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Free Music Search powered by Google = Musgle | Listen to a Wall of Music © 2021 - Privacy - Terms App Review - Create Powerful Online Communities - AppAppeal Top 10 Free Ways To Discover New Music Online Bored with your music and want to discover some new bands or singers? There are two main ways you can do that online. You can use services which create music maps, allowing you to explore artists similar in genre to the artists you already listen to. Or you can use music blogs and websites that showcase independent or up-and-coming artists, whether the music is being reviewed, or posted by the musicians themselves. Some of these websites have a community built around them, which gives fans the opportunity to interact directly with these new talents. Here is a list of 10 free sites to discover new music. TuneGlue TuneGlue is straightforward and easy to use. Using TuneGlue, you start out with 6 similar artists, and can continue to explore and expand on them. Music-Map A less flashy alternative to TuneGlue is Music-Map. Music Roamer Bloson The simplest alternative to these first three websites is Bloson. Zune One Track Mind The Hype Machine TheSixtyOne OurStage PureVolume Image credit: Sofamonkez The site formerly offered a radio streaming service, which was discontinued on 28 April 2014.[5] History[edit] Audioscrobbler and (2002–2006)[edit] The current website was developed from two separate sources: and Audioscrobbler, which were merged in 2005. Felix Miller, one of the founders was founded in 2002 by Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel, Michael Breidenbruecker and Thomas Willomitzer, all of them from Germany or Austria, as an internet radio station and music community site, using similar music profiles to generate dynamic playlists. The Audioscrobbler (the term scrobbling is defined as: to find, process and distribute information involving people, music and other data) and teams began to work closely together, both teams moving into the same offices in Whitechapel, London, and by 2003 was fully integrated with Audioscrobbler profiles. CBS Acquisition and redesign (2007–2009)[edit] Funding and staff[edit] Features[edit] Profile[edit] - Free Online Music Playlist! (Beta 1.85)