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8 Pinterest Alternatives You May Not Know About Pinterest has garnered a reputation (whether incidentally or intentionally) as a website geared mostly towards females who need ideas for weddings, home décor, and recreation. Maybe you like the idea of Pinterest but not its subject matter. Maybe Pinterest just isn’t for you. Is there hope for you? Yes, there is. As it turns out, there are many sites out there that have taken the core concept of Pinterest and spun it in unique ways. Juxtapost Juxtapost is a Pinterest knockoff but in a good way. The feature I like best in Juxtapost is the “More Like This” button. Use Juxtapost if you want to use a Pinterest-like site with many of the same features but presented in a different way. We Heart It If I had to describe We Heart It in one sentence, I’d call it the baby of Pinterest and Tumblr, and I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way. There’s an undercurrent beneath all of the We Heart It posts which indicates that this site is mainly used by teens and college girls. Dribbble FoodGawker

Queness - Design Inspirations, jQuery Tutorials and Web Design & Development Community Marqueed - Simple image collaboration and markup tool. Share, annotate and discuss images. Welcome - Ommwriter Prismatic Google Adds Waze's Crowdsourced Traffic Data to Apps Google Maps is already using data from its newly-acquired mapping service Waze to give users access to crowdsourced traffic reports and satellite imagery. Just two months after Google bought Waze for a reported $1.03 billion, it was announced on Tuesday that the two companies are already sharing data. From details about traffic jams and accidents to construction and road closures, Google Maps users can now submit traffic-related information to the app.

f.lux: software to make your life better - Make Money Writing Tutorials, Guides, Reviews & More! Beautiful Word Clouds Lightning Bug - Finish Your Story Another perspective Most writers give their work to somebody else to read when they finish their first draft. A fresh perspective is always valuable. Find a friend that will give you honest feedback to read your story. It can be hard reading somebody else’s work and giving feedback. ‘Tell me something I want to hear!’ When your buddy is ready to give you some feedback, tell them to give you one piece of good news with every piece of bad news. It will make them feel more relaxed, and you won’t feel as defensive when you get your feedback! Fame and fortune If you’re happy with the story, and you’re ready to show it to the world, why not enter it in a short story competition? Please use Google to access further details on these competitions. Where ‘various levels of application’ appears there are a number of different entry categories for submissions. Be sure to check ALL the entry requirements, and good luck!! Martha Richardson Poetry Medal 10 – 14 and 15 – 20 age group entries. (03) 53592759

10 Websites Guaranteed To Press Your Buttons [Weird & Wonderful Web] We humans are naturally curious creatures. We see something, almost anything, and we want to reach out and grab it, touch it, feel it, and interact with it. Which is all good as long as the thing we’re reaching for isn’t going to bite us or trigger a nuclear holocaust. Contrary to popular belief, the latter isn’t as easy as pressing a big red button. NB: If you hate Adobe Flash then you should probably stop scrolling right now. Make Everything OK Life sometimes sucks. It turns out such a button does exist, and it’s sitting unloved on the Web, just waiting to be pressed. Nooooooooooooooo Star Wars is never going to go away, especially now that the fun factory that is Disney owns the franchise. Also not going away are the stupid decisions George Lucas has made over the years. Enter The Hatch The TV series Lost ended a while ago, but thanks to people binge-watching shows on media streaming services it will never truly die. Will You Press The Button? Will You Press The Button? Bored Button

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