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The Top e-Learning Blogs - Submit your Top e-Learning Blog’s RSS Feed.

The Top e-Learning Blogs - Submit your Top e-Learning Blog’s RSS Feed.

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Designing for a New Generation of E-Learning. Designer’s Survival Guide: Top 10 Tips As a designer, it’s easy to make pretty pictures. Now try making designs that go deeper. “Deeper how?”, you may ask. Certainly we perceive things visually, but the factors that motivate us and help us interpret those designs have more to do with the content.

Corporate Gamification of Learning & Training The word “gamification” has received a lot of hype over the last few years, and as designers and developers we continue seeing the term misused and misunderstood in the media and in conversation. Gamification deserves a much better fate than becoming a watered down buzzword with no substance, and we will explain why. Businesses face a consistent struggle to engage and motivate people, whether it’s their own staff, or the target audience they are looking to serve, and seek an effective solution to this potential barrier. Gamification in its true application can be a viable and effective solution to these two inevitable problems. To really understand anything you have to go back to the origin.

What New Team Leaders Should Do First - Carolyn O'Hara Getting people to work together isn’t easy, and unfortunately many leaders skip over the basics of team building in a rush to start achieving goals. But your actions in the first few weeks and months can have a major impact on whether your team ultimately delivers results. What steps should you take to set your team up for success? How do you form group norms, establish clear goals, and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and motivated to contribute? What the Experts SayWhether you’re taking over an existing team or starting a new one, it’s critical to devote time and energy to establishing how you want your team to work, not just what you want them to achieve.

Your Top 5 eLearning Questions Answered Your Top 5 eLearning Questions Answered In our work with clients, we hear many of the same questions over and over again. Well, here are your answers. It may even be you didn't know you had these questions yet, but rest assured, you will at some point. Question 1: How long should an eLearning course be? CONTENT AUTHORS – Authoring resources such as infographics, as well as editing apps & tools, social nets, Associations, Organizations, and legislation for content authors: Authoring content: Courses, Documents, e-books, e-Talks, Events, Glossary, Presentations, Reports, Resources, and infographics to create and develop your best content. Apps & tools for multimedia and content edition, publishing, copyright, cloud sharing, organizing and security saving. Media: Digital Media, News and Websites to keep updated. Social nets: Blogs, Communities, Networks and Wikis to keep networking, participating and sharing your knowledge. Institutions: Innovative training proposals at Associations, Foundations and Organizations for you to know about.

Money Talking: How to Tame Your Email and To-Do List Work is messy, but that doesn't mean that you have to be a hot mess at work. This week, as a part of Money Talking's first management conversation, WNYC's business editor Charlie Herman speaks with two experts from the Harvard Business Review on getting organized and maximizing your productivity at the office. Sarah Green is a senior associate editor at HBR and author of the article "8 Ways Not to Manage Your Email (and Five and a Half Tactics That Work)." Here are a few of Green's tips for how to handle that glut of email. Treat your email as an essential part of your job.Devote a specific amount of time each day to managing your email.Find a different method (not email) to manage your to-do list.

12 Questions eLearning Developers Should Answer As an Instructional Designer, motivating learners is an important consideration because in reality learners are not always motivated to learn. They’re busy, they have other things to do, they don’t see the course as being important or have had a bad experience in the past. Would you like to motivate your learners based on the ARCS Model? Dr John Keller’s motivational design model, known as the ARCS model, is comprised of four major factors that influence the motivation to learn – Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction.

6 Tips To Create Great eLearning Quiz Questions - eLearning Industry How do you know your learners are retaining knowledge in appropriate volumes and timeframes? That’s right: You throw in assessments, and see if the students “catch your drift”. Obviously, there is a boring way to assess performance through brick-and-mortar tests, but there’s also an engaging way – through online quizzes. This seems easy as pie to Instructional Designers, yet there are certain techniques that will help you pick the right form and content for quizzing. Some handy tips for effective eLearning quiz questions in this article! The Morning Routines Of The Most Successful People Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, we all start our day at some point. And we all seem to start it differently. Some of us hop online to check social media, others dive in to email, still others eat breakfast, exercise, or pack lunches for the kids. There’re a million different ways a morning could go. Which morning routine might be best?

The Key Components of a Learner-Friendly Interface Design The Key Components of a Learner-Friendly Interface Design It's so easy to assume that information is all that matters. The truth is, how such information was presented or formatted affects its effectiveness. The design of the screen, for instance, influences how students interact with information. Is the interface cluttered?