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BIG’s Honeycomb Bahamas Resort Features a Private Pool on Every Balcony BHS Albany Resort in the Bahamas Features Balconies with Private Pools The beehive structure and open balconies imply that privacy may not be the highest priority for guests at the resort. The façade’s openings have a hexagonal pattern that uniquely frames the natural beauty of the Island, while the balconies are deep enough to provide lounging areas, summer kitchens, and private pools. Each of the pools features a transparent side facing the plaza that eliminates the visual barrier between the pool and the environment. Bjarke Ingels said that: “Our design is driven by an effort to maximize the enjoyment of the abundant natural qualities of Albany in The Bahamas: the landscape, the sea and the sun. On the ground level, the façade pattern melts into the pavement of the plaza, creating a subtle topography on the square. The apartment building offers a variety of floor plans that will suit the diverse lifestyles of its residents. Images by BIG

Ring : Shortcut Everything. by Logbar inc. Ring is like magic, allowing you to control anything you want, by wearing it on your finger. You can send texts, control home appliances, and even pay your bills — all at once and in a flash. Time - "This Ring Will Turn Your Finger Into a Magic, Gadget-Controlling Wand" Entrepreneur - "With Bluetooth Ring, Control Your World With a Finger Twirl" Mashable - "This Bluetooth Ring Is Like a Magic Wand on Your Finger". Fast Company (Co.Design) -"A Ring That Lets You Control Pretty Much Anything By Writing In The Air". Techcrunch - "The Ring Input Device Puts Gesture Control And Home Automation On Your Finger..." . We exhibited at the SXSW Trade Show in Austin, Texas from March 9 to 12th! Play Ring only detects the movement of the finger that is inside and identifies the gesture being made. Each Application, has its own unique gesture mark, so when you want to use it, simply perform the designated action. You can connect directly or using the Hub. - Direct Number Payment - Checkmark Payment

Brilliant Print Ads Show How ‘Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job’ We have previously featured some really great print ads, but these ingenious ones from German job-hunting website is certainly one of the best ones we have ever came across. Aiming to show that “life’s too short for the wrong job”, these ads are plastered on automated machines like ATMs, jukeboxes, instant photo booths and coffee machines. Featuring images of unhappy-looking people working at awful jobs, these ads make it look as if there are actual people working within the cramped confines of the machines. For instance, the ad that is placed on the side of a washing machine in a laundromat depicts a distressed woman washing clothes manually in an uncomfortable space. If you were stuck in an unattractive job that is wrong for you, you would probably be able to relate to them—see the rest of these clever ads below. [via Imgur and AllTop Holy Kaw] Receive interesting stories like this one in your inbox

Frequency The Paper Fox, o Projeto!-Des1gn ON - Blog de Design e Inspiração. Hoje encontrei um projeto que vale a pena dar uma olhada! O artísta e designer gráfico Jeremy Kool começou um novo projeto chama “The Paper Fox“. O objetivo é criar um livro infantil de histórias, interativo e que sejam lidos em Ipad e Androids. O livro que irá ser lançado em 2012 já tem seu primeiro esboço completo. É realmente muito criativo, inovador e muito inspirador. O estilo de arte é bastante singular, é 100% criado digitalmente, mas feitos para olhar como se fosse papel ou origami. O legal é que para financiar esse projeto, Jeremy vende posters de alta qualidade e até mesmo bottons com os personagens do livro e algumas ilustras também! Curtiu? Agata Yamashiro Fundadora e editora-chefe do blog Des1gn'ON, tentando inspirar e ajudar outros designers a crescer nesse mundo criativo. More Posts Deixe seu comentário!

Dear Photograph Creating planets and space art in Photoshop Hope you enjoy this tutorial, specialy written for by raul bermudez ,elemento. “create dont steal” First start by creating a new document. I will recomend at least 1000x1000. On the new layer fill the circle with the base color of your planet in this case Orange, you can pick any color you like Duplicate it 2 more times and give the following names: Disable your shadow layer for now and select your atmosphere layer, go to layer styles and enter the settings as shown here. Don'r forget to set the layer mode to “screen” Now you should have something like this: Now, we are going to add texture, please be creative take your own pictures (or find royalty free ones online) to create your planets. We will use the orange texture at this stage. If you followed the steps right you should have something like this. Yes, we are missing the Shadow layer. Make it visible now, select the base but make sure you have selected the shadow layer and apply Gaussian Blur. You like it?

Enso Lamp by Laokoon Company Moving textile, moldable lamp: Enso Lamp by Laokoon Company can be freely shaped, thanks to Laokoon, a flexible fabric developed in Hungary by Szentirmai-Joly Zsuzsanna, described as "strips, woven or laced, [that] slide over each other, enabling the formation of unique two- or three-dimensional shapes and forms." (Click the images below for full sized images) The intriguing material can be made from plastic, leather, paper, or wood, and has applications in everything from fashion to architecture. Via MOCO Submit. +

100,000 Stars Adeus, gesso! Estudante cria acessório que acelera cura de ossos quebrados - Saúde Por Redação em | 21.04.2014 às 15h40 - atualizado em 22.04.2014 às 10h09 Se você já teve "a sorte" de quebrar um braço ou perna, com certeza deve ter passado pela experiência de ter o membro engessado por alguns dias ou semanas para que tudo voltasse ao normal. Há quem goste de colocar o gesso para deixar outras pessoas rabiscarem, mas muita gente acha a sensação bastante incômoda. Mas e se em vez de gesso você usasse um acessório feito a partir de uma impressora 3D? Esse é o conceito do Cortex, um periférico de plástico que substitui o gesso tradicional por uma cobertura braçal toda vazada que, além de ser mais leve e livre de odores, dispensa todo aquele processo de engessar o braço e ainda permite que o usuário fique com o membro reto, sem precisar dobrá-lo. O projeto foi anunciado em junho do ano passado por Jake Evill, estudante da Victoria University of Wellington, na Nova Zelândia. O Cortex ainda não tem previsão para chegar ao mercado porque ainda está em fase conceito.

Chair by Lilian van Daal replaces upholstery with 3D-printed structure Design graduate Lilian van Daal has developed a conceptual chair influenced by plant cells that could be 3D-printed from a single material (+ slideshow). Van Daal's Biomimicry: 3D-printed soft seat is designed as an alternative to conventional upholstered furniture, which requires several different materials and processes to create the frame, padding and covers. "A lot of materials are used in normal furniture production, including several types of foam, and it's very difficult to recycle because everything is glued together," Van Daal told Dezeen. The designer began to look at ways of printing structures that behave differently depending on how material is distributed, enabling some sections to be soft and others to be rigid. "I was testing the flexibility and the stiffness you can get from one material by 3D-printing various structures," said Van Daal. "I did lots of experiments with different structures to identify the kind of properties each structure has."