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Ibrahim Maalouf - Beirut

Ibrahim Maalouf - Beirut
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Love Language Here is a list of Websites I like to visit on LSD : LSD Le label Ed Banger lance sa webradio Après avoir testé l’aventure radiophonique en septembre dernier pour fêter l’ouverture du Red Bull Studios Paris, voilà que Ed Wreck, la webradio du label français Ed Banger, est officiellement lancée aujourd’hui, en cette journée mondiale de la radio. Gérée par Pedro Winter en personne, le boss de l’écurie Ed Banger, la webradio propose une programmation éclectique, allant de l’électro au hip-hop en passant par le rock ou le funk, avec également de nombreux DJ Set histoire de chauffer la bande-passante, comme il est expliqué sur la page Facebook du label : Pas de programme. Pas de playlist. Juste partager les morceaux que nous aimons. Pas d’ordre, que du désordre. Avant de préciser dans un commentaire : “ED WRECK ne sera pas une chose régulière, on fera ça uniquement lorsque l’on en aura envie. Ed Wreck est d’ores et déjà disponible à travers le player ci-dessous :

El apartamento de Hofmann Kennenga » Retrouvez toute l'actualité de l'artiste Kennenga Trance Trance denotes any state of awareness or consciousness other than normal waking consciousness. Trance states may occur involuntarily and unbidden. Etymology[edit] Trance in its modern meaning comes from an earlier meaning of "a dazed, half-conscious or insensible condition or state of fear", via the Old French transe "fear of evil", from the Latin transīre "to cross", "pass over". Working models[edit] Wier, in his 1995 book, Trance: from magic to technology, defines a simple trance (p. 58) as a state of mind being caused by cognitive loops where a cognitive object (thoughts, images, sounds, intentional actions) repeats long enough to result in various sets of disabled cognitive functions. Working definitions[edit] The following are some examples of trance states: Castillo (1995) states that: "Trance phenomena result from the behavior of intense focusing of attention, which is the key psychological mechanism of trance induction. Origins and history[edit] Oral lore and storytelling[edit]

Las Drogas y el Significado de la Vida Traducción del ensayo "Drugs and the Meaning of Life" de Sam Harris. Todo lo que hacemos es con el propósito de alterar la conciencia. Formamos amistades para que podamos sentir ciertas emociones, como el amor, y para evitar otras, como la soledad. Las drogas son otro medio para este fin. Una de las grandes responsabilidades que tenemos como sociedad es educarnos a nosotros mismos, junto con la próxima generación, acerca de cuales sustancias vale la pena la ingerir y con qué propósito, y cuales no. El abuso de drogas y la adicción son problemas reales, por supuesto, y el remedio para ellos es la educación y el tratamiento médico, no el encarcelamiento. Discutí los temas de la política de drogas con cierto detalle en mi primer libro, El Fin de la Fe (pp. 158-164), y mi forma de pensar sobre el tema no ha cambiado. Tengo una hija que algún día utilizará drogas. Esto no quiere decir que todos deberían tomar drogas psicodélicas. He visitado los dos extremos del continuo psicodélico.

Life Versus Entropy: Tripping on Fractals, God, and the Mystery of Existence Setting: Early morning at a lakeside cabin in the woods of Vermont.Chemical lens: 25I-NBOMe, a research chemical with effects resembling LSD. (25I-NBOMe is a very new chemical, its safety profile is largely unknown, and lethal overdoses have been reported. Consuming 25I-NBOMe or other research chemicals is risky and I do not recommend it.) Fog rolls across the lake at dawn. The silence is broken by the chatter of birds and my own footsteps. Everywhere I see cobwebs skewered by the first spears of sunlight. I walk outside as dawn arrives. I spot a spider web suspended between the branches of a pine. Each cell reflects a billion galaxies; each molecule contains the DNA of the universe. I am reminded of the old Hindu image of Indra’s net — a web of infinite dimensions, containing a glittering jewel at every vertex. In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, Indra’s net is an analogy for the world, illustrating the intimate interdependence of its billions of parts. Every part manifests the whole.

Are Entities and Plant Spirits Real? A Skeptic's Guide to Tripping - Psychedelic Frontier Exploring outer dimensions? Or inner ones? (Flammarion engraving, 1888) Trips are like dreams. You don’t take your dreams as absolute truth upon waking, and psychedelics should be no different. Wisdom or Dogma? Many psychonauts spread their personal beliefs and speculations as though they were fact. Other times they’ll offer a testable scientific hypothesis, but disguise it as established fact. The desire to share is natural and well-meaning — after a profound psychedelic experience, people want to communicate their new “knowledge” to others. A noble goal, to be sure. Unless you’re a particle physicist in need of a creative jumpstart, an LSD session is unlikely to help you discover anything about the fabric of reality that stands up to scrutiny. This is why I want to encourage skepticism in the psychedelic community. Paradoxically, if we give the psychedelic experience too much credit, we will undermine its potential for providing real insight. Terence McKenna is a great example.