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27 Incredibly Creative Print Ads You'll Love

27 Incredibly Creative Print Ads You'll Love
With how often each of us are online or using our mobile phones, you would think that print advertising is an antiquated artwork that no one pays real attention to. You’d be wrong, though. We found 27 of the most stunning or clever print ad campaigns out there. They are seriously impressive, even though they are completely static (unlike most of the ads we see online). THIS is advertising. 1. Serviceplan Hamburg / München, Germany 2. Cerebro Y&R, Panama 3. DDB, Spain 4. DraftFCB, Germany 5. Y&R Paris 6. Buzz in a Box, Brussels, Belgium Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany 8. LG&F, Brussels, Belgium 9. Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany 10. Grey, Toronto, Canada Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, Moscow, Russia 12. Publicis, Singapore 13. Richter7, Salt Lake City, USA 14. DDB, Sydney, Australia 15. New Moment New Ideas Company Y&R, Belgrade, Serbia 16. Terremoto Propaganda, Curitiba, Brazil 17. AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil 18. Memac Ogilvy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 19. Texas Creative, University of Texas, USA 20. 21.

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23 Photos Of People From All Over The World Next To How Much Food They Eat Per Day Posted May 04, by Beej Rudd Marble Moahi, Mother Living with HIV/AIDS, Botswana – 900 Calories Munna Kailash, Bicycle Rickshaw Driver, India – 2,400 Calories Noolkisaruni Tarakuai, Third Wife of a Maasai Chief – 800 Calories Ahmed Ahmed Swaid, Qat Merchant, Yemen – 3,300 Calories What Happened When One Woman Had Her Picture Photoshopped In 25 Different Countries “Make me look beautiful.” That’s what Esther Honig asked 40 photo editors to do — in over 25 countries. Using the service-sharing site Fiverr, Honig, a human interest reporter, sent a picture of herself to be photoshopped around the world to see just how much cultural values are applied to standards of beauty. The results throw the idea of “the perfect woman” into sharp relief. Honig found that individuals from every country applied a distinct perspective on beauty to her image.

46 Stunningly Creative Ads by Science World Vancouverites all know how great of an attraction and museum Science World is. In recent years, in addition to its permanent exhibits and recent expansion, the museum has brought us some great exhibits from Body Worlds to the currently ongoing Science of Sexuality. Unfortunately, as reported yesterday, some of the museum’s Science of Sexuality ads have been banned from local bus stops as they were deemed as too saucy by some conservative pencil pushers. Not that it really matters, after all the exhibit’s life at Science World ends in just three weeks. SEE ALSO: 32 Mind-Boggling Clever Ads by the Vancouver Aquarium <a href=" Our Poll</a>

Elements and Principles of Design-Color Color is: A property of light Visible when light is emitted or reflected Determined by the wavelength of light Additive color is created from emitted light such as a video screen, a computer monitor or theatrical lights. The additive primary colors are red, green and blue and all other additive colors are derived from them. Combining two primary colors yields a secondary color: magenta from red and blue, cyan from blue and green and yellow from red and green. Combining all three additive primaries results in white; shining stage lights of red, green and blue in the same area creates a white spotlight.

Samuel Muston: What's in a name? If you're christening a restaurant, then quite a lot - Features - Food & Drink There is, of course, no road map to success when it comes to names, but I would suggest that the collision of the word "egg" and "slut" doesn't exactly encourage the appetite which, along with being memorable and snappy, is the only real goal of restaurant naming. Eggslut falls into that dubious category known as "quirky", a group in which the egregious Scoff & Banter belongs. This UK-wide chain, which offers "food with heart that feeds the soul", has presumably been so named to suggest a rolled sleeve, let's-get-down-to-business informality. In fact, it makes the place sound like a Leeds University student society. Less clear cut in the name game is the eponym. If you are Marcus Wareing it is just about permissible to call your redesigned restaurant MARCUS, even if it does sound a little Ceasarish, because some people will be visiting his establishment with the sole purpose of eating food touched by the hand of the great man himself.

You Won’t Believe these Sculptures are Made Entirely of Wood May 22, 2013 It’s hard to believe, but all of the sculptures you see below are made entirely of wood and then painted. The person responsible is artist and educator Tom Eckert, who uses traditional processes to carve, construct, laminate and paint his pieces. Tom says his preferred woods are basswood, linden and limewood because they carve and paint well and are stable. His background is in painting and drawing, where his focus was on realism.

Anti-Anorexia Ads Stun With Tagline 'You Are Not A Sketch' (PHOTOS) When it comes eating disorders in fashion, designers, models and editors can host all the panels and write up all the guidelines they want. But sometimes a powerful image is the most effective way to drive the point home. Star Models, a modeling agency based in Brazil, released new ads that use just two images each: a picture of a model in a fashion design sketch and a picture of a "real" model. Each sketched model is drawn with the exaggerated proportions and long lines typical of fashion illustration. The "real" models to their right are depicted with the exact same proportions.

Graphic Design Lessons - A Short History of Logo Design MILTON GLASER (b.1929) 'I Love New York', 1977 What is a Logo? A logo is a sign, symbol, trademark or badge which conveys the identity or ownership of a product, company, campaign or concept in as memorable a way as possible.