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Apache OFBiz, The Apache Open For Business Project - Open Source E-Business / E-Commerce, ERP, CRM, POS, SCM, MRP, CMMS/EAM

Apache OFBiz, The Apache Open For Business Project - Open Source E-Business / E-Commerce, ERP, CRM, POS, SCM, MRP, CMMS/EAM

OFBiz Tutorials These tutorials are designed to give you a basic knowledge of developing applications with OFBiz. Please read them in sequence. If you find any errors, please let us know. OFBiz in a Nutshell (PDF) - General overview of Open For Business. Running OFBiz - a short guide on how to run OFBiz.Developing Applications with OFBiz - an architectural overview. opentaps tools These tools are part of the opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM system based on OFBIZ and not part of OFBIZ. OFBiz Cookbooks These are our howto notes for developing with OFBIZ, written as we work with it. Reporting Creating OFBiz Reports with BIRT (PDF) User Manuals The User Manuals and Video Demos are also included on the opentaps/OFBiz CD. Training Video If you would like additional training, the opentaps/OFBIZ Developer Training Video offers you four and half hours of pre-recorded training and live development demonstration that cover many key aspects of developing with the OFBIZ framework. Thank you

List Of Open Source ERP Openbravo ERP Software Openbravo ERP is a Web based ERP for SME, built on proven MVC & MDD framework that facilitate its customization. Already in production, Openbravo ERP encompasses a broad range of functionalities such as finance, supply chain, manufacturing & much more ADempiere ERP Software ADempiere Business Suite ERP/CRM/MFG/SCM/POS done the Bazaar way in an open and unabated fashion. Focus is on the Community that includes Subject Matter Specialists, Implementors and End-Users. PostBooks ERP Software Free open source ERP, accounting, CRM package for small to midsized businesses. webERP ERP Software Business Accounting ERP. opentaps ERP Software ERP and CRM suite, including eCommerce, inventory, warehouse, order, customer management, general ledger, MRP, POS. Compiere ERP Software Compiere ERP+CRM is the leading open source ERP solution for Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing and Service industries. Posterita ERP Software TUTOS ERP Software Neogia ERP Software Lokad ERP Software

8 Best Open Source Shopping Carts Hey Everyone, On Sunday I was contacted by a client and they said the needed a shopping cart up by Monday. Since they needed this cart up so fast I went to the easiest solution I knew, Open Source Shopping Carts. I browsed through tons of shopping carts and put together a list of only the best carts. The list is below. is robust, professional grade e-Commerce shopping cart that you can download, install, and use for free. is a powerful, free PHP/MySQL shopping cart system that is easy to install and customize. Tags: e-commerce, mySql, Open Source, perl, PHP, shopping carts

ERP Software Product Demos from Compiere Order-to-Cash with Compiere Experience how Compiere automates the order-to-cash process to: Increase shipment velocity and accuracy Improve visibility into business operations Approx. 10 min Navigation with Compiere Professional Web UI Watch and learn how to navigate through Compiere Professional using an intuitive Web UI. Get an overview of the Web User Interface features Learn how to customize Compiere to the way you work Easier Application Customization with Compiere Watch and learn how Compiere makes it easy to respond to business change: Customize your solution in minutes No programming required Approx. 5 min Business View Report Integration Use Compiere to create and publish a custom Business View. Quickly analyze ERP details - from inventory management to financial reporting Compiere security provides users with the level of report detail you choose Approx. 4.5 min Compiere Warehouse Management Extend your Compiere ERP solution to the warehouse. Compiere Manufacturing Compiere Business Partner

FreeMarker: Java Template Engine Library - Overview Flash Comparator | Open Source ERP Guru The purpose of the Flash Comparator page is to provide the easiest possible platform for anyone interested in comparing open source ERP solutions. We are constantly recording flash demos of different functionality from all major open source ERP vendors, adding them to the Comparator. We understand that sometimes when it comes to dealing with computers it can at times seem very confusing. You may be able to install certain software, or connect to your Mobile Broadband with just the push of a button, however ERP solutions are not always so straightforward. The information on this page should hopefully make things much more straight forward for those interested in ERP solutions. The comparator page if composed of two frames – the upper frame contains the vendor’s and underneath each name there is a drop-down menu that includes all available flash demos. We plan , sometime in the future, to add a mobile version of the flash comparator, so you can play it on your favorite smartphone.

ecommerce shopping cart software by Zen Cart ecommerce solution Centre de Ressources des Espaces Publics Numériques de Wallonie : Guide logiciels libres, Sur la Route du logiciel libre « Sur la route du logiciel libre »… Plus de 4 000 personnes se sont réunies en juillet à l’édition 2009 des Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (RMLL) à Nantes (France). Autant dire que ce n’est pas passé inaperçu! Cette manifestation dédiée à l’Open Source dans sa diversité est l’occasion d’évoquer des projets, de faire connaître des initiatives, de rencontrer les acteurs des Logiciels Libres de l’Hexagone et d’ailleurs, de s’informer et de se former. Cette année, lors des RMLL, un remarquable complément a été diffusé : un superbe guide de 64 pages édité par l’association Landinux et destiné au grand public pour faire découvrir ce que sont les logiciels libres : « Sur la route du logiciel libre »… … librement téléchargeable (en pdf) et mis à disposition sous licence Creative Commons. Liens de téléchargement : Cette belle initiative se distingue par la praticité du guide. Un guide pédagogique à faire connaître par les EPN auprès des publics! guide, logiciel-libre Articles Similaires :

Compiere from the Source In this second part of the series, I will discuss what options Compiere has to go forward as an open source product and what prerequisites there are for building a thriving community. The indication for an active community are (user) contributions. In this blog, I will cover why people contributed to Compiere and why not. In the first part of this blog series, I mentioned that one cause for the diminishing open source community for Compiere was the business model. Compiere started out as free product with revenue generation via services and evolved to a free open source trial/entry product with "real" commercial product and services (Open Core). As mentioned this model only causes conflicts with the community and also customers as they see it as nothing else than a free trial/entry product with restricted functionality or access with the ultimate goal being to 'upgrade to a paid or enterprise version. One of the biggest assets of an open source product is a thriving community.

Répertoire d’Articles OpenERP Online gets on the Google Apps Marketplace We are glad to announce the presence of OpenERP Online on the Google Apps Marketplace. OpenERP Online has been placed under Accounting & Finance. All you need to do it create a Google Apps Marketplace account. This a great opportunity for OpenERP to grow it's global visibility and expansion, but more particularly make it easier to integrate OpenERP with your favourite apps. There were some changes that OpenERP had to do in order to become complaint with the Marketplace's conditions. Further, " to potential customers and users, it shows that OpenERP is willing to improve and change its product in order to improve their customer experience, making it even easier for them to integrate it within their specific company management applications eco-system" (Maxime Glorieux, chief of Saas). So, explore now OpenERP Online on Google Apps Marketplace!

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