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How-To: Moss Shower Mat

How-To: Moss Shower Mat
Arguably, taking that first step out of the shower is one of the lowest points of the day. It is possible to make that transition from “insanely comfortable shower time” to “everything else you absolutely have to do with your life” a little easier by stepping out onto a lush, comfortable shower mat covered in moss. These mats are commercially available, but are still on the pricey side. If you don’t have that kind of extra money and/or want a fun weekend project, here’s how to get it for a lot less: Here’s what you’ll need: -Substrate for the moss, such as high density foam, about 2.54 cm (1 inch) thick -Sharp utility knife -Silicone sealer, like caulk or cement -Posterboard or cardstock for creating stencils -Marker or grease pencil -Spray bottle filled with water -Moss (many kinds of moss can be used, just choose yours based on the amount of sunlight and average temperature of your bathroom) Here’s how to do it: -Choose the size of your mat.

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