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Welcome to GBBC — Great Backyard Bird Count

Welcome to GBBC — Great Backyard Bird Count
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CPAWS British Columbia | Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Bird Watcher's Digest - your online resource center on birds, bird identification, hummingbirds, bird feeding, and more! The Sticky Tongue | Herpetology, zoology, biodiversity and conservation. Notes from Nature Pacific Wild - Wildlife Conservation on Canada's Pacific Coast - British Columbia - Home WhatBird | identify birds | bird identification guide | north america Bird Studies Canada Help Protect Grizzly Bears | wildlife_habita | Issues | David Suzuki Foundation Ask federal and provincial governments to increase protections for Canada’s shrinking grizzly bear population. For 20 years, governments in Canada and the U.S. have recognized that the grizzly bear is a sensitive species in need of additional protection. While the U.S. has brought threatened grizzly populations back from the brink, efforts to protect populations in Canada have been an abysmal failure. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) has just released its second assessment of the status of Canada’s iconic grizzly bear. The report found that while many parts of Canada support healthy grizzly populations, 16 subpopulations in western Alberta and southern B.C. are at risk of continued decline and eventual extinction. This is our chance to pressure provincial and federal governments to increase protections for grizzly bears and the habitats on which they depend.

Your online guide to birds and bird watching BirdLog - North America | Birding Apps for eBird users -- BirdLog and BirdsEye The world’s best bird logging app just got better with our latest release,1.7.1. (IMPORTANT: This release is for new versions of iOS only...7.0 and greater. Do not upgrade unless you have the newer iOS release) What's New in the latest iOS release BirdLog 1.7 About BirdLog: Enter your sightings into eBird right from the field with BirdLog! BirdLog was developed by active eBird users as a power app for submitting data into eBird. BirdLog is the exclusive mobile data entry app for eBird that allows you to: Check out these Demo Videos BirdLog is a universal app designed for crystal-clear use on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. Enter your sightings into eBird where you need it ... in the field! Recent Improvements in BirdLog 1.7.1 New UI improvements Bug fixes Testimonials ★ “BirdLog will fundamentally change the way we go birding,” Chris Wood, eBird Project Leader ★ “I enter more checklists simply because it’s so easy, and still have more free time at home. ★Excellent! Powered by eBird

Discourage Urban Sprawl | Reduce your carbon footprint | What you can do Canadians must really like each other. Although we live in one of the world's largest countries with an endless horizon of space, we choose to live right next to each other in our cities. Over 80% of us now live in urban areas. As our cities grow bigger, urban sprawl is beginning to affect our quality of life. The most obvious problem is that sprawl leads to a car-dependent culture—and driving is stressful for drivers and for nature. Sprawl affects us in surprising ways—like draining our precious free time and expanding our waistlines. Urban sprawl is cutting into precious farm and wildlands, leaving us with less greenspace and precious wildlands, like bogs, which are being drained and paved over, putting valuable wildlife habitat and species at risk. Okay, so you know sprawl is bad news for your health and for nature, so what can we do about it? If you are moving, choose a home that is within a 30-minute walk, bike or transit ride from work, school or shopping.

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