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AWS Public Data Sets A data set containing Google Books n-gram corpora. This data set is freely available on Amazon S3 in a Hadoop friendly file format and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The original dataset is available from

GeoPackage Encoding Standard 1) Overview 2) Downloads 3) Related News 1) Overview This OGC® Encoding Standard defines GeoPackages for exchange and GeoPackage SQLite Extensions for direct use of vector geospatial features and / or tile matrix sets of earth images and raster maps at various scales. Data Repository List From Open Access Directory This list is part of the Open Access Directory. This is a list of repositories and databases for open data. Please annotate the entries to indicate the hosting organization, scope, licensing, and usage restrictions (if any).

New York Times APIs The Article Search API Search Times articles from 1851 to today, retrieving headlines, abstracts and links to associated multimedia. The Books API Retrieve New York Times book reviews and get data from all best-seller lists. The Campaign Finance API Get presidential campaign contribution and expenditure data based on United States Federal Election Commission filings. Online GIS - Meet The Cloud Publication Platforms That Will Revolutionize Our Industry » Videos » Social GIS Professional Networking Community Login ID: Password: Forgot your password? Purdue D2C2 - Projects Scott Brandt S. Brandt (w/ M. Witt and J. Carlson, and others) "Investigating Data Curation Profiles Across Multiple Research Disciplines." As a result of exploring data needs of researchers in 2006, Witt and Brandt inititated what became an investigation to understand data curation in distributed environments of "small science" (Institute of Museum and Library Services, $421,068, 2007-2010).

IBM Many Eyes Democratizing visualization Advanced visualization from IBM can help you gain insight from the myriad of data that your company generates. You can understand much more about the underlying numbers in your data when you can see them. Elephant Appeal: What do elephants do all day? - IV Drip - Voices Just like us humans, they eat, sleep, socialise and roam about. The charity Space for Giants fits elephants in Laikipia, Central Kenya, with GPS collars to monitor their movements, providing a real-time window into their daily lives. Together with a new mobile phone app, scouts on the ground can keep track of where elephants are going.

Health Data Correlation mirador Mirador is a tool for visual exploration of complex datasets. It enables users to discover correlation patterns and derive new hypotheses from the data. Download 1.3 (8 December 2014) 10 Awesome Twitter Analytics and Visualization Tools Recently Twitter rolled out their native analytics platform for all users and now you can get some quality data about your tweets directly from Twitter. After researching over a thousand Twitter Tools for the Twitter Tools Book I came across many Twitter analytics and visualization tools. These Twitter tools were designed to add value by presenting a different way to visualize or analyze your tweets, the people in your network, and the tweets from the people in your network. Many tools tried to add value and failed. At least they tried. The following tools, however, stand out in my mind as exceptional or entertaining and I recommend you check them out if you want to analyze and visualize your activity on Twitter.

Resources These are some representative external resources. The list includes tools that complement Graphviz, such as graph generators, postprocessors and interactive viewers. It also includes higher level systems and web sites that rely on Graphviz as a visualization service. You can also find Graphviz-related projects in Google Code. Please send us suggestions for additions to this list with, if possible, a recommendation as to appropriate category for the resource. Graphical Interfaces Baguala project is testing new methods to analyze and compare the evolution of National Spatial Data Infrastructures During the SAGEO meeting held in Brest (France) from 23 to 26 september, 2013, members of the Baguala project presented methodological solutions to analyze how the contents of Spatial Data Infrastructures of France, Brazil and Bolivia are currently evolving. The future developments of these methodes are expected to allow more accurate and data-based interpretations of the political role of these new and original public institutions specialized in information management. Access to the short paper which describes the methodological path. Imprimer ce billet

Funding Support (Grant) Information in MEDLINE/PubMed An important aspect of scientific publication is the indication of funding support. The Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®), which is used by the National Library of Medicine® (NLM®) to describe the content of journal articles for MEDLINE®, includes Publication Types to identify financial support of the research that resulted in the published papers when that support is mentioned in the articles: Research Support, Non-U.S.

R Programming for Data Science / Roger D. Peng Data science has taken the world by storm. Every field of study and area of business has been affected as people increasingly realize the value of the incredible quantities of data being generated. But to extract value from those data, one needs to be trained in the proper data science skills. The R programming language has become the de facto programming language for data science. Its flexibility, power, sophistication, and expressiveness have made it an invaluable tool for data scientists around the world.