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Microsoft Office Online - Word, Excel et PowerPoint sur le web

Microsoft Office Online - Word, Excel et PowerPoint sur le web
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Enterprise Learning Management System | Free LMS With Schoology's simple tools, websites and webpages can be created, saved, shared, and adapted. A variety of tools make the creation process simple, from defining an online homework assignment with a homework submission area to creating a set of rich-text or HTML pages that can be sequenced and played in a desired navigational order. For almost every content type, an easy-to-use WYSIWYG allows the user to spend less time learning HTML and CSS, and more time building high-quality, interactive content. For more advanced users that may be looking for full customizability, the Pages feature within Schoology allows for the easy creation of content using either an advanced rich-text editor or custom HTML and CSS. With Schoology's simple tools, websites and webpages can be created, saved, shared, and adapted. For almost every content type, an easy-to-use WYSIWYG allows the user to spend less time learning HTML and CSS, and more time building high-quality, interactive content.

OneNote now on Mac, free everywhere, and service powered When we started OneNote we set out to revolutionize the way people capture, annotate, and recall all the ideas, thoughts, snippets and plans in their life. As many of you have attested, OneNote is the ultimate extension for your brain, but it’s not complete if it’s not instantly available everywhere. We’ve already made a lot of progress in that direction with our mobile, tablet and online web experiences. But there was still a gap. Today we’re excited to complete that story with three major developments: OneNote for Mac is available for the first time and for free. Go to to get OneNote for free for your Mac, PC or other devices, and try out the new OneNote service connected experiences. OneNote for Mac Mac users have made it loud and clear that you want the first class note-taking experience of OneNote on your Macs. “Now, @msonenote needs to release the OS X version of OneNote and my life will be complete :)”“Dear Microsoft – the new web OneNote is nice. Get OneNote

google ecosystem Gmail Fast, searchable email with less spam Drive Create, share and keep all your stuff in one place Docs Open, edit, and create documents Sheets Open, edit, and create spreadsheets Slides Open, edit, and create presentations Forms Build free surveys Drawings Create diagrams and flow charts Sites Create websites and secure group wikis Calendar Organize your schedule and share events with friends Translate Instantly translate text, web pages, and files between over 50 languages

- PowerMyLearning Student Instructions This playlist includes activities that will help you better understand what the experience is like now, and what it was like historically, for immigrants coming to the United States. Complete these activities and celebrate the richness of our immigrant history. With Coming to America (Pearson), explore and learn how immigrants came to the United States from all over the globe and succeeded despite many challenges.

Office 365 University 2013 You can call the following countries/regions: Both landlines and mobile phones: Canada, Guam, Hong Kong SAR, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States. Landlines only: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia (Jakarta), Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, Venezuela. Note that special, premium, and non-geographic numbers are not covered by Skype world minutes.

desktop metaphor History[edit] The original 1984 Mac OS desktop popularized the new graphical user interface. Users communicated with the computer not through abstract textual commands but rather using a metaphorical desktop that included icons of real life items with which the user was already familiar. The desktop metaphor was first introduced by Alan Kay at Xerox PARC in 1970 and elaborated in a series of innovative software applications developed by PARC scientists throughout the ensuing decade. The first computer to popularise the desktop metaphor, using it as a standard feature over the earlier command-line interface was the Apple Macintosh in 1984. Paper paradigm[edit] The paper paradigm refers to the paradigm used by most modern computers and operating systems. From John Siracusa:[7] Since then, many aspects of computers have wandered away from the paper paradigm by implementing features such as "shortcuts" to files, hypertext, and non-spatial file browsing. See also[edit] Notes and references[edit]

