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My House Feels So Boring After Seeing These 30 Awesome Things.

My House Feels So Boring After Seeing These 30 Awesome Things.
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Each of us probably have an idea about what our individual dream homes would look like. Maybe your dream home would have a hammock … or maybe an indoor slide that leads outside into a pool filled with Jell-O. You can have whatever you want, after all, it’s YOUR dream home. But if you need some inspiration, here are 30 awesome things you might want to include in the house of your fantasies.1. A ping pong table door 2. All aboard! 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Too cool. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Tubular. 16. 17. And POOL table. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Share these awesome inspirations with others Source: Newer PostOlder PostHome Find us on Facebook Popular Posts Categories animals(164)art(170)facts(44)food(12)funny(64)nature(140)people(294)places(121)technology(44)

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This Is So Cool And Easy. Why Doesn’t Everyone Do This To Their Home? Finally, a way to make glowing shelves without having to expose your household to extreme levels of radiation--and a relatively easy one, at that. On his blog Shinium, Mat Brown, who typically sticks to designing modern jewellery, explained how to make incredibly awesome glowing wood shelves. For as cool as these things look, they're actually not that difficult to make. Take a look at how it's done!

Brilliant Device Turns Waste Paper Into Pencils If you often find yourself searching for a pencil, then this clever little device called the P&P Office Waste Processor will keep well stocked by quickly producing them from simple office waste paper. The device gobbles up your paper waste basket contents and spits fully formed pencils out at the press of a button. Learn more after the jump! The designers make the clever connection between an office’s waste stream and supply needs with a satisfying design that produces something truly useful — if not perfunctorily named. The literature says you simply feed a sheet of paper into the top and the device will wrap it tightly around a graphite stick, adding a bit of glue to keep the paper together.

20 Of The Most Creative DIY Lighting Ideas That You Should Try If you like to bring some new and unique lightning in your home you can check this 16 amazing and creative DIY ideas. At the presented ideas below you can see how you can make a unique lighting from some recycled materials, Also you can see unique lamps that are homemade. All this things are presenting us how creative can be our brains just we need little bit deep thinking about what we need at the moment and the truly inspiration will come.

Gorgeous Stone Wall Mosaics Flow in Beautiful Spirals and Waves Victoria, British Columbia-based artist duo Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl create gorgeous, decorative wall installations out of stone. The husband and wife, who own their own stonework design, consulting, and sculpting firm called Ancient Art of Stone, specialize in building murals, fireplaces, and other stunning mosaic patterns from a wide array of rocks and pebbles. The couple's installations are filled with an incredible amount of intricate detail, with hundreds of stones fitting together perfectly to form color-coordinated swirls.

25 Of The Most Creative Sculptures And Statues From Around The World 217 Flares Twitter 78 Facebook 0 Google+ 39 Pin It Share 100 Email -- 217 Flares × Our cities are full of majestic monuments, stunning sculptures and artistic statues, each having a story to tell. Thousands of them have been made but only a few of them are really extraordinary and picture-worthy. That’s why our readers set out to find the world’s most creative statues and sculptures, which add color and emotion to the most boring areas of the cities.

32 Cleverly Designed Inventions There are people, all over the world, who are inventing new products every day. I’m not that creative, but at least I know someone is doing it. I’m personally a sucker for new, neat gadgets… and hopefully you are, too. Even if you’re not looking to make your life a lot easier you’ll want these 32 clever household items. Believe me, you’re going to want to buy everything on this list.

Modern Dream Home: The Hillside House by SB Architects When you picture the perfect modern sanctuary I wouldn’t be surprised if the image of a home like The Hillside House, designed by SB Architects pops into your head. The home is nestled the hills of Northern California and was designed by Scott Lee with abundant stone, vertical rich wood, and multi-levels. The home was not only designed with style in mind, but sustainability also and is the first LEED certified home in Marin County. Not only is the home a contemporary dream, the combination between open air living and private spaces is seamless; with bedrooms opening to the outdoors, floor to ceiling views of the lush scenery, terraces and balconies and views of the San Francisco skyline. Throughout the home are unique touches that give it an extra amount of charm, cleverly placed chalkboard walls, an outdoor bathtub, exposed beams and Eastern inspired décor. This is a hillside GEM.

19 Clever And Functional Key Holders 303 Flares Twitter 55 Facebook 0 Google+ 31 Pin It Share 217 Email -- 303 Flares × Let’s take a moment of silence for the keys that couldn’t be here with us today; the ones we lost, the ones we left behind. To honor the keys that are no more, we collected this list of 20 cool key holders to ensure that you’d never have to lose another key ever again. 25 Coolest Sala Ideas de partición 18.9K Flares Twitter 48 Facebook 18.6K Google+ 15 Pin It Share 168 Email -- 18.9K Flares × Like the room divider, better than a solid wall? Need help finding the perfect room divider? We collected these room dividers and room partitions that will make excellent wardrobes, studies, dining rooms and many more at your place. Advertisement