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Design Milk: Modern Design - Page 2

Design Milk: Modern Design - Page 2
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Blog | GRAFFITI, CARS & TOYS by FLATAU/THESIGNER A few weeks ago, end of 2013, I had received a WACOM COMPANION – a device that a lot of creatives had been waiting for, so was I ! Here a little background. Over 15-years I am useing WACOM products now. So, I finally got stuck with my 21″UX WACOM Cintiq. But – when I´m on the run I was missing a digital sketching device lately. HERE comes the Wacom Companion! I tried the Companion Hybrid – but send it back, as it just didn’t feel right. SO – two days later I received the COMPANION with WINDOWS. stay tuned!

10 Weirdest Remote Controls Pillow Remote Control Well, this is just a weird combination of items; it's a sofa pillow that works as a remote control. The Pillow Remote Control ($39.99) is a full-featured universal remote that works with over 500 different components. Gel Remote Control This conceptual gel remote from Panasonic lies limp when not in use, pulsating with a soft light. Magic Wand Remote Control Imagine walking into the room where your children and their Muggle friends are watching TV, you whipping out a magic wand from under your jacket and changing the channel in a flash. Largest Remote Control Go big or go home! Eco-friendly Remote Control Sony has challenged Industrial Design students from China to design an eco-friendly device. Remote Control Wristwatch This is the wristwatch that ensures its wearer always has a television remote control at hand. Gesture Remote Control The gesture remote is a new approach to the TV remote control by lunar design. i-Got-Control Brain Wave Remote Control

Blogs 可持续性设计 By Jonas Damon - March 31, 2014 其实设计并不像大众看起来那么简洁明了。往往产品最终看起来井然有序,但在达到那个结果的过程中是凌乱无章的,并且伴随着一些被遗弃在地板上的犹如碎片般堆积的创意、愿景和可能性。不幸的是,通常来说可持续性往往是那些被遗弃的瑰宝之一。 Launching Point B’s Design-Thinking Center for Community Engagement in Myanmar By Rochelle Ardesher & David Sherwin - March 25, 2014 After more than 50 years under military rule, Myanmar (formerly Burma) is just beginning to open up to be a free and democratic nation. From frog Milan: Design for Everyday Life By Chiara Diana - March 20, 2014 On February15th, frog Milan hosted the 3rd annual World Information Architecture Day: a global sharing of experience and vision among the IA community. 那些飞翔的物体 By frog Shanghai - March 13, 2014 在TEDGlobal的一个机器人实验室里,Raffaello D’Andrea引导着四方直升飞行器进行着令人眼花缭乱的飞行,这台飞行器——或者说,机器人,比以往任何飞行器都能更快地处理数据,用算法来解决问题,并帮助进行学习。 Chromeless: The Content is the Interface By David Smith and Scott Nazarian - March 11, 2014 Bringing Users Into Your Process through Participatory Design By David Sherwin - March 6, 2014 客座博文:Goodwill goBIN捐赠箱

How to Choose the Perfect Pendant Lighting for your Home Lighting in your home is one of THE most important factors when considering the functionality and enjoyment of your home. The addition of quality lighting for a specific task or purpose is key in letting your interiors speak volumes for you. Pendant lighting is used in areas of your home that you need direct task lighting, or you need a drop down ambient light from a higher ceiling. Depending on your task and the decorative look you’re trying to achieve, pendant lighting can be perfect for your home. Task lighting: The primary and most widely used purpose of pendant lighting if for illuminating a task area. Whether it is in your kitchen over a bar or kitchen island, or over a work surface-desk area. Types of pendant lighting: Just as there are several types of table lamps, so is true for pendant lighting. Ambient lighting: Pendant lights can also be used as more of a decorative and artistic way to light a space. Freshome reader’s do you utilize pendant lighting in your home?

» Changethethought™ Mobi Electric Folding Wheelchair by Jack Martinich The Mobi electric folding wheelchair is a powered mobility device designed to meet the lifestyle requirements of our aging population. Mobi reflects the future of products for an aging population. Stylish and convenient, it offers urban mobility alternative to bulky, generic electric scooters. For added versatility, the design of the wheelchair features an innovative folding mechanism that allows it to be folded up and stored and transported in a vehicle without any need for disassembly. To encourage user independence and promote the user to be physically active, Mobi electric folding wheelchair is controlled similarly to a traditional manual wheelchair; the user pushes on the hand rims. However, force sensors in the hand rims detect the user’s physical exertion and add additional power to the wheels. Designer : Jack Martinich (Monash Uni, Caulfield) Dimensions: 700x700x500mm. Click above image to get bigger view

DATA clip – USB paperclip for Elecom on DesignRulz The Japanese studio Nendo has designed the ‘data clip’ a USB key in the shape of a paperclip for Elecom. The USB stick has a paperclip shape. It can clip to a stack of documents, business cards or memos for handing data and to a colleague or friend, or connect to other DATA clips for storage. A design that aims for a new relationship between daily life and digital data. The design aims to present a new relationship between daily life and digital data. Design Sojourn | Strategies for Good Industrial Design and Design Leadership