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This Face Changes the Human Story. But How? A trove of bones hidden deep within a South African cave represents a new species of human ancestor, scientists announced Thursday in the journal eLife. Homo naledi, as they call it, appears very primitive in some respects—it had a tiny brain, for instance, and apelike shoulders for climbing. But in other ways it looks remarkably like modern humans. When did it live? Where does it fit in the human family tree? And how did its bones get into the deepest hidden chamber of the cave—could such a primitive creature have been disposing of its dead intentionally?

Unicode Text Converter This toy only converts characters from the ASCII range. Characters are only converted on a one-to-one basis, no combining characters (eg U+20DE COMBINING ENCLOSING SQUARE), many to one (eg ligatures), or context varying (eg Braille) transformations are done. Current true transforms: circled, negative circled, Asian fullwidth, math bold, math bold Fraktur, math bold italic, math bold script, math double-struck, math monospace, math sans, math sans-serif bold, math sans-serif bold italic, math sans-serif italic, parenthesized, squared, negative squared, and tagging text (invisible for hidden metadata tagging). Psuedo transforms (made by picking and choosing from here and there in Unicode) available: acute accents, CJK based, curvy variant 1, curvy variant 2, curvy variant 3, faux Cyrillic, math Fraktur, rock dots, small caps, stroked, subscript (many missing, no caps), superscript (some missing), inverted, and reversed (an incomplete alphabet, better with CAPITALS).

Spectacular Photos Of The Night Sky Around The World The night sky is filled spectacular cosmic treasures, from the moon and other planets to distant stars and galaxies. It is full of magic. It should remind us of the greatness and incredible beauty of our wonderful planet! See amazing pictures of the night sky here. Source: Mathematically Precise Kinetic Sculptures and Transformable Objects by John Edmark If you enjoyed John Edmark’s trippy 3D-printed zoetrope sculptures last week, you might also enjoy some of his kinetic sculptures that rely on excruciatingly precise laser-cut wood and internal mechanisms to create optical illusions and other unexpected behaviors. Edmark describes these as “instruments that amplify our awareness of the sometimes tenuous relationship between facts and perception.” Here are three of my favorites, but you can see many more on his Vimeo page.

2016 January 25 - Where Your Elements Came From Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2016 January 25 Explanation: The hydrogen in your body, present in every molecule of water, came from the Big Bang. Computer Equipment Hygiene Infographic Do you know how clean your workplace computer equipment really is? Do you really want to know? Well the average workplace equipment can be 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. The number one reason why is individuals forget to wash their hands after using the toilet. Other reasons include eating at the desk and cross contamination. Infographic Source: 1st Compucare

Computer Ram & Processors Timeline Infographic This infographic visually outlines the advancements in ram and processors over the past four decades and beyond. One particularly interesting aspect of the infographic highlights the estimated cost of a gig of ram in 1966 all the way through its projected cost in the year 2030. The projected cost of a gig will be 25 cents in 2015. Moreover, Petabits will take over in 2018. This will bring the cost of storage to less than one penny! Infographic Source: Chassis-Plans

NASA’s SDO Captures its 100 Millionth Image of the Sun Jan 27, 2015 An instrument on NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) captured its 100 millionth image of the sun. The instrument is the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, or AIA, which uses four telescopes working parallel to gather eight images of the sun—cycling through 10 different wavelengths—every 12 seconds. 271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book In 1692 an artist known only as “A. Boogert” sat down to write a book in Dutch about mixing watercolors. Not only would he begin the book with a bit about the use of color in painting, but would go on to explain how to create certain hues and change the tone by adding one, two, or three parts of water. The premise sounds simple enough, but the final product is almost unfathomable in its detail and scope.

Feed the Dingo - A Fun Game About Ecosystems Feed the Dingo is a fun game that teaches students about the importance of maintaining balanced ecosystems. In the game students have to build and maintain a desert ecosystem. The game begins with a blank slate to which students have to add plants and animals. The game plays out over twelve virtual days. Each day students have to add more elements in order to maintain balance in the ecosystem. At the end of each day students are given feedback as to which plants and animals are healthy, which are in danger, and which have died.

Sleeping Your Way To Success Infographic Success at work is something which we all want to achieve yet even the simplest of things can hinder it…including a lack of sleep, known to be the primary cause of low productivity in the workplace. As such, have put together this fantastic infographic which looks at how you can ‘Sleep Your Way To Success’ and get a great night’s sleep which boosts creativity, innovation and productivity! Infographic Source: Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): <div style="clear:both"><a href=" src=" title="How To Sleep Your Way To Success Infographic" alt="Sleeping Your Way To Success Infographic" width="800" height="6100" border="0" /></a></div><div>Courtesy of: <a href="http:/">Infographix Directory</a></div>

Infographic on the Growth of Wordpress CMS Among the various CMS providers, WordPress is growing at an outstanding rate. The infographic highlights some of the more telling statistics that show how dominate the WordPress CMS is in the global marketplace. Here are some those interesting stats. 22 out of every 100 new domains created in the US are running WordPressWordPress is the 18th most popular website in the UKWordPress boasts more than 37 million global searches every is the 8th most popular site in Indonesia Infographic Source:

The Secret to Hubble's Success The Secret to Hubble's Success A technological tour of the Hubble Space Telescope from 1990 to today By Jason Treat, Anna Scalamogna, and Eve Conant The Hubble Space Telescope, which has allowed us to peer into the depths of space, celebrates its 25th anniversary on April 24. Odyssey: Otherworldly Macro Footage of Ink, Oil and Soap Shot by Ruslan Khasanov Several years ago, Russian graphic designer Ruslan Khasanov was cooking with oil and soy sauce when he stopped to appreciate the strange relationship between the two fluids as the pooled and mixed in unexpected ways. The observation lead to his creation of Pacific Light, a sort of experimental music video meets science project that captures the up-close interactions of ink, oil, and soap. Khasanov just released a follow-up video—now with glitter!—called Odyssey. Music by Ilya Beshevli.