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Building An Earthship In 10 Minutes

Building An Earthship In 10 Minutes
Valhalla’s Earthship Inspired Greenhouse This year I had the privilege to be part of Valhalla’s Earthship Inspired Greenhouse. It truly lived up to its name, and it was indeed a greenhouse made up of Earthship elements, but more importantly, IT WAS INSPIRING. These are clips from the 10 videos made during the greenhouse build. This is an Earthship in 10 Minutes I stood in awe as the community came together on this project. Our Collective Problems American discharge 220,000,000 car tires every year.. We’ve became real close with local garages, who needed someone to unload their used tires on. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours We’re going around collecting cans, not for the 10 cent recycling reward, but for aluminum bricks, that line our Earthship wall. More than 25 percent of U.S. students fail to graduate high school in four years The education system does not appeal to the youth, and it is becoming increasingly obvious. Our Mission Visit GreenSeed Related:  razoniaHow to build

Piscine écologique : les secrets d'une baignade au naturel Créer dans le jardin un plan d'eau qui soit à la fois esthétique et naturel, c'est un rêve à la portée de chacun! Afin d'en savoir plus sur les piscines naturelles, biologiques et écologiques, voici quelques explications. info + Les atouts d'une piscine écologique - pas de consommation de produits chimiques et donc pas de risques d'allergies ou de gênes induits par les produits. La qualité de l'eau est excellente dans une piscine biologique. - une consommation réduite d'énergie (mais il faut tout de même une pompe de filtration pour assurer la circulation de l'eau). - pas de nécessité d'avoir un système de filtration et de renouvellement de l'eau. - l'aspect esthétique. - la préservation de la biodiversité (une piscine chlorée est en fait un milieu stérile). Une piscine écologique publique conçue par Bioteich. Fini les yeux qui piquent, la peau sèche et le chlore qui pollue. Qu'est-ce qu'une piscine écologique ? Une piscine écologique est composées de trois zones différentes : A savoir :

Joshua Dolan Micro-Max Tire wall House - Simple Solar Homesteading The Micro-max tries to take the idea of a single occupant/couple living unit to its maximum by providing modern living conveniences with minimal impact using highly sustainable construction and a tiny footprint. The basic construction uses dozens of old worn out tires, packed with dirt, until they are a solid “brick” that are stacked to form the exterior structural walls of the unit. Nails are then hammered in to form a web for concrete to be troweled onto and smoothed for form the basic interior wall surface. Around the outside of the tires a ~4 foot deep dirt berm is filled in which is then wrapped in segments of insulating foam (to increase heat retention) and then the berm is extended out to the natural level of the ground around the home. A center structural beam runs across the width of the house which supports the roof trusses (in this design wooden pre-fab i-beams) over which a standard decking and metal roof is applied.

Island House by Peter Rose + Partners Nichée sur l’île de Chappaquiddick près de Edgartown dans le Massachusetts, cette résidence familiale composée de quatre structures a été conçue par Peter Rose + Partners. Principalement en bois, cette maison a la particularité d’avoir d’immenses ouvertures sur l’environnement et presque aucune cloison à l’intérieur. Une architecture à couper le souffle à découvrir. How To Build An Earthship An Earth Ship can be as simple as a one room with a loft or as complex as a multi-family apartment complex. One of the most famous Earth Ship homes was built by the actor Dennis Weaver and cost millions of dollars to complete. A small one can be constructed for a few thousand dollars, basically just the cost of the cement mix and if you are in a climate that is compatible with adobe type construction, and will do the labor for yourself, even less. So, how is an Earth Ship constructed? The design concept utilizes modules that can be mixed and matched to form a unique finished product. The simplest way to describe how and earth ship is built is to walk you through the construction of the basic module called "The Hut".

7 Earthships You Wish You Could Live In Are you considering living off the grid in the near future? Then you will find inspiration from the following Earthships. These Earthships are 100% sustainable homes that are both cheap to build and awesome to live in. It derives its electricity from the sun and wind, its water from rain and snow, and its temperature regulation from the earth. An internal sewage treatment system means each drop of water is used four times, feeding lush wetlands of flowers and vegetables. Earthships can actually change the world for the better. 1.) Image: Mister Joe Image: 2.) Image: Earthship Kirsten 3.) Image: 4.) Image: 5.) Image: Image: 7.) Image: For more information on these awesome buildings and how to obtain your own plans, visit Please Share these awesome designs with your friends and family.

Tutorial: Earthships 101 Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit 9 Tutorial: Earthships 101 – Image To Repin / SharePhoto – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 2.0 Here’s another feature about Earthships – sustainable homes for the future! Earthships use a “passive solar design” (ie all of the windows are on the south side) to make the most of heat and light from the sun. The water recycling system is very efficient – rainwater is harvested and used water goes for irrigation or is treated within the home. Another bonus: Earthships can provide a safe structure in areas where extreme weather is likely; they are made partly below ground, with very thick walls – so they can stand up well to hurricanes. 40 million tyres are discarded yearly in the UK alone! In the UK, tyres are banned from landfill and have to be disposed of separately because of the leaching of chemicals or gases (called “off-gassing”) from tyres as they degrade. Okay, here is the video:

17 maisons mystiques mais bien réelles dans lesquelles vous adoreriez vivre Notre terre recèle de trésors, ces 17 maisons aux identités très fortes feront la joie des personnes en quête de fantaisie et d’originalité. DGS vous dévoile ces habitations de rêve. 1. Maison de Hobbit au pays de Galles, au Royaume-Uni Via Simondale 2. Via 3. Via Imgur 4. Via Demilked 5. Via Ian Brodie 6. Via Airbnb 7. Via Rusticway 8. Via Steveareen 9. Via Jsome1 Via VRfoto 10. Via Yui Kubo 11. Via Panoramio 12. Via Andrew Qzmn 13. Via 14. Via 15. Via Filippo Bianchi 16. Via Panoramio 17. Via Terunobu Fujimori Nous avons été impressionnés par ces structures très originales et nous félicitons les architectes pour leur créativité sans limite.

How to Build an Earthship: Step-by-Step Slideshow (Video) Image credit: EarthshipkirstAppalachian Gothic architecture made from recycled pallet wood is by no means the only DIY housing option using reclaimed materials. In fact, TreeHugger has featured countless posts on "earthships"—self-sufficient passive solar homes built from old tires, cans, mud and concrete. From Justin's introduction to the earthship concept, via Kristin's post on the first earthship in Nicaragua, to Lloyd's coverage of earthships landing in Britain, these low-impact dwellings have spread far and wide from their birth-place in New Mexico. But how do you actually build one?Via the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, I've just come across this great slideshow showing a step-by-step progression through the building of an earthship in Normandy, France. (It looks like it might be the same building that I wrote about when I posted on the Earthship Normandy project.)