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Keyword Query Language (KQL) syntax reference KQL syntax includes several operators that you can use to construct complex queries. You use proximity operators to match the results where the specified search terms are within close proximity to each other. Proximity operators can be used with free-text expressions only; they are not supported with property restrictions in KQL queries. There are two proximity operators: NEAR and ONEAR. NEAR operator WikiWash WikiWash (Beta) is a free public tool that allows journalists, citizens and activists to uncover spin and bias on Wikipedia by tracking page edits in real time. The platform aims to make political and corporate spin on Wikipedia more visible and discoverable and promote accountability and transparency through crowdsourcing. Pick a Wikipedia article to explore, and use WikiWash to: Track edits and see what’s being removed and added in real timeFollow breaking stories through the lens of their Wikipedia editsDownload the data so you can dive deeper

Making the Case for Cell Phones in Schools My husband and BFF, Kip, has been with me on the last leg of my trip to the amazingly incredible CUE conference in Palm Springs (NCTIES before that.) We're now in Salt Lake City for a two hour layover and he's TRYING to read the latest Tom Clancy book. He is director of engineering of a manufacturing plant and has a genius mind for efficiency, managing people, AND making technology UNDERSTANDABLE to the average person. So, I asked him, "What is the most important point that you heard at the CUE conference?" (Mind you - he sat in on 4 of my sessions Friday - so this is his take on it.) Create a Q&A Website in a Snap with Qhub When your visitors or customers have questions, they typically contact you directly or ask their question(s) in your site forum—assuming you have one. In most situations, a forum isn’t available either. Qhub provides a fast way to setup a customizable Q&A website in a matter of minutes. With Qhub you can eliminate repetitive questions, save your inbox and make it easier for your visitors or customers to get the answers they’re looking for.

Dewey Decimal Classification System 600 Technology (Applied sciences) 601 Philosophy & theory 602 Miscellany 603 Dictionaries & encyclopedias 604 Special topics 604.2 Technical drawing 604.7 Hazardous materials technology 605 Serial publications Breaking News: Remind101 Launches the App! Ever wish you could send out a mass text to a group? I started using remind101 when it first launched 7 months ago. I enjoy how simple and effective the site is to use.

Tuts+ Hub — The Best Place to Learn Online In this tutorial, we will cover in detail how we extracted the data, how the helper and utility methods accomplish their jobs, and how all the puzzle pieces...Improve your workflow with these helpful Gmail features. Here's a collection of some of the most interesting and best Gmail tools you may not know about.In the previous tutorial, we took a glimpse at creating CSS Shapes, allowing us to define the true shape of an element. We touched on the basics; creating a...This tutorial will focus on explaining how 2D physics joints work in Unity and how to use them to achieve great effects (without sacrificing the game...A hundred years ago in 1916, during WW1 on the battlefields of the Somme in Northern France, a revolution in armed conflict made its first appearance. This...In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a winter rural scene. First we'll build the base scene using a sky image and two landscape images.

The Future Of Collaboration Is About Looking Backwards There is a fascinating thing happening in today’s world of work. Employees are drowning in technology, yet they want more and better devices and applications to do their jobs. At the same time, millennial workers, whom we all assume are the most enthusiastic about technology, are expressing a desire for more human, face-to-face interaction while also lobbying for more effective collaboration and productivity solutions. Organizations would be making a mistake if they overlook this "weak signal" of an emerging culture shift. In the late 1960s, Dr. Ed Lindaman was the director of program planning for Apollo, working for North American Rockwell (formerly North American Aviation).

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