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The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize

The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize

CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Experienced developers understand that CSS3 can be added to new projects with progressive enhancement in mind. This ensures that content is accessible while non-supportive browsers fall back to a less-enhanced experience for the user. But developers could face a situation where a client insists that the enhancements work cross-browser, demanding support even for IE6. In that case, I’ve collected together a number of options that developers can consider for those circumstances where support for a CSS3 feature is required for all versions of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, & IE8 — all of which are still currently in significant use). Opacity / Transparency I think all developers are baffled at why Internet Explorer still fails to support this very popular (albeit troublesome) property. The Syntax You really only need the second line, which works in all versions of Internet Explorer. The Demonstration This is the same element without the opacity settings. The Drawbacks Box Shadow

15 Handpicked Fresh and Useful jQuery Tutorials jQuery has really simplified the work flow for web designers. Even someone with basic javascript understanding can use it. These tutorials are proof of that. In this post you will find 15 really useful jQuery tutorials that has been published in the previous month or so. Hope the readers learns something new with these tutorials . 1. Demo This tutorials shows how to create a slide out menu that stays on the left of the webpage. 2. Demo We have seen some sliding background with jQuery before. 3. jQuery AJAX Tabs Demo A neat, simple, fast jQuery tabs tutorial. 4. Demo This menu tutorial is in two parts and really an awesome menu tutorial. 5. Demo An easy to understand jQuery Pagination tutorial. 6. DemoIf you are thinking why would anyone one want to do this, here is an example: if you are running a music website, need people to vote for albums or lets say a wallpaper website, you can use the technique for this tutorial. 7. Demo Make getting back to top of the page fun and cool with this tutorial.

mattberridge/Proportional-Grids WriteWords - Writing Community - jobs, directory, forums, articles for writers A new micro clearfix hack The clearfix hack is a popular way to contain floats without resorting to using presentational markup. This article presents an update to the clearfix method that further reduces the amount of CSS required. Demo: Micro clearfix hack Known support: Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome, Opera 9+, IE 6+ The “micro clearfix” method is suitable for modern browsers and builds upon Thierry Koblentz’s “clearfix reloaded”, which introduced the use of both the :before and :after pseudo-elements. Here is the updated code (I’ve used a shorter class name too): This “micro clearfix” generates pseudo-elements and sets their display to table. Including the :before selector is not necessary to clear the floats, but it prevents top-margins from collapsing in modern browsers. It ensures visual consistency with other float containment techniques that create a new block formatting context, e.g., overflow:hiddenIt ensures visual consistency with IE 6/7 when zoom:1 is applied.

40 Online Generators for Web Designers Should Bookmark Online Generators for Web Designers can be a great way to save time in your web design projects. High-quality generators can create graphics or code or even layouts in a matter of seconds or minutes, things that might take an hour or more if done by hand. Online generator are those tools that help us to create those popular “XHTML valid” CSS banners, micro buttons or css website templates in seconds. In such cases online generators can be of great help which do the necessary job and some tools don’t have to be downloaded also. We all know that backgrounds play a crucial role in a design. Advertisement 1. XML /SWF charts are used to create attractive graphs and charts from XML data, Create a source either manually or generate dynamically then pass it to the XML chart’s flash file. 2. The web form generator from Web Form Factory automatically generates he necessary backend code to tie your form to a database. 3. 4. 256 Pixels 5. 80 x 15 brilliant Button Maker 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. pForm

ElasticSearch: Boosting score for content relevancy « Jai’s Weblog – Tech, Security & Fun… Every search solution is build to serve relevant content to the users. Each of these search solutions provide different algorithms and mechanism for you to serve the relevant content matching your business requirements. The flexibility provided in terms of affecting and manipulating the relevancy of search results for your content allows business to serve end customers better. Content Relevance Ranking Content relevancy is to return the relevant documents for a search query. You would like each product to score differently based on different criteria. Lucene Relevancy Ranking Lucene is information retrieval library allowing users to index data and search on the same. Have a look at lucene scoring formula which allows us to retrieve relevant documents matching our query Lucene scoring algorithm Lucene computes the score for each document based on different matching parameters and the weight. OpenRelevance project allows you to do the relevancy testing for information retrieval. Index Boost

Shinybinary - Art and illustrations of Nik Ainley Don’t use IDs in CSS selectors? ❧ (@boblet) Recently I came across the post by Matt Wilcox called CSS Lint is harmful, ranting about the useful free tool CSS Lint. The “Don’t use IDs in selectors” suggestion seems to have offended Matt the most, but I was surprised that many commenters also mentioned this as being a reason to avoid CSS Lint. This surprised me because smart people have been saying prefer classes to IDs for a while now. The article was light on reasons why this suggestion might be bad, but it boils down to: Performance — IDs are “the fastest way a browser can select a given element”If they’re already in the markup it’s best to use them for CSSI’ve been using IDs like forever… waddya mean I shouldn’t use them!? Performance # It’s a common belief that ID selectors are the fastest, but this comes with a big caveat: IDs are fastest CSS selector only if they’re the key selector. #home a {…} We’d generally read this selector as find the element with id="home", then apply these styles to every a it contains. Conclusion #

Making A Cool Login System With PHP, MySQL Martin Angelov Introduction Today we are making a cool & simple login / registration system. It will give you the ability to easily create a member-only area on your site and provide an easy registration process. It is going to be PHP driven and store all the registrations into a MySQL database. To add the needed flair, we are using the amazing sliding jQuery panel, developed by Web-kreation. Step 1 – MySQL First we have to create the table that will hold all the registrations. table.sql CREATE TABLE `tz_members` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `usr` varchar(32) collate utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL default '', `pass` varchar(32) collate utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL default '', `email` varchar(255) collate utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL default '', `regIP` varchar(15) collate utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL default '', `dt` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', PRIMARY KEY (`id`), UNIQUE KEY `usr` (`usr`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci; Step 2 – XHTML demo.php demo.css

ElasticSearch 101 - A getting started tutorial ElasticSearch is a highly scalable open source search engine with a REST API that is hard not to love. In this tutorial we'll look at some of the key concepts when getting started with ElasticSearch. Downloading and running ElasticSearch ElasticSearch can be downloaded packaged in various formats such as ZIP and TAR.GZ from Running ElasticSearch on Windows To run ElasticSearch on Windows we run elasticsearch.bat located in the bin folder from a command window. If we don't have a Java runtime installed or not correctly configured we'll not see output like the one above but instead a message saying "JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set!". Running ElasticSearch on OS X To run ElasticSearch on OS X we run the shell script elasticsearch in the bin folder. If the script is unable to find a suitable Java runtime it will help you download it (nice!). Using the REST API with Sense Even more convenient is the Chrome plug-in Sense. Indexing The index name is arbitrary. Searching

Free Software Alternatives – OpenOffice and Other Free Software Man, software can be expensive. With a fully loaded Microsoft Office suite costing up to $350, and the pro-level version of Adobe Photoshop costing an extra $1300, the price of basic software utilities can easily trump the cost of even a high-powered new computer. So, much as doctors may find themselves recommending generic drugs over pricey name-brand pills, I increasingly find myself advising people to procure free, open-source or Web-based alternatives to expensive programs. For most users, these applications should serve as adequate replacements for big-name apps. On the downside, their (lack of a) price tag means you can’t expect on-call tech-support agents to walk you through problems—but the programs tend to have legions of devoted users who are willing to fill this role for free on Web-based tech-support forums. Virtually every type of program has a free alternative—from word processors to image-editing programs to time-wasting Tetris clones. Instead of Buying: