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Work-for-Hire Agreement This is an Agreement between name of artist, hereinafter Artist, normally doing business at full address andname of creative firm, hereinafter Creative Firm, normally doing business at full address. This Agreement covers the preparation of project title or description further described in Addendum and submission of ideas and materials therefor. Artist will receive a total fee of $fee upon satisfactory completion. Artist will deliver to Creative Firm on or before agreed date the project title or description in form and content satisfactory to creative firm. Artist is an independent contractor. This work is considered work-for-hire under the United States Copyright Act of 1976. At Creative Firm's sole and absolute discretion, Creative Firm may make any changes in, deletions from, or additions to project title or description. Credit for the work shall read: credit to artist, provided that a substantial portion of Artist's work is used in Creative Firm's final product. Date

Affordable Online Mailbox | Traveling Mailbox Frequently Asked Questions Are there any long term contracts or additional fees? No! Each plan is on a month to month basis and you are not required to signup for an extended period of time. How much does it cost to forward my mail? We charge Postage + $2.00 on all mail forwarded. How much does it cost if I exceed my monthly envelope and page scans? Additional fees and services are listed on the next page after youy click “Choose Your Address” above on a particular plan. How much does it cost to scan my mail? Each plan includes a set amount of page scans per month. Will you hold my mail longer than 60 days? Yes we can store your mail in our secure facility longer than 60 days. What are additional mailbox recipients? Additional mailbox recipients are other family members, other businesses, and other individuals who will be having their mail sent to your mailbox. What is a ScanPAK? Do I need a ScanPAK for you to scan my mail online? No. View the complete FAQ Here

Top 6 Small Business Podcasts to Learn as You Go Sometimes it seems as though podcasts were invented with small-business owners in mind: They provide free, on-point information you can absorb while commuting, running errands, or working out at the gym. Since the biggest time-consumption challenge with this new(ish) medium is figuring out which ones to listen to, we compiled this list of six top podcasts to help you master key management and entrepreneurial skills: Leadership: Back to Work A solid podcast in which hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discuss every aspect of business leadership and company culture you can think of, plus a few dozen that leave you saying, “I never would have thought of that, but I’m so glad they did.” Skills Building: Total Picture Radio Peter Clayton’s interview show features authors, coaches, and A-list experts in everything from hiring to marketing to productivity. Productivity: The Get-it-Done Guy’s Quick-and-Dirty Tips Marketing: Marketing Over Coffee Budgeting/Finance: Accounting Best Practices

The Collective Legal Guide For Designers (Contract Samples) Rule number one for designers of all kinds: use a contract. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Should I use a service agreement? Below you’ll find a collection of legal documents curated by our fantastic community. Important notice: free sample documents and commentary are never a substitute to legal advice. What Document Should I Sign With My Client? If you created an icon set: If you are building a responsive website: If you are starting a graphic design project: If you’re doing a small project with design and code: If you’re doing a BIG project with design and code: If you’re doing UX work: If you’re creating an infographic: If a third party wants to use your work: If you’re redesigning a website: If you’re hiring a developer/designer to work on a project: If you’re hired as a freelance developer: If you’re making a mobile application: If things go wrong: Other helpful documents: I Want To Add My Own Document Link 34add yours3635 Eager to share your own experiences on documents? (vf) (ea)

Project Management for Startups -- The Ultimate Method Because startups are designed to grow fast and maintain innovation, they can’t afford to work in silos. And because they must maintain speed, they can’t afford linear hierarchy. What startups need is a flat structure, transparency and collaborative communication. This is why we’ve developed the ultimate project management tool for startups. Here’s the startup management method that goes along with it. How to manage projects in a startup Projects are your startup's high level. Before we explain how to manage projects in a startup, we’ll explain in short something of uttermost importance about managing people in a startup: You have to show everyone on your team the high level. We can’t stress the importance of this enough. They are all in sync about the startup’s priorities. Now that you understand what you gain from sharing the high level, here’s how you manage it. To manage projects in a startup you need to create process that is transparent to everyone. Do the following steps: To summarize:

