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Related:  Ecoute/Streaming Solayo <div class="text">This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to run properly</div><a href=" target="_blank" rel="no-follow" class="link">How to enable JavaScript?</a> Application is offline. Will try reconnect to server as soon as possible. Search, Listen & Collect Search for online music & videos from: Youtube and SoundCloud Search Search for any music or video as usual Listen Listen in a dynamic player Collect Collect music and videos to your playlists Lets You Collect Music to Make Radio for Other People By now, you’ve probably heard of (free for the web and iOS), the latest venture from the creators of the breakthrough music app, which powers internet radio streams based on your friends’ music. Since Piki’s much anticipated public release in April, some have questioned the necessity of this service. With heavy hitters Twitter and Google recently joining the already crowded music streaming market, and rumors of a forthcoming service from Apple, does Piki have a shot at success? Well, the thing about music apps is that unlike with MP3 players, you can use as many as you want. This works in Piki’s favor, because it takes a unique approach to music collecting. If you wanted to use Piki solely as a music bookmarking service, you definitely could.

Listen & Download music online at - Listen & Download Music Online Minilogs Lets You ‘Playlist The Web’ We’re on a quest for the best ways to collect music, which recently saw us examine, an InstaPaper-style web app that makes music collection in these difficult times a little bit easier. Minilogs (free; web) was designed to solve the same problem of collecting music on the web, with a little more versatility. By clicking on a bookmarklet (as with, using the Chrome extension, or entering a URL, the app lets you save songs and videos you’ve found on your web travels for future listening, so you don’t lose track of the stuff you like during your busy day. To keep your findings (which can also include non-music things) organized, you can save music in different lists, or minilogs. In a sense, this app reclaims the original meaning of the word “blog,” which was short for “weblog,” which basically meant “here’s a list of some cool stuff I saw on the web.”

Turntubelist: Mix YouTube video and YouTube music like a DJ. Create video playlists and ROCK! With Beatguide, Listening Connects to Live Events: New Electronic Music Startup Event listings you can play: Beatguide’s guide to electronic music events combines event metadata with listening. If it’s music events, what your calendar really needs is a play button. A funny thing happened on the way to the online music world. Roughly a century after the music recording revolution, we’re all newly concerned with getting into venues with other human beings. The problem is – and there’s no nice way to say this – the tools out there just aren’t very good. Facebook’s popularity is unquestionable, to be sure, but it still doesn’t cater to music needs with its event listings. Beatguide is just getting started this week, but it seems to have hit upon a nice combination. Then, you get the difference: you can listen to any of the events. It’s also telling that this is a music startup in Berlin. Beatguide delivers event listings through a handy Web interface as well as a mobile app. To me, though, the story is a bit deeper than the particular implementation.

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