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Comment utiliser OneNote 2013

Comment utiliser OneNote 2013

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The best OneNote 2016 tips: 10 ways anyone can get organized Microsoft’s OneNote is a surprisingly versatile tool for jotting down and organizing notes, random facts, and anything else that doesn’t fit into a spreadsheet or organized database. To keep it from turning into a virtual junk drawer, take advantage of its hierarchies of pages and outlines, sections and section groups, and notebooks. I'll walk you through those fundamentals and then show you my other favorite features. I’m concentrating here on OneNote 2016—the version that comes with current versions of Microsoft Office, whether you're using the desktop version or Office 365. In older Office versions, exact commands described below may vary slightly. There’s also a limited free version, which comes with Windows 10 and can be downloaded in earlier Windows releases.

10 Tips to Unlock the Potential of Microsoft OneNote Often overshadowed by its brothers and sisters, like Excel and Word, Microsoft OneNote is truly the hidden gem in the Office suite. Literally your digital notebook, OneNote is a great way to create and organize your notes, whether its for school, work, or personal. Ever since Microsoft released a bunch of new features in the 2013 version and made OneNote absolutely free for everyone, it’s a must-have organization tool. ➤ Want the full Office suite? Get the new Office 2016 for free*