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Deep Shamanic, Tibetan Meditation Music with 4.5Hz Theta Binaural Brainwaves. Total Peace 008

Deep Shamanic, Tibetan Meditation Music with 4.5Hz Theta Binaural Brainwaves. Total Peace 008
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Grécia. Nove mitos sobre a crise Grécia. Nove mitos sobre a crise Facebook Twitter O referendo é sobre o euro? James K. Considerando que o referendo do próximo domingo pode determinar a sobrevivência do governo e o destino do país na Europa e na zona euro, o economista salienta que tem acompanhado de perto a crise grega, tanto desde os EUA como desde Atenas, tendo percebido “que há muitos mitos em circulação sobre a crise que devem ser desafiados”. O referendo é sobre o euro Galbraith lembra que assim que o referendo foi anunciado, François Hollande, David Cameron, Matteo Renzi e Sigmar Gabriel, respectivamente líderes de França, Reino Unido, Itália e o vice-chanceler alemão, foram rápidos a dizer que o voto no “não” dava direito à saída do euro. Ora, lembra o economista norte-americano, não só o governo grego tem repetido que qualquer que seja o resultado vai continuar comprometido com a Europa como, “legalmente, e de acordo com os tratados, a Grécia não pode ser expulsa nem do euro nem da União Europeia”.

Heart of Hinduism: Doctrine: Sankhya and Yoga Kapila, who founded the school of Sankya. Some Hindus claim there were two Kapilas, teaching theistic and atheistic versions of this doctrine. Sankhya, derived from the word meaning "to count," is a philosophical system of analysing matter established by Kapila. It aims to overcome suffering through cultivating discrimination and by releasing the soul (purusha) from its entanglement in matter (prakriti). Scholars say that it was originally a non-theistic system delineating 24 material truths (or elements), with the soul as the 25th. As theistic schools evolved, they added a 26th element, the paramapurusha or God (purusha and paramapurusha are here synonymous with atman and paramatman). Patanjali-yoga, also called raja- or astanga-yoga, is intimately linked with Sankhya, its "sister" darshan. The 24 Elements of Sankhya Philosophy The pradhana is the unmanifest three modes of nature (goodness, passion and ignorance). Pradhana False-ego Intelligence Mind Five gross elements Five sense objects

Google Tradutor Para o grupo de hip hop, ver auto ensinado. Autodidacticism (também autodidatismo) ou auto-educação é o ato de auto-aprendizagem sobre um assunto ou assuntos em que um teve pouca ou nenhuma educação formal. Muitos notáveis ​​contribuições foram feitas por autodidatas. Autodidatismo é muitas vezes complementada por aprendizagem nas salas de aula e outros ambientes sociais. Etimologia O termo tem suas raízes nas palavras gregas antigas αὐτός (automóveis, ou "eu") e διδακτικός (didaktikos, que significa "ensino"). A educação moderna e autodidacticism Autodidacticism às vezes é um complemento da educação moderna. Antes do século 20 apenas uma pequena minoria de pessoas receberam uma formação acadêmica avançada. Collegiate ensino foi baseada nos clássicos (latim, filosofia, história antiga, de teologia), até o início do século 19. Anos de estudo nos Estados Unidos começou a aumentar acentuadamente no início do século 20. Autodidacticism em história, filosofia, literatura e televisão Futuro papel