Free Website Hosting Reviews - Information on the Best free Website Builders Three Ways To Prove "Clients From Hell" Wrong With Data Less white space. Let’s use Comic Sans. How about those cheesy stock photos? Copy this website. Write a cleaver headline and tagline – like Twitter’s or Facebook’s. What if there was a way, instead, to simply present the client with unbiased data that proved the design ideas they presented sucked? Turns out there have been tools around for a while that do this, but they have been so extravagantly priced that they made it impossible for freelance designers to get their hands on. David Darmanin was one of those freelancers, and it’s the reason he created Hotjar, a tool that gives you the big picture of how to improve websites’ user experiences and conversion rates. It costs a mere $29 per month for unlimited websites, allowing you to share report links with different clients. In this post, you’re going to learn three ways you can prove your clients wrong by using Hotjar. Screen Recordings Record visitor sessions to playback your actual visitors’ behavior. Feedback Polls Surveys

Creating a Brand Identity: 20 Questions You MUST ask BEFORE You Start photographs by Frank Hamilton “No. This just doesn’t look right”. What do you do when a client says that? For a designer, the worst clients are the ones who don't know what they want. As designers, we’re responsible for delivering not just the visuals as a pdf, psd, or .svg but also for delivering the intangible associations with those visuals. It can get icky when working with clients who lack clarity. Part of our job is to help clients achieve clarity about their brand identity. You don’t want to be caught in multiple cycles of design iterations, hoping the client likes your work. To avoid the heartburn later – front load the work. Along with mapping out a clear brand identity, you can frame the questions to leverage a few indirect benefits like: Inspire confidence and trust in the client: You’re a thorough professional and are making a genuine effort to understand their business and needs. About the Business Design is a very subjective process. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. About the Project 7. 8. 9.

"Nobody bought the cheapest option." — David Airey Excerpted from pricing experiments you might not know, but can learn from. People were offered 2 kinds of beer: premium beer for $2.50 and bargain beer for $1.80. Around 80% chose the more expensive beer. Now a third beer was introduced, a super bargain beer for $1.60 in addition to the previous two. Third time around, they removed the $1.60 beer and replaced with a super premium $3.40 beer. You can influence people’s choice by offering different options. How to test it: Try offering 3 packages, and if there is something you really want to sell, make it the middle option. The story is referenced in William Poundstone’s 2011 book Priceless: the myth of fair value (and how to take advantage of it). Beer bottle photo by jovike

Startup Guide - Oklahoma Department of Commerce The following information describes key, initial steps and decisions regarding starting a small business. Note that two or more of the decisions and actions, at certain times, may be ongoing, simultaneously. In starting a new business, two of the first decisions or considerations are choosing a business name and deciding what legal structure to operate under. The legal structure of a business can, simply, be defined as the structure which officially determines how taxes will be filed and reported, plus how lawsuits may be incurred. When a business simply starts and is owned and operated by a single, key person without any other formalities, its legal structure is a sole proprietorship. In Oklahoma, once the name of a business has been decided, the new or aspiring owner(s) can seek to register it for exclusive use in the state. In Oklahoma, there are state laws that require various types of businesses or their owner(s) to obtain professional or occupational licenses or permits.

How To Get Started As A Freelance Graphic Designer | Rebecca Lutz Have you ever wondered what it takes to get started out as a freelance graphic designer? If you are thinking about venturing into the field of graphic design for yourself, then the following will help you tremendously! I will be giving you a look at how I got started out in the freelancing world, provide you with some excellent learning resources that I use again and again, as well as educate you on how you can begin your own graphic design career as a freelancer! The graphic designer’s job is to effectively communicate the intended message of the project at hand visually to a specified audience. Designers do this through arranging type, symbols, color, and imagery to create a brand “feel” related to the business they are working with for the project at hand. So, you may ask yourself: What type of education do I need to become a graphic designer? You can invest in college You can do your own self-study So, how do you learn from your own self-study? Finding Work oDesk EtsyElance Freelancer