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Creating a Classroom Studio with an iPad and a Green Screen

Creating a Classroom Studio with an iPad and a Green Screen
One way to depict the cycle of education is that it moves between the development of learning and the subsequent expression of understanding ... and the amazing growth of inexpensive mobile technology tools is affording learners the ability to communicate their understanding in ever more creative and personalized manners. Media is moving center stage (yes, the pun was fully intended) and what once required tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and training can now be accomplished with an iPad and some inexpensive props. One of the first places I visited when I first came to the United States was Universal Studios. Of course, being a relatively young and willing tourist, my hand automatically shot up when they asked for a volunteer to put on tights and a cape and "fly" like Superman in front of a green screen. Needless to say it didn't springboard me into an acting career but it did spark my interest in how movie magic could be used for education. 1. x 2. 3. The process:

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Kitchen gardens at school - Science (F,3,6) - ABC Splash - Overview Does your school have its own kitchen garden? Gardening Australia presenter Leonie Norrington meets with Stephanie Alexander, renowned cook, restaurateur, and founder of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. Stephanie strolls through the kitchen gardens of two Darwin schools and discusses the program and its aim of teaching children good gardening, cooking and eating habits. 6 mins 4 secs

How To 'App Smash' And Implement Digital Storytelling On The iPad App smashing, the process of using more than one apps in conjunction with one another to create a final product, is a concept that allows students to create engaging educational projects and illustrate their creativity in multifaceted ways. One of the most gratifying and effective ways to use app smashing in the classroom is to create digital storytelling projects. The concept of digital storytelling is emerging as a form of personal and collective expression of knowledge, ideas, and perceptions. Its numerous and positive effects on students’ communication skills are well documented. Digital storytelling is the perfect vehicle for the delivery of visual and audio stimuli that greatly enhance a storyline or a simple narrative.

33 Super Speech and Language iPad Apps Teachers With Apps brings you 33 super speech and language iPad apps for home, classroom, and/or the therapist’s office. Speech and language is one area of educational apps that has exploded with smashing success. The prices range anywhere from free to expensive. There is an stuttering app that runs almost $1,000! 13 GIFs That Show You How Everyday Items Are Made 13 GIFs That Show You How Everyday Items Are Made Some we use everyday, others we only ever see the final product - but how exactly are things like forks, crash barriers, springs and even camouflage helmets actually made? How come your pretzel is perfect every time? And what about that famous Old Spice commercial, did they really do it all in one take? Well, the following GIFs will reveal the very humble beginnings of a number of items, foods and products we often take for granted. Just remember, it's not always fun...

How to Promote Your Classroom Library Infographic Teacher Infographics Classroom libraries can make a big difference in the reading lives of students in your classroom—no matter their age or reading ability. Research is clear that: classroom libraries help promote literacy;a literacy-rich classroom and classroom library support the common core;classroom libraries support balanced literacy instruction;students who read more become better readers;regular reading builds fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension; andclassroom libraries and access to books can increase reading by up to 60%. The best time to begin building a classroom library is…yesterday! That being said, you can begin building your classroom library today knowing that the best classroom libraries are built over time and with intentionality.

Where Can I Learn More about iPads in Elementary Schools Where Can I Learn More about iPads in Elementary Schools I get asked regularly, besides my writing about our iPad initiative, who else writes about iPads in elementary education. Here are some of the folks I read: Sidwell Friends School (the primary grades iPad initiative at the school the Obama girls attend)Fraser Speirs (Scottish tech integrator. Has great posts about iPads in elem sch)Tony Vincent (great info on teaching and learning with mobile tech, especially iPads)Jennie Magiera (amazing tech coach in Chicago, was one of our keynotes at our Leveraging Learning Institute – not exclusively iPads but on the nose about pedagogy with tech)And this blog isn’t about iPads, but we see our iPad initiative as how we implement Customized Learning in the Primary Grades and Mark Davis is a teacher who writes about his experience with customized learning.

Resources for Using iPads in Grades 6-8 There are many resources from Edutopia and across the web for middle school teachers who are integrating iPads in their classrooms. At this age, students can use iPad apps in different subject areas and become content creators using their devices. Teachers can introduce a variety of skills to students, and students can demonstrate their understanding of concepts using innovative iPad technology. Check out the list below for suggestions on amazing apps and to browse tips from teachers on how to use iPads throughout the school day. Favorite Apps Teaching Visual Media Literacy Media literacy educator Frank Baker reminds us that the annual season for movie awards has begun, with the 85th annual Academy Awards scheduled for February 24. In a new two-part article for MiddleWeb, Baker shares key ideas about ways teachers in grades 4-8 can develop students’ visual media literacy skills by (1) involving them in video production like the PSA project described here, and (2) by teaching them to “read” multimedia forms, from magazine layouts to major motion pictures — all of which ties into a pair of Common Core ELA standards. by Frank W. Baker Do your students love to pick up a camera?

A Great Study Skills Poster for Your Class Learning is a lifelong process. It is also an ongoing experience in which we get to discover new and inspiring things about our world. Some argue that with maturity comes mindful and conscious learning but regardless of age variable, thinking about learning from a metacognitive perspective (thinking about how we learn what we learn) does definitely improve the way we learn. In the visual below created by Create Innovate Explore, Rachel dissected the metathinking levels of studying and provided some of the tips on how to hone in one's study skills. I invite you to have a look and share with your students.

iPad in the Classroom – Can we make it simpler? With many educational institutions choosing to use tablets for learning, it can be quite intimidating for teachers when faced with so many applications. The diagram below serves to illustrate that less than 20 core apps can play a significant part in the learning process and hopefully temper any trepidation. (with thanks to Greg Hughes @deepexperience1 for his ideas and input) The apps indicated serve to enhance or modify existing practice with scope to be transformational. The extent to which the learning environment can be changed is up to the educator and students.

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