Ajit Vadakayil: BEEJ MANTRA , ANUSWARAM NASAL SOUND , PRIMORDIAL LONGITUDINAL WAVE SOUND FREQUENCY – CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL The sign of OM is the sign of Hinduism. It is the first and foremost of all mantras. Mantra is the sound body of consciousness. OM is considered as the sound of cosmic energy and contains all the sounds in itself. The spiritual efficacy of OM is heard, not by the ears but by the heart . It surcharges the innermost being of man with vibrations of the highest reality. The frequency of OM is 7.83 Hz , which in inaudible to the ear, as the human ear of a 2 strand DNA human being like you and me , cannot discern sounds of frequency less than 20 hertz. Ohm- 7.83 Hz Gam - 14 Hz Hleem - 20 Hz Hreem - 26 Hz Kleem - 33 Hz Krowm - 39 Hz Sreem - 45 Hz All these harmonics are part of Beej mantras. OM has been lifted by other religions as AMEN, 786 ( OM symbol shown in mirror ), SHALOM, OMKAR etc- but they do NOT work. Shri Navgraha Strota: जपाकुसुमसंकाशंकाश्यपेयंमहद्युतिम् तमोऽरिM सर्वपापघ्नंप्रणतोऽस्मिदिवाकरम् | दधिशण^खतुषाराभंक्शीरोदार्णवसंभवम् नमामिशशिनंसोमंशम्भोर्मुकुटभूषणम् | नीलांजनसमाभासंरविपुत्रंयमाग्रजम्

You, this awesome bike and the internet. The mobile app is how you interact directly with the bike. It tells you info like speed, cadence, distance, step-by-step navigation, performance and all sorts of stats on your riding. However, in order to have an exceptional riding experience, these are the coolest features: Public Transportation Connections: The bike knows all of the train, bus and subway stops and can guide you there. It also gives you schedules so that you can plan your trip with precision. Crowd Mapping: The sensors can determine the condition of the road. Hazardous Areas: We all know some places that are not good for riding.

Take 2 Steps Toward Pineal Gland (Third Eye) Activation The third eye, the gate way to higher levels of consciousness, is scientifically known as the pineal gland. The pea sized and pine cone shaped gland is located at eye level in the center of the brain. The pineal gland produces and secretes melatonin, as well as Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). These 2 steps you can take today won’t require fasting, yay! This is because the pineal gland is not isolated from the body in the blood-brain barrier system. When the pineal gland is active there is a pressure at the base of the brain and the forehead. Step 1: EliminationTo fully activate the pineal gland all acid forming foods and drinks need to be eliminated. This list of foods is highly acidic and should be avoided when concentrating on pineal gland decalcification and activation. Keep in mind that this is a lifestyle change that takes inspired action for a successful transition. Through synchronicity, I stumbled upon Hydrion pH strips and tested myself. Drink Spring Water with a 7pH or higher.

De l'idée à la statue, sommaire ©Conseil des musées de Poitou-Charentes, | plan | aide Human: The Incredible Documentary That Will Change The Way You Look At Yourself “To succeed in your professional life isn’t that hard, but to succeed in your personal life is a lot harder. To really be a human is a lot harder. We forget about that.” – Yann Arthus-Bertand, director of the film Human Sometimes there comes along a documentary that is so profound, so moving, that you want to shout out to the whole world that they must see it. Just-released Human is one of those unforgettable documentaries that has the power to change an enormous amount of people. Directed by French born Yann Arthus-Bertand, a well-known and incredible photographer, journalist, and reporter (as well as an avid environmentalist), Human is a stunning visual feast for the eyes and has a powerful impact on the soul. Arthus, who is also known for directing another equally stunning documentary, Home (which was viewed by a whopping 600 million people), is back with another masterpiece that showcases something that has never been done before. They asked questions like: Countless Moving Moments

creativity with crayons! Think crayons are for kids? Think again! There are all sorts of great ways to use a box of crayons in your art- here are a few ideas... Go back to the days of coloring books and use them fill your drawings with color- Use them to create a resist with watercolors. Start by using a white crayon to draw on a blank page. Paint over the top of the designs with watercolors and watch your designs come to life! Tip- While your paint is still wet, press it onto another page and make a light print- its what I call a 2 for 1 deal! It makes a great background for journaling! Go wild with abstraction and scribbles! Fill the page with colorful scribbles. Use watercolors to fill in the white space. Tip- use paper as a background for journaling, cut it up and use in collage projects, scan and use in digital projects or doodle over the top... Use crayons to create colorful rubs. Use in backgrounds for mixed media projects. Use crayons to explore patterns.