Flashcards in the Classroom: Ten Lesson Ideas The other day, I was preparing a lesson with an intermediate group of young learners and getting my flashcards printed and laminated. However, when chatting to some other teachers in the staffroom, with myself behind the laminating machine, there was a brief comment that flashcards are more suited for beginner or elementary learners and more appropriate for young learners. Flashcards are really good but more suited for young learners or really low levels of students. Unfortunately, I really have to disagree with this sentiment as I have used flashcards with many different levels as well as ages of learners. 1. The most common use of flashcards in the classroom is for drilling and checking pronunciation with the class. Everyone enjoying circle drilling. 2. Another popular activity with flashcards, particularly if you have a picture and corresponding text, is to play a game where you match the picture with the correct text. Grouped flashcards at the ready for possible lessons. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The 10 Greatest Movies Never Made Advertisment Contemplating how bad most movies are today can be a depressing undertaking, especially when you think about how many truly extraordinary movies by extraordinary filmmakers were not only never made, but never made it out of the planning stages. Here are ten films that, for the most part, existed only in the minds of their creators. Some were pipe dreams; a few advanced to the planning stages; none of them were made in anything like the form in which they were conceived. So the next time you’re watching some mindless romantic comedy or an asinine mumblecore atrocity masquerading as art, weep over the fact that those movies exist and these don’t. Napoleon by Stanley Kubrick Ask a group of cinephiles which unrealised film they wish had been finished and their most likely choice will be Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon. Kaleidoscope by Alfred Hitchcock After he saw Michelangelo Antonioni’s provocative Blow-Up in 1966, Alfred Hitchcock said he felt his own films were behind the times.

20 Ways To Be A Better English Language Teacher (Part 1) English language teaching can be a challenging and difficult process, especially if you are seeking for new ideas and thoughts on improving your day-to-day teaching. Much of the challenge is learning to develop yourself, especially once you have found your place in this career and feel settled. You must continuously strive to improve your own teaching day in and day out. Here are some ideas to consider when you want to improve and develop your own teaching or if you want to be a better teacher overall. 1. Reflect on your lessons It seems like commonsense but for some teachers that I have observed, they have difficulty reflecting and improving their own lessons. Did the students enjoy the lesson? 2. If you have any difficulty on reflecting your lessons, or you wish to consider studying your lesson in more detail, you could record your own lesson to analyse afterwards. 3. When you are preparing your lessons, think about the following: “By the end of the lesson, students will be able to …”.

Pricing Hobby Managed Postgres for demos and development. 10K-10M maximum rows $0 — $9 per month prorated to the second You pay only for the time your database is provisioned as a fraction of the month. E.g. in a 30 day month having it provisioned for 2 days will cost you 1/15th of the list price. Standard Production-ready Postgres for teams. 4-488 GB RAM 68 GB-3 TB Storage 120-500 Connections 4 Days Rollback Max Downtime 1 hour/month Encryption at Rest $50 — $4,500 per month prorated to the second You pay only for the time your database is provisioned as a fraction of the month. E.g. in a 30 day month having it provisioned for 2 days will cost you 1/15th of the list price.

Movenote edu Our mobile (iOS and Android) apps are now free! Movenote has decided to change the price of our mobile apps back to its original free status. We got a lot of feedback from teachers of the difficulties of having to pay for the movenote app and how it made movenote a lot more difficult to implement in the classroom. For this reason we went back to free, and there we are to stay. In the future movenote will publish new features that will be available to all users at a small cost. Movenote is in the TOP 20 EDUCATION APPS of Google! What great 3 days in Texas. Coming soon…. Movenote is integrating itself into bigger learning environments to make it more accessible to schools around the world. “Even easier than before” Now you can make and send a video presentation directly from your Gmail. Here is a quick tutorial we made for you: Welcome to movenote education! We are trying our best to be there for our users on every level. Who are we, what is our mission?

What's a great book that not too many people know about that was absolutely mind blowing? : books Teaching 9/11 Page 1 / 20 1. Interactive Timeline of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks 2. 102 Minutes 3. Powered by JOGTHEWEB Index Share It : Teaching 9/11 The page must be refreshed to take effect. cnet Enigma machines have captivated everyone from legendary code breaker Alan Turing and the dedicated cryptographers from England's Bletchley Park to historians and collectors the world over. But while many history buffs would surely love to get their hands on an authentic Enigma machine used during WWII, the devices aren't exactly affordable (last year, a 1944 German Enigma machine was available for auction at Bonhams with an estimated worth of up to $82,000). Enter the Open Enigma Project, a kit for building one from scratch. The idea came to Marc Tessier and James Sanderson from S&T Geotronics by accident. "We were working on designing and building intelligent Arduino-based open-source geocaching devices to produce a unique interactive challenge at an upcoming Geocaching Mega Event," Tessier told Crave. From all the Enigma machines used throughout history, the Open Enigma Project decided on the original Enigma M4 machine.