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Great Pyramid Hydraulic Pulse Generator and Water Pump

Great Pyramid Hydraulic Pulse Generator and Water Pump
[Back to Pinnacle Black Russian Terriers] Stumble It! The Great Pyramid’s Subterranean Chamber Hydraulic Pulse Generator and Water Pump John Cadman (This article has many pictures. Pumping and pulsing model of the subterranean section of the Great Pyramid. The following article is about the subterranean section of the Great Pyramid. This research has been published in Dr. Do you know what 0.0001" looks like? The machine that I'm proposing is not out of the realm of what the pyramid builders have shown that they could produce. FIGURE 1. The causeway from the Great Pyramid can be seen leading down to the location of the ancient Nile River. Fluffy Egyptology has been polarized into two primary factions. The oral indigenous teachings state: Did these buildings actually come from an earlier time of a more advanced civilization? The use of the Great Pyramid's subterranean layout produces the best and most advanced hydraulic ram pump ever built. FIGURE 2. FIGURE 3. FIGURE 4. FIGURE 5. FIGURE 6. [1.]

Further Secrets of The Great Pyramid and The Changing Earth Peoples in History « Blog Archive « Head Bread by Nunitak The Giza Plateau of Khufu’s time was much more, but not completely, like Ancient Mexico’s Tenochtitlan. Both Mexico and Egypt have dried up greatly. Nunitak was delayed while battling 2 Trojans, flaky software, and entire computer reload, coincidental with faulty DSL line. I lost my cell phone in the excitement. The Global Weather Stuff will go up later this year. However, I have decided to FINISH the previous article about Great Pyramid Secrets properly — this Saturday, March 13th, so here it is! The True Secrets of The Great Pyramid It did have water all about, revealed most completely at link below about Water and Sound. *early 20th century, USA There are many more STUPENDOUS ANCIENT SECRETS still awaiting REVELATION. Where it all came from Those great Andite Teachers from Sumeria were not dummies. As to what they knew about HEALTH and MEDICINE we can only guess. Turkmenistan is a more recent source for human genetics, origins of fruits and the like. The Second Garden of Eden – More ♪ ♫

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