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This 2014, Master the Art of Link Building with a 5-Step Strategy

This 2014, Master the Art of Link Building with a 5-Step Strategy
When it comes right down to it, link building works in the very essence of marketing itself; not only is link building an incredible way to acquire visibility of your website on authoritative, relevant websites, but it also adds cement in the foundation built upon the relationship that exists between businesses online. That makes link building an essential cog in the business marketing machine, and in the coming year, you as a marketer must go back to their roots and master the of going about building great links to your website. Consider this 5-step strategy proposed by Alison Groves of Raven Internet Marketing Tools: Step 1: Research What kind of websites do you want to discover? To make sure they’re high quality, look for sites that are: Highly authoritativeSeen as trustworthySites you want to be associated withPopular with competitors Step 2: Outreach Use your research to cultivate a list of high quality websites with whom to start building relationships. Step 3: Organize Step 4: Follow up Related:  Content Marketing, Event Marketing and Social Media MarketingSEO and Telemarketing

Understanding the Digital Surge in SG I wrote an article for Singapore Business Review about understanding the digital surge in Singapore. For the past years, Singapore has not only grown in economy but has embraced technology for business and pleasure. Here is a part of my article. A relatively small concrete jungle like Singapore is bound to be closely escorted with technological rise, and that’s for a couple of reasons, one of them is public behavior. Read the whole post here: The Basic Telemarketing Equation: Qualified Calling List = Qualified Prospects The ‘profiting’ part of the lead generation and appointment setting scenario only starts when you and a prospect close the deal. But until that point, these ‘prospects’ are mere targets. You basically don’t know 100% what the outcome will be. In essence, that’s what you call a leap of faith. But you need to rely on chance – you can improve your probability of a sale if you start polishing from the beginning of the process. And where do you start? You start with the calling list. The list is the raw ingredient. The point is, plenty of time and effort could be saved if a list is already optimized to include only those which are relevant and qualified. How do you optimize a calling list? It would certainly involve an elaborate and time-consuming process to sanitize a list, especially if it’s a huge one involving several industries. The functionality to categorize prospect information based on history and relevance is very important in any pipeline infrastructure.

Integrating Mobile with B2B Lead Generation: A Kick-start | Mobile devices are being used increasingly at workplaces for research and information gathering, which includes purchases or hiring of services for business-related functions. Research shows that at least 78% of businesses allow their employees to bring their own devices and 68% of executives are comfortable enough to make purchases on their smartphones. This is the evolution of mobile. It means that mobile usage is starting to be an integral part of the business-buying system; hence it should also be one of the priorities in B2B lead generation. SMS still works – SMS campaigns are extremely cost-effective and low- maintenance so they can be used for a variety of mobile marketing approaches. The Five Keys To Attracting Customers During Appointment Setting You know that getting sales leads is very important. That is why we spend a lot of effort attracting prospects to our business. This is the whole purpose of our B2B lead generation campaigns. If your business is in network management solutions here in the Asian region, then this task becomes even more important. There are just so many of you in the business that standing out can be so difficult. Still, even if it is difficult, you can generate B2B leads. Personable – when you talk to a business prospect, remember that they are looking for someone who they can talk with properly. If you have noticed, these factors that have been mentioned to you are actually the very factors that are dependent on your skill as a marketer.

What Happens When Sales Leads Get Poor Customer Service Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles You know, the funny thing about being in business is that we tend to assume that we know how to best serve our customers. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. The only people who knows and understands how sales leads should be best treated would be themselves. That is the reality of B2B lead generation. So, what will happen when your B2B appointment setting campaign gets a bad rep? 1. Related Resources from B2C» Free Webcast: The Future of Marketing: Social Listening + Action 2. 3. 4. As you can see, customer service means a big thing in terms of B2B leads generation. Would you buy something from someone who does not properly serve you? Really, if you are a marketer, you should be sure to make your customer service is top notch. This content originally appeared at Leads Generation Marketing Blog

SEO and Social Media Marketing: A Winning Combo for SMBs? From a logical standpoint, it’s difficult to see SEO and social media marketing in the same boat. Search marketing is more inclined towards keywords and algorithm, while social is, well, social. But apparently, these two can be integrated to make the most out of content creation, distribution and discovery, particularly for small to midsized businesses (SMBs) that aspire to increase their online presence. According to an Ascend2 report: The most effective SEO tactics for top performers are creating original content (55% vs. 33%), updating website content (43% vs. 42%) and keyword management (42% vs. 29%).The most difficult SEO tactics for those with inferior strategies are external link building (40%), creating original content (40%), keyword management (35%) and social media integration (34%).The most useful metrics for tracking and analyzing SEO performance, across the board, are conversion rate, website visitor traffic and trends, engagement, and search rankings by keyword.

Inside Outbound Marketing: Tips to a Successful B2B Marketing Campaign Given that there is a constant need for attention among B2B businesses, the advantages of outbound marketing techniques are still relevant. This is not to say that inbound marketing has lost its appeal, but there is enough reason to believe that traditional marketing is still as vibrant as when it was first practiced. One of these reasons can be attributed to active demographics that still use radio and television, and are particularly used to telemarketing. Especially when you pursue an extensive lead generation campaign, outbound marketing is still effective hand in hand with online marketing. In this case, we are bound to know more about what else outbound marketing has in store. Social research. Personalized deliveries. Creative branding. Manage your resources. Four tips seem too few, but they are nonetheless important in making a success out of your B2B marketing efforts.

An advice on domain registration this 2014 | Last year, government and business websites in US were hacked. Singapore was not spared and so were other countries. Internet has grown, and now more businesses are investing in utilizing the internet for transactions and marketing. We should be on guard now more than ever especially when registering new domains. I read this article from Connie Hon on SBR and she states: The new Internet brings along new risks that Singapore businesses and consumers really need to be aware of and protect themselves against. Threat is present the moment that we register our domains. - See more at:

Customer Service? You Need That For Lead Generation As a company serving the Asian market, and probably even beyond that, it is your responsibility to know what will get potential B2B leads to come to you, to do business with you, to make your B2B lead generation campaign be more successful in the end. This may sound like a big challenge, but that is not the case at all. You see, this is all about knowing what strategy to use, what communication tools to employ, as well as good, old-fashioned, customer service. Yes, customer service. While you might think that this is an after-sales affair, this is not the case at all. If you want to convert more B2B leads into closed deals, then you have to do it right. Being present – when a business prospect calls you back, you should make sure that you answer that call. Customer service must be there right from the very start, from the moment you begin your B2B lead generation campaign, until even after your customers have left you.

Movie Gems: The Wolf Of Wall Street and its precious Business Lessons Stockbrokers and business-to-business marketers aren’t really that different, if you take a look at it. Both sell something, whether it’s a unit of stock or a product or service, the goal is to talk to people and convince them to invest. Martin Scorsese’s most recent masterpiece, The Wolf of Wall Street, tells the story of a real-life stockbroker named Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). From his early twenties, Belfort capitalized on his people skills, natural sales dexterity and passion for money to build his own business empire. Although he accumulated his wealth through illegal means, one cannot deny that a thing or two can be learned from his “misadventures”: Know how to tell a story In the film, Belfort doesn’t just sell stocks to people; he targets their weaknesses and makes the most of them by painting a picture of possibilities. Seek opportunities Be persistent There’s a thin line that separates persistence from pushing it too far. Have passion to achieve your goal