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FullPage.js One Page Scroll Site Plugin

FullPage.js One Page Scroll Site Plugin
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Waves Action/Event Works fully with jQuery and JavaScript click event handlers, like Snarl Download the latest version of Waves from Github repository. <! Advanced: Waves also provide LESS, SCSS, and SASS source. Attach the effect To attach Waves's effect (or we usually called it as "the ripple") to HTML element, you can use Waves.attach() <a href="#" class="button">Click Here</a><script type="text/javascript"> Waves.attach('.button');</script> Waves.attach() comes with 2 parameters, the first is DOM element that you want to be attached (or string that represent it, like jQuery), and the second one is array of CSS classes that will be put on the element. <a href="#" class="button">Click Here</a><script type="text/javascript"> Waves.attach('.button', ['waves-button', 'waves-float']);</script> Initialize After you attach Waves to your HTML element, you can initialize Waves with Waves.init() to start the effect. Waves is designed to be flexible. Helper classes Quick Fix IE Tap highlight on Windows Phone

alvarotrigo/fullPage.js SpinKit | Simple CSS Spinners Source View on GitHub jQuery Social Media Plugin - Create and combine feeds from social networks in1 | plugins A jQuery Social Plugin to create a single social media stream from multiple social network feeds Socialist is a social feed plugin that combines multiple social media feeds in one place. Use it to combine content and create a social wall from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Craiglist RSS and other social networks. Features Aggregates social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, RSS Feeds, Craigslist, Google+ and more.. Download from GitHub Socialist supports jQuery 1.6 or newer 1) Simply include the .js and .css files in your HTML document.. 2) Apply jQuery Socialist to any <div> element within your js code.. Options networks An array of network definition objects random true or false; default value is: true isotope headingLength An integer value that indicates the max number of characters to display in the 'heading' field of each result textLength maxResults theme (none) or 'clean'; default value is: (none)

Hands-On With The New Modern UI Apps In Windows 8.1 The Windows 8.1 Preview has brought back the Start Button, redesigned some apps, and introduced a fair number of new ones. Some of these new apps are truly impressive, while others are the Modern UI version of apps that already existed as desktop versions and have long been part of the Windows OS. Between the revamped apps, the new apps, and those that are Modern UI versions of their desktop counterparts, we have four very impressive utility apps: Alarm, Calculator, Sound Recorder, and Scan, the latter three of which are essentially revamped Modern UI variants of existing Windows features, whereas the new Photo Editor, Health and Fitness, Food and Drinks, and Reading List apps have been developed from scratch. Alarm Of the four utility apps introduced in this preview, Alarms is the only one that didn’t have a desktop version, nor did it exist in any previous version of Windows. The Alarm app is actually three apps in one, the other two being a stopwatch and a timer. Calculator Scan

fullPage.js - Créez un site fullscreen en scrolling vertical fullPage.js est un plugin jQuery permettant de mettre en place rapidement un site web fullscreen avec scrolling vertical. C'est très tendance aujourd'hui lorsque vous devez présenter un service, un produit, un nouveau script ... On aime ou on déteste mais les pages en fullscreen et scrolling vertical ont le vent en poupe. fullPage.js est un plugin jQuery qui vous permettra de créer en quelques minutes ce type de pages web. Il vous suffit de définir une structure HTML classique à l'aide de section / div pour définir les différentes pages, et créer si besoin le menu associé. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. Si vous définissez des slide dans vos sections, alors vous pourrez avoir un scrolling horizontal pour dérouler différents aspects de votre page. Plusieurs options dans le plugin vous permettront de définir les couleurs de background, les tailles et positionnements, le menu, les effets de scrolling, la compatibilité avec périphériques tactiles etc. A vos tests ! Site Officiel

fullPage.js jQuery Plugin for fullscreen scrolling websites Nowadays is very common to find fullscreen websites as it was in the past in the age of flash, but now, with the power of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Some examples: I had to do one of this websites and I found out there was nothing in the jQuery plugins world to make this task easier. In an attempt to create something to make things easier for other people trying to do the same, I’ve created a simple plugin which creates the basic structure and functionality to start making a fullscreen scrolling website, also known as single page website. I’ve named it fullPage.js and It is available at my github account. It’s in the first version and I hope to keep improving it with the time. And all of this being compatible with old browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, 9, Opera 12 etc which already still being used by many users nowadays. Creating a full scrolling website The structure is quite simple, adding a `section` class for each section of the site, and `slide` for each slide within a section:

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