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The Free and Open Productivity Suite

The Free and Open Productivity Suite
Related:  Presentations 12 Top Notch Online Presentation Tools With more long-distance meetings going on due to increasing travel costs and decreasing expense accounts, you need to be able to show your work to clients and co-workers so they can easily see your point. These 12 tools will help you create all of the online presentations you need, set them to music, add links and videos and then embed them or share them as you see fit. authorSTREAM: authorSTREAM allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations to unique URLs that can be shared with others. You can also download them as videos that can be placed on YouTube or burned to a DVD, embed your presentations in sites, create channels to showcase your work and more. They offer a free account and two levels of premium accounts that increase the number of presentations you can upload. BrinkPad: BrinkPad is a Java-based presentation creator that allows you to save your finished work to the Web, save to disk, save as JPGs and more. What are some of your favorite presentation tools?

Qu'est-ce que le logiciel libre ? - Projet GNU - Free Software Foundation (FSF) The Free Software Definition Have a question about free software licensing not answered here? See our other licensing resources, and if necessary contact the FSF Compliance Lab at “Free software” means software that respects users' freedom and community. Roughly, it means that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. We campaign for these freedoms because everyone deserves them. The four essential freedoms A program is free software if the program's users have the four essential freedoms: [1] The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose (freedom 0). A program is free software if it gives users adequately all of these freedoms. In any given scenario, these freedoms must apply to whatever code we plan to make use of, or lead others to make use of. “Free software” does not mean “noncommercial”. The rest of this page clarifies certain points about what makes specific freedoms adequate or not. Copyleft

Framakey : Main => Index Articles et actualités en matière de nouvelles technologies : OpenOffice: un choix judicieux pour les communes (01-2006) En matière de logiciels bureautiques, il existe aujourd'hui une alternative à la suite Office de Microsoft. Il s'agit d'OpenOffice, un logiciel libre et gratuit qui, en plus du fait de proposer des fonctionnalités identiques à celles de Microsoft Office, offre certains avantages particulièrement intéressants pour les administrations publiques. Voyons le "phénomène" OpenOffice de plus près… Cela fait des années que Microsoft Office règne en maître sur le marché des suites bureautiques. Les logiciels de traitement de texte qui existaient dans les années 80-90 ont disparu les uns après les autres face au poids lourd de Microsoft. Mais voilà, Microsoft Office doit aujourd'hui faire face à un outsider, OpenOffice. Cette différence fondamentale de concept représente un énorme avantage, surtout pour les administrations publiques. Pourquoi passer à OpenOffice? Pour gagner en indépendance L'adoption d'OpenOffice offre une réelle garantie d'indépendance. Pour assurer la pérennité de vos documents

Technology and Education | Box of Tricks Posted by José Picardo on May 23, 2009 These are five of the best web based applications that allow you to create and share presentations online. Using these web based tools, rather than the traditional desktop solutions can have many advantages, for example: you don’t need to install any software, as everything is done online through your web browser; your presentations remain accessible from any computer, ensuring both availability and exposure, as well as removing the need to carry them around on a memory stick; your presentations can be embedded into websites, blogs and wikis; and they can be used by students and teachers to collaborate remotely. Below you can find five almost identical presentations on Using Online Presentation Tools using Empressr, Google Docs, Prezi, SlideRocket and Zoho Show. 1.- Empressr Empressr is a free web based application that allows you to create, manage and share rich media presentations online. 2.- Google Docs 3.- Prezi 4.- SlideRocket 5.- Zoho Show

Logiciel libre Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Logo du projet GNU, initiateur du mouvement du logiciel libre. Un logiciel libre est un logiciel dont l'utilisation, l'étude, la modification et la duplication en vue de sa diffusion sont permises, techniquement et légalement[1]. Ces droits peuvent être simplement disponibles (cas du domaine public) ou bien établis par une licence, dite « libre », basée sur le droit d'auteur. Les logiciels libres constituent une alternative à ceux qui ne le sont pas, qualifiés de « propriétaires » ou de « privateurs »[Note 1]. Le logiciel libre est souvent confondu à tort avec : les freewares (gratuiciels) : un gratuiciel est un logiciel gratuit, alors qu'un logiciel libre se définit par les libertés accordées à l'utilisateur. Définition[modifier | modifier le code] Premières ébauches[modifier | modifier le code] « Premièrement, la liberté de copier un programme et de le redistribuer à vos voisins, qu'ils puissent ainsi l'utiliser aussi bien que vous.

Presentation program A slide created by the first presentation graphics company, VCN ExecuVision, in 1982 A presentation program is a software package used to display information in the form of a slide show. It has three major functions: an editor that allows text to be inserted and formatted, a method for inserting and manipulating graphic images, and a slide-show system to display the content.[1] History[edit] A presentation using a presentation program. Early[when?] In the mid-1980s developments in the world of computers changed the way presentations were created. Features[edit] A presentation program is supposed to help both the speaker with an easier access to his ideas and the participants with visual information which complements the talk. Many presentation programs come with pre-designed images (clip art) and/or have the ability to import graphic images, such as Visio and Edraw Max. See also[edit] References[edit]

Google Add narration to a presentation - PowerPoint Narration can enhance Web-based or self-running presentations. You can also use narration to archive a meeting, so that presenters or absentees can review the presentation later and hear any comments made during the presentation. In this article About narration in a presentation Record a narration before a presentation Preview a narration Re-record part of a narration Record a narration during a presentation Record comments on a slide Set the slide timings manually Turn the slide timings off About narration in a presentation You can either record a narration before you run a presentation or record a narration during a presentation and include audience comments in the recording. When you add a narration to a slide, a sound icon appears on the slide. To record and hear a narration, your computer must be equipped with a sound card, microphone, and speakers. Automatic slide timings and narration Embed or link a narration You can either link or embed a narration. Top of Page Preview a narration