Creating hallucinations without drugs is surprisingly easy The human brain is a remarkable thing. It can do things our primate relatives are thousands - maybe even millions - of years of evolution away from, and our most complex machines are not even close to competing with our powers of higher consciousness and ingenuity. And yet, those 100 billion or so neurons are also incredibly fragile. If the tiniest thing goes wrong with a particular connection - maybe something misfires, or a certain neural pathway is blocked - things can fall apart very quickly. And, oddly enough, even without any injuries or structural malfunctions, the human brain can get weird all by itself - turns out, it's surprisingly easy to trick it into seeing and hearing things that aren't actually there. And no, we're not talking about taking a bunch of drugs to make yourself hallucinate. You're gonna need: Watch the video to find out how they use each of these things to basically deprive themselves of any sensory input, and have a try yourself. Sounds like bullshit?

Emotional Energetic Healing: The Future of Medicine is Here 5th June 2015 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World “Everything is energy.” ~ Albert Einstein Energy medicine is at once time-honored and new. According to Dr. What the ancients recognized, science is now validating. How emotions affect physiology “Most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, a phenomenon with little or no connection to the physical body. In Dr. Paul Trachtman explains how this sequence works in Smithsonian Magazine: “… it’s through the emotion-modulating peptides that an embarrassing thought can cause blood vessels to dilate and turn a face beet red. The question is: If emotions alter the functioning of the body, how do we experience healing by addressing subconscious negative emotional patterns? This is the topic of a cutting-edge documentary on Mind-Body Medicine: E-Motion. The energy of emotions Leaders in the field of energetic medicine — including Sonia Choquette, Dr. How are these negative perceptions created? Dr. He also points out:

Manifesting with the Law of Attraction - Page 2 of 2 When we are in a state of bliss and peacefulness and offering gratitude daily, these feelings and emotions flow back to us effortlessly with ease. On the other hand, when we feel sad and lonely, these same feelings continue to swirl and twirl around us leaving us in this same state. You can feel the energy of possibility coming in, and it is going strong. It feels fresh and exuberant. An Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. It's Good Karma to Share:

5 TED-Ed Lessons sobre Ciencia para dejar a tus alumnos con la boca abierta Recordarás las TED-Ed Lessons, pequeñas píldoras de conocimiento en vídeo, temáticas y con las que descubrir una infinidad de nuevos conocimientos. Un spin-off de las charlas TED —recuerda que os recomendamos las 8 charlas TED sobre educación que todo docente curioso debería ver— con múltiples utilidades. Hoy hemos recopilado 5 TED-Ed Lessons sobre ciencia que dejarán a tus alumnos con la boca abierta. Cinco de esas píldoras de conocimiento con las que tus pupilos se sorprenderán de la facilidad de aprender algunos de los conceptos más interesantes del panorama científico. Qué fue antes, ¿el huevo o la gallina? Hoy podrás descubrirlo. Nota: aunque los vídeos están narrados en inglés, Youtube suelen disponer de subtítulos en decenas de idiomas, entre ellos el español. ¿Qué es la electricidad estática? Siempre junto a nosotros, invisible, pero sabemos que está ahí. ¿De dónde vienen los genes? Qué fue antes, ¿el huevo o la gallina? ¿Qué es el Principio de Indeterminación de Heisenberg?

Our Galaxy Awakens! (And Science Confirms It) By Zen Gardner Contributing Writer for Wake Up World If anyone needs a confirmation of this energetic change we’re experiencing as well as expecting more of, scientists have just confirmed it. This is big news and should be an encouragement to many that what we’ve been sensing does indeed have a confirmed, identifiable physical counterpart. “Three orbiting X-ray space telescopes have detected an increased rate of X-ray flares from the usually quiet giant black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy after new long-term monitoring. Scientists are trying to learn whether this is normal behavior that was unnoticed due to limited monitoring, or these flares are triggered by the recent close passage of a mysterious, dusty object.” “The new study reveals that Sagittarius A* (Sgr A* for short) has been producing one bright X-ray flare about every ten days. “For several years, we’ve been tracking the X-ray emission from Sgr A*. A Cloaked Star? The Wave, CERN and Geoengineering Surf’s Up!