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Sweden’s Newest School System Has No Classrooms

Sweden’s Newest School System Has No Classrooms
There’s a whole new classroom model and it’s a sight to behold. The newest school system in Sweden look more like the hallways of Google or Pixar and less like a brick-and-mortar school you’d typically see. There are collaboration zones, houses-within-houses, and a slew of other features that are designed to foster “curiosity and creativity.” That’s according to Vittra, which runs 30 schools in Sweden. Their most recent school, Telefonplan School (see photos below via Zilla Magazine) in Stockholm, could very well be the school of the future. Architect Rosan Bosch designed the school to encourage both independent and collaborative work such as group projects and PBL. The un-schoolness doesn’t stop with the furniture and layout though. Most of all, admission to the school is free as long as one of the child’s parents pays taxes in Sweden and the child has a ‘personal number’ which is like a social security number to our U.S. readers.

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Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates - Quartz On Dec. 4, Italians went to the polls to decide on a reform referendum that would redefine the power of local governments and reduce the power of the senate. With a high turnout, my countryman rejected the reform. In the press, the voters’ decision was described as an Italian Brexit, and a triumph of populism.

Why A Colorado K-12 School Now Resembles An Internet Café After opening their new facility Sept. 12, Falcon Virtual Academy ’s faculty immediately started using its fresh mix of modern décor and technology. The virtual academy, authorized by Falcon School District 49 in 2010, is now leveraging instructional technologies in a renovated 21,000 square-foot facility, which triples its previous size, increases its Internet bandwidth and expands its students’ options. Now located at 6113 Constitution Avenue in Colorado Springs, the multidistrict public school for kindergarten-twelfth grade students resembles an Internet café, where bright overhead lighting and computer workstations illuminate bistro and sofa seating areas.

Day Blog (schoolyard subversion) Welcome to Unschooling What is it? When I first discovered Sudbury schools, I found them interesting. The Future of Education in Your Hands Ericsson has just released a great new video entitled The Future of Learning as part of their Networked Societies series. The importance of this documentary stems from the fact that it emphasizes the use of technology as a way of promoting students learning and making their learning experience more engaged and streamlined. What a happy accident.Today I delivered a presentation on the 21st century literacy in the Mount Saint University in Halifax but when I got home and checked my feeds I found this video which, more or less , summarizes all my presentation. I felt sorry for had I learned about it yesterday I could have used it in my presentation , but it is ok I am sharing it with even a bigger audience and from every part of the world, You. Let me just take you back into the history of our educational system so that we can be in a better position to understand its present situation.

The Case for Banning Laptops in the Classroom A colleague of mine in the department of computer science at Dartmouth recently sent an e-mail to all of us on the faculty. The subject line read: “Ban computers in the classroom?” The note that followed was one sentence long: “I finally saw the light today and propose we ban the use of laptops in class.” While the sentiment in my colleague’s e-mail was familiar, the source was surprising: it came from someone teaching a programming class, where computers are absolutely integral to learning and teaching. Surprise turned to something approaching shock when, in successive e-mails, I saw that his opinion was shared by many others in the department.

12 Reasons We Need To Reinvent The School Desk Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-09-27 Students young and old frequently complain about the quality of the desks and chairs provided on campus, yet it remains one of the more overlooked issues. A pity, because poor ergonomics and comfort can actually lead to poor health, and poor health leads to missed classes and heightened medical expenditures once career time rolls around. Maybe it’s about time educators, schools, and districts reconsidered their approach towards how they set up classrooms. The positive outcomes might very well prove surprising. 10 Features Of Finland’s Edu System 5 Ways Schools Are Already Using 3D Printing 8.17K Views 0 Likes We've already looked at MOOCs, tablet computing, gamification, and learning analytics. For the first part of the 'third horizon', (or entering mainstream use in four to five years), 3D printing tops the list. 4 Free Ways To Start Your Own Blog 7.47K Views 0 Likes

17 right (and wrong) ways to use technology The world of education is one of the many things we focus on here at the Daily Genius. We like to encourage you to learn in new ways – through viral content, interesting videos, and visuals that we think are worth your time. If you’re interested in education OR technology, then this is a great graphic you should check out. It’s via Bill Ferriter who shared this with the world on Twitter quite awhile ago. Why do we think it’s awesome?

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Top Educational Quote Posters for your Classroom You might want to end this year with some useful quotes to keep in your mind and ponder upon their meanings from time to time.Quotes are a great source of inspiration and strength particularly in those frustrating and trying times we go through. As teachers and educators, we are probably more prone to " Emotional Hijacking " ( term coined by Daniel Goelman in Emotional Intelligence: 10th Anniversary Edition; Why It Can Matter More Than IQ ) than other people. For Back to School, Reimagine Classroom Design Teaching Strategies Lenny Gonzales By Therese Jilek As the school year begins, most classrooms across the country will mirror traditional class design: rows of desks with passive children sitting quietly listening to a teacher in the front of the class.

California Connections Academy at Ripon Students in Alameda, Amador, Calaveras, Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, and Stanislaus counties now have the opportunity to thrive at California Connections Academy @ Ripon (CalCAR), a tuition-free public online school. California Connections Academy gives students the flexibility to learn at home with a curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards. The mission of California Connections Academy at Ripon is to leverage 21st century education resources on behalf of students who need a more personalized approach to learning to maximize these students’ potential and meet the highest performance standards. A challenging curriculum developed by leading education experts. Instruction from state-certified teachers experienced in online instruction. Support from trained counselors, principals, and administrative staff.

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