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New Earth Project

New Earth Project
The New Earth Institute carries the honor and distinction of becoming an international, interactive hub and chalice for wisdom-keeping, knowledge sharing, and freedom of continued learning for each person on the planet regardless of origin, status, age or background. We invite and connect leading pioneers and institutions to nest within our continually growing 'Academies'. The NEN Institute facilitates international organizations dedicated to the open flow of both ancient and breaking knowledge and wisdom, via international symposia, workshops, training camps, seminars, congresses and retreats.

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Pacific Domes, International - Glamping Sites, Eco-Resorts and EcoLiving Villages “People from all parts of the world have used the circle, for ritual, for houses, for shelter.” EcoCamp Patagonia exposes guests to the breathtaking natural beauty of the land, while incorporating green technologies with their energy efficient domes such as photovoltaic energy and composting toilets. Saving the earth one byte at a time Hopeful tourism computing? A couple of weeks a ago I interviewed Tess Brosnan, a film maker who wanted to talk about links between citizen science and hopeful tourism. This led me to read Annette Pritchard, Nigel Morgan and Irena Ateljevic’s “Hopeful tourism: A new transformative perspective” (pdf). I found myself reading while mentally replacing “tourism” with “computing”.

Vincent Callebaut Architecte FLAVOURSORCHARD TYPE : Architectural & Engineering CommissionCLIENT : Private Developer, KunmingPROGRAM : Construction of 45 Plus-Energy (BEPOS) VillasPROJECT TITLE : Flavours OrchardCONTRACT PERFORMANCE LOCATION : Dianchi Lake, Kunming, Southwest China CitySURFACE AREA : 90.000 m²YEAR : 2014VCA’S TEAM: Jiaoyang Huang, Benoit Patterlini, Maguy Delrieu, Olivier Sylvain, Vincent Callebaut Stepping out of your plus-energy house regulating the light and the temperature cleverly and automatically according to the sun’s path. Catch the vital energies of the nature by training ourselves Tai Chi Chuan or Qi Gong under a snow of cherry tree petals. Top 10 eco-buildings Dalby Forest visitor centre, North Yorkshire What do yoghurt pots, old Wellington boots and mobile phones have in common? They were all recycled and used to make the reception desk of this super-green new visitor centre. Old tyres and inner tubes make up the roof cover and what's more, the whole building can be entirely recycled at the end of its life. The forest next door is proving handy – it supplies wood chips to power the boiler and is also where the wood used to clad the building came from.

The Greening of the Self By Joanna Macy / Something important is happening in our world that you are not going to read about in the newspapers. I consider it the most fascinating and hopeful development of our time, and it is one of the reasons I am so glad to be alive today. It has to do with what is occurring to the notion of the self. The self is the metaphoric construct of identity and agency, the hypothetical piece of turf on which we construct our strategies for survival, the notion around which we focus our instincts for self-preservation, our needs for self-approval, and the boundaries of our self-interest. bridal shower game idea with printable i can’t believe “wedding season” is almost here! yay! if you’re looking for a Bridal Shower game, here’s a fun one for you!

Big Ideas: Linking Water, Power, and Sewer in K-12 A Center for Ecoliteracy – San Francisco Public Utilities Commission partnership. This publication is an addition to the Center for Ecoliteracy’s suite of Big Ideas curriculum resources. It was commissioned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) as a guide for educators, curriculum developers, and schools to engage students. It stems from the commitment of the Center and the SFPUC to nurture the next generation of environmental stewards. Big Ideas identifies key concepts that link water, power, and sewer. It highlights learning objectives that are essential to understanding the interconnectedness of San Francisco and the surrounding ecosystem.

DIF Biomimicry Challenge - Think Dif - Disruptive Innovation Festival DIF Biomimicry Challenge Use biomimicry to radically improve an aspect of the food system to fit within a circular economy. During this challenge, participants are asked to: Emmaline Bride™ - Handmade Wedding Shop - Buy Handmade for Your Wedding at Emmaline Bride™ Newly Added Welcome to the handmade wedding marketplace at Emmaline Bride! Our marketplace is your source for the best handmade wedding finds! To browse, please select a category above or below: Global Ecovillage Network Vison The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future, and building bridges of hope and international solidarity. Mission

Ideas On Wedding Colors And Combos To Set The Style Of Your Event Now that you are getting married, you might be thinking what colors to choose for your wedding theme. Some brides can creatively combine and pair different colors that looks fabulous together. Using a color wheel can be a great help when deciding on your wedding color scheme. Radical new economic system will emerge from collapse of capitalism At the very moment of its ultimate triumph, capitalism will experience the most exquisite of deaths. This is the belief of political adviser and author Jeremy Rifkin, who argues the current economic system has become so successful at lowering the costs of production that it has created the very conditions for the destruction of the traditional vertically integrated corporation. Rifkin, who has advised the European Commission, the European Parliament and heads of state, including German chancellor Angela Merkel, says: No one in their wildest imagination, including economists and business people, ever imagined the possibility of a technology revolution so extreme in its productivity that it could actually reduce marginal costs to near zero, making products nearly free, abundant and absolutely no longer subject to market forces.

Futuristic Paris Smart City is filled with flourishing green skyscrapers Paris Smart City 2050 by Vincent Callebaut The buildings take advantage of a range of green building strategies including passive heating and cooling, rainwater recycling, and living green walls that infuse fresh air into the bustling metropolis. Vincent Callebaut‘s Paris Smart City plan includes a Mountain Tower and other green skyscrapers inspired by nature that fit within the existing structures of the city. The buildings take advantage of a range of green building strategies including passive heating and cooling, rainwater recycling, and living green walls that infuse fresh air into the bustling metropolis. The plan also integrates community gardens and green spaces, encouraging residents to bring aspects of rural life to the urban realm.