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Couple Builds Own Tiny House on Wheels in 4 Months for $22,744.06- "hOMe" FULL TOUR

Couple Builds Own Tiny House on Wheels in 4 Months for $22,744.06- "hOMe" FULL TOUR

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jakub szczesny of centrala: tamka apartment may 31, 2010 jakub szczesny of centrala: tamka apartment ‘tamka’ apartment by jakub szczesny all photos by radek wojnar polish architect jakub szczesny of centrala has sent in images of his latest project ‘tamka’ apartment located in downtown warsaw. the nanoloft is 21.5m2 and consists of a transformable kitchen/ dining area. the open kitchenette and dining table living area Ossoil – Open Source Community Enabler IOssoil was established 2010. Ever since the beginning we have been building communities, consulted several companies and alike. We don’t just tell what to do, we do it ourselves too! We contribute to several communities, organize events (in co-operation) and act as open source evangelists. Purpose Ossoil exists to provide fast, reliable assistance to companies on Open source related business.

Treetop Tiny Houses with Private Skatepark on March 10, 2015 If you absolutely love tiny houses, tree houses, cabins, forts, and skateboarding or BMX’ing then you’re in for a real treat right now because here are a couple of tiny houses up in the tree tops with a personal skatepark right on the property. This place is called The Cinder Cone. It consists of two main treehouse cabins which connect to each other with a bridge. Everything is custom designed and built for the property. Lighting Design For Tiny Houses, Pt 1 - Daylighting on January 17, 2013 Lighting is one of the most important ways to define a space and make it feel comfortable and inviting. It’s also an opportunity to indulge your creativity and individuality.

Creative Compulsive Disorder: Remembering Zina Nicole Lahr This short clip about artist and maker Zina Nicole Lahr may be as tragic as it is beautiful. Earlier this fall Lahr approached her friend Stormy Pyeatte and asked if they might shoot a quick video for her portfolio. The video was shot and edited in just two days and demonstrates Lahr’s insatiable desire to build, invent, and “bring life to something inanimate,” a process she called her “creative compulsive disorder.” Almost unthinkably, Lahr was killed in a hiking accident in Colorado on November 20th, a few weeks after this was shot. Maiden Mansion - Tiny House - Bed & Breakfasts for Rent in Seattle Check out my house! Just go to You Tube and search: Seattle Woman builds/designs her own Tiny House "Pocket Mansion" I designed and built this tiny house on wheels. Inside I have a loft bedroom with a full size bed and a skylight, closet and side tables, a laundry chute, downstairs (yes I have actual stairs, they also light up for night time bathroom jaunts) I have a full size guest bed, dining table with two skylights above it, couch space for four to six people, a washer and dryer, a fireplace, a desk, a kitchen with seven feet of counter space, pantry space, a convection oven and microwave, two burners, a hammered copper sink, a full size refrigerator, a full bathroom, more storage than I can fill and well over a hundred books! My toilet is a normal flush toilet now!

Woman Goes Tiny in a 129 Sq. Ft. Micro Apartment on May 24, 2014 In this post I’m showing you a 129 sq. ft. micro apartment in Paris with kitchen, bed and bath. And how this woman re-created the space to meet her needs in this tiny space (granted she is an architect). But when you go inside into the living room the bed rolls right out of wall and if you roll it out only half way you can use it as a couch. These People May Have Lost a Limb, but Not Their Sense of Style Dec 10, 2013 Bespoke Innovations was founded in 2009 by Industrial Designer Scott Summit and Orthopedic Surgeon Kenneth Trauner. Their mission is to ‘bring more humanity to people who have congenital or traumatic limb loss’ [source]. Bespoke Innovations build and design fairings, specialized coverings that surround an existing prosthetic leg, accurately recreating the body form through a process that uses three-dimensional scanning to capture the unique leg shape. Fairings are designed for, and with, the amputee.

Elm Tiny House on Wheels, Tiny House RV, Tiny House Plans The iconic Elm facade features a custom arched window above the door. The beauty and function of this Tiny House RV has withstood the test of time. Optional dormers are available in the loft for added space, light, and cross breeze. The full porch and lancet window give this exterior design the charm and elegance that started it all. Sleeping OptionsTumbleweed Tiny House RVs offer a mix of possibilities with downstairs bedrooms and lofts. The loft can be built with or without dormers to suit your needs.

86 Sq. Ft. Transforming Micro Apartment in Paris on November 4, 2014 Kitoko Studio architects in France have decided to take this old “maid room” in Paris and redesign it into a transforming 86 sq. ft. micro apartment studio. Normally spaces such as these are so small that people end up using them as storage spaces but with some smart design concepts it has been turned into a nice and affordable living space in France’s capital. Sliding doors and cabinets reveal a sleeping loft, storage spaces, a pullout staircase, a wardrobe, dining table, and more. Please enjoy and re-share below.

relaxshacksDOTcom Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working... relaxshacksDOTcom Channel Trailer- Dude builds Forts, Tiny Houses, Cabins, Tree Houses 14,298 views 3 months ago So, Youtube keep's bugging me saying I should have some sort of channel trailer.... so here you go.... short, simple, and a slight overview of what I/we do....

660 Sq. Ft. Modern Student Apartment in Hong Kong on September 30, 2015 This is a 660 sq. ft. modern student apartment at Campus Hong Kong. Inside you’ll find a common living area, kitchen, bathroom, and four loft beds with desks below.