advance of a dinosaur themed party or as part of a dinosaur dig with a group of children. Overall, it took my kids and I about 30-minutes to mix and mold the eggs, and we waited three days for the eggs to dry. From the photo, you can see that the inside doesn't dry all the way through, but the outside is hard as a rock.

33 Harry Potter Gifts Only A True Fan Will Appreciate La surprise ! (Les surprises !) - Princesse Grenouille ça y est, après des semaines de procrastination, le tuto du range-aiguilles de Mimousse est enfin réalisé ! Et pour cela, j'ai dû en faire un second, bin oui, parce que je n'avais pas fait de photos pour le premier. Je l'ai appelé Mirabelle, ce numéro deux, du nom de ce joli Liberty que j'ai utilisé à nouveau. Donc, le voici, le voilà, plein de jolies couleurs et près à entrer en action : Pour ce énième range-aiguilles, j'ai enfin trouver la solution pour faire tenir correctement les aiguilles circulaires fixes. Sur les photos, ce sont mes ustensiles de tricot qui garnissent cette pochette. Ici, le tuto (en deux parties) : Tuto_Range_aiguilles_Mirabelle_p1 Tuto_Range_aiguilles_Mirabelle_p2 Donc, si vous avez bien suivi, cette pochette a besoin d'un(e) propriétaire. Aujourd'hui, je vous offre donc le tuto qui vous permettra de réaliser The Pochette Range-Aiguilles et je vous propose de gagner par tirage à sort la trousse Mirabelle (non garnie, faut pas exagérer non plus !). Génial, non ?

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