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Inside Job (2010

Inside Job (2010
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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013 Het Vlaams woordenboek » vaagbustel Het Vlaams woordenboek Log in Registreer als nieuwe gebruiker om het Vlaamse Woordenboek op zijn best te kunnen gebruiken. Als ingelogde gebruiker kunt ge bijvoorbeeld nieuwe termen aan ons woordenboek toevoegen, andermans definities verbeteren, en reageren op bestaande definities. Wees welgekomen | Willekeurig | Top woorden | Recent Onze databank bevat de volgende beschrijving(en) van "vaagbustel" vaagbustel (de ~ (m.), ~s) veegborstel, keerborstel De keuken ligt vol kruimels, er dient geveegd te worden! Nu we nieuw parket hebben in de living, heb ik een zachte vaagbustel nodig. Voeg een nieuwe beschrijving toe aan onze databank! Weet ge nog een andere betekenis voor deze term?

Charles Bradley: Soul of America (2012) Big Noise Films - THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE This Is What Democracy Looks Like, a co-production of the IMC and Big Noise Films, weaves the footage of over 100 videographers into a gripping document of what really happened on Seattle’s streets. The film cuts through the confusion and tear gas to paint an intimate, passionate portrait of a week that changed the world.With narration by SUSAN SARANDON and SPEARHEAD's MICHAEL FRANTI, and with a driving soundtrack including RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, DJ SHADOW, DJ MUSAKA, and COMPANY OF PROPHETS, This Is What Democracy Looks Like is the first documentary to capture the raw energy of the WTO protests, while clarifying their global and historic significance. The Independent Media Center provided a production infrastructure for over 450 media activists during the WTO protests in November 1999. With autonomous, volunteer-run media centers operating in four continents, ten countries and twenty-one cities, the IMC represents a new and powerful emerging model for independent media. 55 min.

Wall Street (1987 Creatief Schrijven | Scherpt je talent Copper Bottom Blues (2013) Each hour long programme sees well-known celebrities (who have included Ian McKellen, David Walliams, Sheila Hancock and Paul O'Grady) travel to various parts of the world to explore more about a person who has inspired them. They're not all people, some can be books such as Griff Rhys Jones whose chosen subject was the novel Wind in the Willows. The first series of the show as announced on 31 March 2011 and began airing on 24 April 2011, starting with Ian McKellen: Looking for Lowry.[2] A fourth series of Perspectives was announced on 13 February 2014 and began airing on 20 April 2014, starting with Alan Davies: The Magic of Houdini.[3] Perspectives at the Internet Movie Database

Top 10 arthouse movies | Film Peter Bradshaw on art movies This is a red rag to a number of different bulls. Lovers of what are called arthouse movies resent the label for being derisive and philistine. And those who detest it bristle at the implication that there is no artistry or intelligence in mainstream entertainment. For many, the stereotypical arthouse film is Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal. Arthouse cinema is dismissed as the connoisseur's elite fetish; others find it, in the dumbed-down cinema jungle, to be an endangered species. 10. A gay, Marxist Catholic: not the most likely candidate, you'd have thought, to make arguably the greatest of all religious films – and one of the very few based on the New Testament that doesn't lapse into hectoring, literal piety. This was Pasolini's third full-length feature, and with it he began his experiments with anthropology that would mark much of his future output. 9. What is it about Michael Haneke's 2009 Palme d'Or winner that makes it so immaculately disquieting?