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Recordable: easy screen recording on Android, no root required

Recordable: easy screen recording on Android, no root required
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Screenbird Hangout On Air Start a Hangout On Air Start a Hangout On Air enabled video call and invite specific people or Google+ circles to join you. Then name your Hangout On Air. Link your YouTube account The first time you do this, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service and also link your YouTube account. Start your broadcast Click “Start broadcast” to go On Air. Internet For the highest-quality video and clear audio, use a high-bandwidth, wired connection. Lighting Hangouts On Air work best in a well-lit environment. Audio For the best audio, broadcast in a quiet, controlled environment where there's nothing blocking your mic. CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software towelroot by geohot Rec. (Screen Recorder) -This app records video in background-Record with back or front camera-You can make and receive phone calls while recording(some devices record the conversation)-You can use others applications while recording(except radio and media players)-Set the maximum recording time, 1 or 3 minutes(unlimited in PRO version)-The device does not plays any sound when the recording starts or stops (Some devices do not support this depending on your country laws, also remember to disable sounds when you click something in your device, settings>sound>audible selection , checkbox disable)-The app creates an icon called "docs" in your desktop , pressing that icon starts or stops the recording, only you know that the device is recording . A notification appears at the top left corner of the screen while recording.-You can delete the shortcut, and if you need it afterwards, you can create another one from the app . changes: -Only shows the camera resolutions supported by your device

Telestream Highest Quality Recording ScreenFlow has the best screen recording available – even on retina displays. Built in Stock Media Library Spice up your videos with access to over 500,000 unique media clips from directly within your ScreenFlow projects. iOS Recording Record your iPhone or iPad screen for high quality app demos. Easy to Learn, Easy to Use ScreenFlow’s intuitive UI allows everyone to create amazing content in minutes. Powerful Video Editing Tools Add pro touches to your videos with transitions, text animations, video animations, freehand annotations, multi-channel audio and more. Professional Animations & Motions Graphics Animate graphics, titles and logos with built in video and text animations. Better Tools for Software Tutorials Use Styles and Templates to make editing a series of Software tutorials quicker and easier. Streamlined Media Management Closed Caption Support Use ScreenFlow’s caption editor tool to add, edit and even burn in ADA compliant soft subtitles to your videos.

Growing A Garden For Canning – How To PLAN TO CAN and Save Big! | "The Farm" Old World Garden Farms 6 quarts of homemade pasta sauce sit in the pressure canner. It seems that every year, more and more people are coming back to the art and joy of gardening. Not just because they love the feel of getting their hands in the soil – but because they ultimately want to feed their families better tasting and healthier food while saving money. Our canning cabinet filled from the garden As much as we enjoy our garden for the fresh tomatoes, peppers, corn, green beans and more – we create our garden plan each year with the additional goal of canning and freezing enough of the harvest to feed our family year-round. We’ve figured out that the best way to maximize our effort is to plan now for what we want to eat later. Take stock now of what you eat and need year-round Fresh picked Green Bell Pepper, Sweet Yellow Onion, Red Roaster Pepper, and Basil turn into great tasting pasta sauce This may sound simple – but its easy to overlook! A great example for us is tomato juice. Happy Growing! Like this:

Make Your Phone Turn On Automatically Just When You Need It Your phone is resting on the table; you pick it up, and it flicks on. You didn’t press anything — it just knows. Or maybe it’s in your pocket or your purse — you pull it out, and the screen turns on. It feels magical, and it works well, thanks to a free little app called Gravity Screen. The Magic of Sensors Your phone is a tightly packaged bundle of sensors. Pocket Sensor First things first: This simple setting makes sure the phone turns off as soon as you stick it in your pocket. Table Sensor Next up is the magical table sensor: Switch it on, and as soon as the phone realizes it’s lying statically on a flat, horizontal surface, the screen will turn off. Turning The Screen Back On Two ways to do this: The simplest one is using the proximity sensor. The second way uses the motion sensor: Just pick up the phone and move it, and the screen switches on. Keeping The Screen On Some Testing Required All of these settings can be toggled and/or tweaked for your liking. Easy to Disable and Enable

Wink - [Homepage] Here is a sample Flash tutorial created by Wink. Click the green arrow button to start viewing it. --------> This is a good example of how you can create tutorials in Wink, by capturing screenshots, mouse movements and specifying your own explanations with them. And all this in a standard Windows-based UI with drag-and-drop editing makes it very easy to create high quality tutorials/documentation. It is estimated that Macromedia Flash Player is installed in more than 90% of the PCs. Do you develop mobile apps or want to create tutorials about using mobile apps and websites? A new version of Wink is under development, to easily create tutorials about mobile apps and websites.If you would like to try it out when ready, please sign up here.