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Portable home delivered as furniture, tailored as smartphone

Portable home delivered as furniture, tailored as smartphone

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L’observatoire / CLP Architects Architects: CLP Architects Location: Alsace, France Project Architects: Daniel Concha, Fanny Landeau, José Prieto Project Year: 2012 Project Area: 20 sqmPhotographs: Jeremías González This project, realized for the Archi<20 competition, consisted on proposing a pavilion of 20 m2 floor space to be constructed in a protected natural area in Muttersholtz, Alsace. With a limited budget of 7000 Euro, the commission allowed us to seek for a precise and careful architecture. In this sense, our first intention was to create a building that could offer an experience of varied possibilities, using the least materials and formal recourses. This intention is translated into a structural system that performs various tasks: the possibility of light, shadow, ventilation and also to provide temporal storage space.

Ultra-Efficient Energy Positive Solar Decathlon House There is lot of talk about alternative homes, but people don’t actually understand the mechanics behind them. That is why specialists, architects, engineers and designers alike, from everywhere around the world should offer only the most efficient alternative houses technology allows! This is the case of the Ultra-Efficient Energy Positive Solar House. The result of a collaboration that brought together almost 100 people from the School of Art and Design, the School of Science and Technology and the School of Economics at Aalto University, is simply impressive. PKMN Architectures Creates Sliding Transformer House in Madrid “All I Own House is a project that materializes the interior of a house through its inhabitant’s personal belongings,” say PKMN Architectures about their All I Own House, a small customizable home and studio for client Yolanda Pila of ERREPILA Design Studio. Built in a small neighborhood in northern Madrid, the single-storey house belonged to the client’s grandmother. Now, it serves all the functions required of Yolanda’s dynamic living and working style. The house is designed on the premise that people form unique and special relationships with their personal belongings.

Tree House / Robert Potokar and Janez Brežnik The Tree House, designed by Robert Potokar of Robert Potokar Architecture Office and co-designer Janez Brežnik, is a wooden play structure that is elevated without requiring nearby trees to support its weight. The concept, originally designed in February 2008 as since been realized three times. More on this project after the break. The freestanding, self-supporting house-by-a-tree is a playhouse designed with contemporary design principles, deviating from precedents that model real houses or garden sheds. The amazing affordable NexusHaus generates more energy than it consumes This project addresses the lack of affordable housing in Austin, which is experiencing rapid population growth. The students decided to build a structure using cradle-to-cradle design principles, so the home is built almost entirely of renewable and reusable materials, with solar power modules mounted on the flat roof. Solar panels provide enough electricity for lighting, air conditioning, household appliances, and an electric car.

Modern But Traditional House Design – House Ö House “Ö” is designed by Erginoglu & Calislar Architects to give its owners a modern life style but keeping the style of the area. It is situated in Bodrum, holiday district in Turkey. Outside it looks like the house designed in traditional side but inside everything corresponds to modern needs. The kitchen is open plan on the ground floor and the bedroom is upstairs. Loft Apartment / Ruetemple Architects: Ruetemple Location: Moscow, Russia Architect In Charge: Alexander Kudimov, Daria Butahina, Natalia Gubareva Area: 150 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of Ruetemple From the architect. Top-floor apartment with an attic.

The house you can build in four days Identity Document Invention's namePop-up HouseCompanyMultipod StudioInventorCorentin ThiercelinOriginFrance Good news for Lego fans – you can now play on a life-size scale. What's more, after spending four days assembling rectangular parallelopoids, you'll not only have won the accolade of best player: you'll also have built an entire house. Multipod Studio, a group of French designers and architects based in Marseilles, has launched two prototypes of innovative buildings: an office and a house. The Pop-Up House is built by assembling insulation blocks divided by wooden boards.

Gary Chang's 24 Rooms in a 32sqm Apartment - Archivenue Architect Gary Chang’s apartment is located in downtown Hong Kong, and represents a remarkable example of interior refurbishment. With only 32 sqm, Chang studied the different distribution possibilities to optimize his space. Chang has been living in this apartment since he was 14 years old. Australia’s first carbon-positive prefab house produces more energy than it consumes Australian architecture firm ArchiBlox recently unveiled Australia’s first carbon-positive prefab home that’s packed with eco-friendly features and gorgeous to boot. Contemporary and cozy, this light-filled mobile home is sealed within an airtight 800-square-foot structure that locks in cool air and keeps Australia’s intense heat out. The solar panel-topped Carbon Positive House prototype can produce more energy than it consumes and is currently on display in Melbourne’s City Square.