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Vocabulary - Talking about MOVIES in English

Vocabulary - Talking about MOVIES in English
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Listening 7-9 – Spread Inspiration via has opened a new link category for intermediate (yr 7-9) students. To start with, there are six links to amusing and inspiring talks that the site author has already successfully used in her classes this autumn. The idea is to watch, to discuss and write about the thoughts that… In "Teaching Matters" Travelling Old and New Style has compiled a Theme Page on Travelling for level 7-8. Salem Witch Hunt has added a reading chapter, activities and a relevant YouTube series about the Salem Witch Hunts in 1692 in Intermediate 7-9. Matura Vocabulary: The media | - Szczegóły Nadrzędna kategoria: Matura Kategoria: Matura z angielskiego The press and the media. Uwaga! Television television- telewizja TV- telewizja TV set - telewizor telly- (potocznie) telewizor the box – (potocznie) telewizor TV aerial- antena telewizyjna cable TV- telewizja kablowa sattelite TV- telewizja satelitarna sattelite dish- antena satelitarna screen- ekran remote (control)- pilot telewizyjny Uwaga! Odpowiednikiem angielskiego rzeczownika „pilot” jest jedynie pilot np. samolotu. Błędnie: Kathy's a typical couch potato: lying on the sofa in front of the telly, with the pilot in her hand and a packet of crisps next to her. Poprawnie: Kathy's a typical couch potato: lying on the sofa in front of the telly, with the remote control in her hand and a packet of crisps next to her. Kathy to osoba, która lubi spędzać czas oglądając telewizję: leży na kanapie przed telewizorem, z pilotem w ręce i paczką chipsów. video casette/tape- kaseta video TV programmes: documentary- film dokumentalny quiz- quiz

SLI.SE MUZZY, BBCs prisbelönta språkprogram, finns tillgängligt genom Mediacenters nya Mediekatalog. Nu med helt nyanimerade filmer! MUZZY Online innehåller: - MUZZY Movies -12 filmer (Level l och Level ll)- MUZZY Vocabulary - 100 min tematiska filmer- MUZZY Lessons - filmer och spel- Över 100 interaktiva spel Filmer, spel, lärarhandledning, textböcker, kopieringsunderlag, och fingerdockor gör MUZZY Online till ett komplett läromedel. Du hittar MUZZY Online under fliken “Gå till” när du är inloggad i Mediekatalogen. Nu görs den största satsningen på läs- och skrivinlärning någonsin från UR och Mediacenter. Dagens barn står inför varierande utmaningar och har olika pedagogiska behov. Länkar till programmen: Meka med ABC, Bokstavslandet, Alla inköpta filmer i svenska, Webbspel ABC-Raketen Från skolans sida har man under flera år efterfrågat verktyg för undervisningen om alkohol, narkotika, dopning och tobak (ANDT).

ESL Movies Worksheets English vocabulary, printable worksheets ESL Lesson Plans & Resources for Kids Kiz School provides: Video Tutorials, PPT, Interactive Games & Quizzes, Printable PDF Worksheets & Flashcards, among others. You don't need to be a professional teacher to use our materials.It is an effective, affordable private and public teaching solution for parents and schools. English For Kids Free ESL for resources for kids are one of our best offers. Worksheets for Kids include: Word Puzzles , Phonics and phonetics worksheets, coloring worksheets, video and music worksheets.ESL FOR KIDS We have video slide shows for Young learners in six different grades beginning from easy to difficult. ESL Kids Lab : Fantastic Free Resources for Kids Fun Games for ESL Teaching ESL Fun Games and Activities for the classroom. More Grammar & Vocabulary Exercises Grammar and Vocabulary can be learnt and practiced using these free interactive exercises for online learning. ESL Downloads: PPT & eBook zip files Learn Chinese - Free Chinese Lessons Sites Not Related to ESL

ESL Games World Camden Scene 1 Stephen: Here we are in Camden Lock Market. It’s a great place to go shopping and we need to buy a birthday present for our Mum. What do you think we should get her, Ash? Ashlie: Well our Mum loves nice clothes and costume jewellery. Stephen: It's huge here, Ash. Ashlie: OK, I’ll see you back here in an hour, then. Stephen: Oh, Ash – can you lend me 50 quid? Ashlie: 50 quid, eh? Stephen: Don’t worry, you’ll get it back! Ashlie: That should do it. Stephen: Thank you. Ashlie: OK, I’ll see you back here later. Stephen: See you! Stephen: Wow, look at these! Shopkeeper: Five pound each. Ashlie: Excuse me. Stephen: Hiya – how’s it going? Shopkeeper: Hi, very well. Stephen: Good, thanks. Stephen: I like these, how much are they? Shopkeeper: Er, the leaf lights – they are £21.95. Stephen: Hmm, I’m not sure she’ll like them. Shopkeeper: What type of thing does she like? Stephen: Well, she’s quite stylish – modern, I suppose. Shopkeeper: Well, the yin yang’s really modern. Stephen: Hmm. Stephen: Oh.

The media : NEWS English-to-go’s free lesson (every month) "ETG’s contract with Reuters allows ETG to adapt news articles into lessons. There are a lot of wacky news stories that get students reading. Last month it was the one on the world’s longest interview in which Hans Olav Lahlum managed to speak for more than 30 hours. And on the site itself there’s the story about the goat café in Tokyo: where customers can take a goat for walk after they’ve had a coffee, the Superhero who carries people’s luggage up and down the stairs for free (again in Tokyo), the intro of exams for kindergarten students in the US and the tourist who found she had a colony of maggots living it up in her ear." ( News in Levels "provides several different “levels” of the same news article and provides audio support for the text. FBI Joins News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal (15th July, 2011) - a lesson plan (

ESL Teaching Videos Google + Students really enjoy watching movies and TV for a variety of reasons. For one, they get exposure to natural language in a non-threatening setting. Secondly, movies and video provide common ground to students of any international background. Below you'll find both general teaching resources as well as fully-developed lessons on various films and videos. So, pop yourself some popcorn and settle down in front of your computer for some fun with movies.It doesn't matter if you have contemporary office furniture, patio furniture or grandma's castoff furniture. Ideas for Using Movie Previews Rent any video, and you're bound to get at least three or four previews before the feature film. Movie Lessons Each movie featured in this section includes both classroom worksheets and links to specific materials about the movie. VertigoAlfred Hitchcock's 1958 suspense classic. All the President's MenAlan J. Do the Right ThingSpike Lee's inspired 1989 take on race relations. Video Lessons