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Frequency The Void Illusionist Your result for The Fantasy RPG Class Test ... 22% Strength, 80% Bloodlust, 10% Intelligence, 33% Spirit, 10% Vitality and 25% Agility! Limitless power! You are the Void Illusionist, a warrior whose soul was traded for omnipotence. I'm not sure I should congratulate you on reaching this incredibly high class :P This extraordinary class requires an extreme lust for chaos and omnipotence. The Genie has granted your wish and has given you the Hidden Power of Omnipotence. Want to share your results on a forum? Want more quizzes??? The QUICK Five Elements Personality Test Discover your inner dragon in 2 Questions! The Common Sense Riddles Test Do you have enough common sense to answer the riddles??? Watch some videos!!! Take a quick look at some of my other work! The Legend of Zelda NES 3D Intro Avatar: The Last Airbender | Book 3 Trailer Avatar: The Last Airbender | Book 1 Trailer Weird 3D Animation Project A list of all 100 possible results can be found about halfway down the right side of this page!