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Indesign & Powerpoints » Free Download Vector Stock Image Photoshop Icon Liberty PowerPoint Presentation 835724Liberty is a multipurpose powerpoint template. When creating this presentation, I focused on ease of use for the bought this presentation. You can easily make any adjustments, changing from color to insert the images you want. Flatastic Mobile UI Kit Designers of mobile interfaces are becoming more prominent in today’s faced-paced web space. App designers are in high demand now particularly in user interface. UI design focuses on user experience and interaction, and while being easy-to-use is important for a successful mobile app. Flatastic Mobile UI Kit is a large user interface kit containing hundreds of mobile ui elements, which will help you design mobile user interface in Photoshop with ease. There are sets of icons, and actions have been included in the kit.

Designers Guide to Web Performance Optimization – Jon Yablonski Why Performance Is Important Web performance optimization is important because it directly impacts user experience and page metrics. You can pack as many micro-interactions, animations and beautiful images you want into a page — if the page is slow, the user will likely never see them. This is exacerbated by connection speeds on mobile devices, which is now the predominant method people all around the world are accessing the internet.

Whoa! 15 Amazingly Free Stock Photo Websites If you’ve ever tried searching for free stock photos on the internet, you probably know what a ridiculous hassle it can be. Free stock photos are – as a general rule – extremely difficult to find. A huge portion of the stock photo market is owned by professional companies like Shutterstock and 123RF, who charge $20 or more for a single photo. Even when you can find free stock photos, most are low-resolution, watermarked, blurry, and – at best – uninspired. Simple Pricing Tables Free PSD A set of simple and colorful pricing tables for free. Use this psd to design a pricing page, packages or membership pages. More PSD's categorized under: “Elements”

50 Sketching Resources for User Experience Designers Sketching is a critical part of the User Experience Design process. Sketching allows us to explore ideas and iterate on concepts quickly and easily before creating detailed mockups. Below is a roundup of many different sketching articles, tools, templates, presentations, videos, books, and examples to help User Experience Designers learn more about sketching and how it benefits UX design. Articles about Sketching Sketching Tools Sketching Templates

Showcase of Beautiful Flat UI Design Behold web and user interface designers, a new trend (or style) is taking the world of UI and website design by storm – flat design. It is a minimalistic approach and style to designing websites and UI where we take a step back, strip away all the 3D elements, gradients, shadows and effects to leave behind the bare necessities . In a nutshell, flat design removes the noise, the bells and whistles, the site accessories that overwhelm visitors and drive away peers. It’s pure and simple, and fundamentally minimalistic. If you are bored with it all and would like to f all back on just the gist , it’s time to give this style a shot. A Collection of Printable Sketch Templates and Sketch Books for Wireframing At the beginning of a web (or application) development project I always create the sketches first. While sketching can be done on a blank paper, it’s much better to use a sketch template. For me that is the best and most productive way to work on and improve my ideas before application development begins (and things get more complicated :-)). This way I won’t pay too much attention to some details that should be taken care of later, but stay focused on general layout and functionality. Below you will find more than 20 resources that you can use in sketching phase of application development.

IlluScientia: scientific illustration & animation - graphisme & illustration scientifique Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away. A. Saint-Exupéry Visual flow is the way you guide a viewer through a poster so they look at the information in the order you want them to. 60 Incredible Free Flat Icon Sets For Designers The trend towards flat design is growing in momentum. Since Google switched to a flatter appearance across their network of web apps, other site owners have quickly been following suit. As screen resolutions continue going up to higher definition on new devices (most modern laptops have a 720p LCD display and a few now sport 1080p or greater resolution displays), there is far less need for shading and other previously common design elements in order to help icons stand out from the background at low resolutions. Flat Icon Sets Many design houses and design-based web sites have started offering flat icon sets that can be used for desktop and mobile applications. Usually images are provided in vector-based PSD files.