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The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

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Timeline - Unparalleled collection of Salvador Dali art works Unparalleled collection of Salvador Dali art works A Century of Salvador Dali The man. The master. The marvel. Salvador Dali is one of the most celebrated artists of all time. His fiercely technical yet highly unusual paintings, sculptures and visionary explorations in film and life-size interactive art ushered in a new generation of imaginative expression. Mana Contemporary presents seldom-seen Keith Haring artworks With their universal concepts, playful imagery and distinct visual rhythms, Keith Haring’s works continue to seduce folks of all ages from across the globe. Opening this Sunday, December 2, from 1-5pm at Mana Contemporary’s huge first-floor gallery, Keith Haring showcases a collection of seldom-seen Haring pieces on a range of surfaces. Here is a brief preview: Untitled, 1983, Acrylic on leather Dog, 1986, painted plywood with silkscreen Close-up

Selected Work 2002 - 2013 Life in a Glasshouse (30 studies_Melbourne Zoo) Mixed media on paper, 142.50 x 120 cm. Finalist in The Parkin Drawing Prize, NZAFA, Wellington, NZ Life in a Glasshouse (detail), charcoal and water colour pencil Francis Bacon Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works Born in Dublin, Francis Bacon was named after his famous ancestor, the English philosopher and scientist. His father, Edward, served in the army and later took a job in the War Office during World War I. In an interview with critic David Sylvester, Bacon attributed the connotations of violence in his paintings to the turbulent circumstances of his early life. A British regiment was stationed near his childhood home, and he remembered constantly hearing soldiers practicing maneuvers. Naturally, his father's position in the War Office alerted him to the threat of violence at an early age.

Gaudi: La Sagrada Familia museum Click the thumbnail for photo gallery We cannot imagine what Gaudi might design today if he had access to modern computer-aided design tools. But Gaudi didn’t even have a mechanical calculator. So graphical calculations were his workaday tool. Almost all of Gaudi’s drawings and models were destroyed by mistreating and looting of the Spanish Civil War. What we know about his designs and methods has been reconstructed from the few remaining photos, notes and fragments of physical models.

Charles Frederick Worth (1826–1895) and The House of Worth Early Career Charles Frederick Worth, the designer who dominated Parisian fashion in the latter half of the nineteenth century, was born in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England, on October 13, 1825. As a young man, Worth worked as an apprentice and clerk for two London textile merchants. In addition to gaining a thorough knowledge of fabrics and the business of supplying dressmakers during this time, he also visited the National Gallery and other collections to study historic portraits. Elements of the sitters' dresses in these paintings would later provide inspiration for Worth's own designs, for both fashionable ensembles and masquerade costumes. Worth relocated to Paris in 1845. Despite early struggles, he found work with Gagelin, a prominent firm that sold textile goods, shawls, and some ready-made garments.

Paul Gauguin Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works "I am trying to put into these desolate figures the savagery that I see in them and which is in me too... Dammit, I want to consult nature as well but I don't want to leave out what I see there and what comes into my mind." Synopsis Paul Gauguin is one of the most significant French artists to be initially schooled in Impressionism, but who broke away from its fascination with the everyday world to pioneer a new style of painting broadly referred to as Symbolism.

Delicate Leaf Cuttings By Omid Asadi My name is Omid Asadi and I currently live in Manchester, United Kingdom. I created this work with carving and cutting techniques on actual fallen leaves using a craft knife and a needle. I always try to create pieces with a message, not just beautiful art. Some of these messages or ideas come from my world view, poems, stories, global problems and philosophy. I’m also inspired by other artists’ and designers’ works. Meet the Season 5 Artist: Cindy Sherman The above video is excerpted from the Season 5 episode Transformation, premiering on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 10pm (ET) on PBS (check local listings). Whether satirizing society or reinventing icons of literature, art history, and popular culture, the artists in Transformation — Paul McCarthy, Cindy Sherman, and Yinka Shonibare MBE — inhabit the characters they create and capture the sensibilities of our age. Who is Cindy Sherman and what does she have to say about transformation?

Andy Goldsworthy - Melt Andy Goldsworthy Natural sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy. "Andy Goldsworthy is an extraordinary, innovative British artist whose collaborations with nature produce uniquely personal and intense artworks. Using a seemingly endless range of natural materials—snow, ice, leaves, bark, rock, clay, stones, feathers petals, twigs—he creates outdoor sculpture that manifests, however fleeting, a sympathetic contact with the natural world. Before they disappear, or as they disappear, Goldsworthy, records his work in superb colour photographs." Ryszard Kaja - Wikipedia Ryszard Kaja (born 1962, Poznan) is a painter, poster artist, stage designer, and costume designer from Poland. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in 1984, and earned a degree in painting under Norbert Skupniewicz. His father is the poster designer Zbigniew Kaja and his mother is the ceramicist and painter Stefania Kaja.