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Clamshell Tutorial

Clamshell Tutorial
Difficulty: Medium - ★★☆ (I've put this as medium because there are a couple of tricky stitches, but if you're a beginner, don't worry, I'll walk you through it, so don't be too put off!) You will need: This is just a tutorial to show you how to make the clamshell pattern, which you can then go on to use for whatever project you like. Cushions, blankets in all shapes and sizes, bags, wraps or anything else you can think of. Crochet Terms: This pattern is written in UK terms. American terms are given below in green. sp - Space ss - Slip Stitch (Slip Stitch) htr - Half Treble (Half Double) dtr - Double Treble (Treble) WRITTEN PATTERN: Abbreviated instructions for the pattern can be found at the end of the post, if you're happy to work from them alone, free feel to jump to the end right now. Otherwise, here we go... We need to start with a chain. ROW ONEMake a double crochet in second chain from hook, and then make one double crochet into each chain all the way to the end. Then make one half treble. Related:  crochet stitches and tutorialsmartinebertoncini

Heirloom Crochet - Vintage Crochet Stitches - DMC Selection of Vintage Crochet Stitches from D.M.C. 1884 CROCHET WORK SECTION (for complete instructions) CROCHET STITCHES and INSTRUCTIONS Explanation of the signs *.-- In crochet, as in kniting, it is often necessary to repeat a whole series of stitches. Position of the hands Single Stitch or Small Close Stitch Put the hook, from the rigght side of the work, through the upper half either of a chain stitch or a stitch of the row below, take hols of the thread and draw it through both the loop of the row below and that which is on the hook, and which proceeds from the last stitch. Plain or Close Stitch Put the hook, as shown above from the right side to the wrong, through the top loop of a preceding row, take hold of the thread, draw it through the first loop. twist the thread over the hook and draw it through the two loops. Taken From Back to VINTAGE CROCHET STITCH INDEX Full Range of Fine Steel Crochet Hooks Selection Tulip Cushion Grip Crochet Hooks Selection of Crochet Threads

Pom Pom Edge I was looking for a cute border to put on a granny square blanket I just finished I needed to modify it for my blanket and wanted to remember how I did it so I thought I would post how I did it here I just love this cute pom pom stitch To start join with a single crochet then chain 6 3 double crochet in 3rd chain from hook holding back last stitch of each double crochet on your hook You will have 4 stitches Yarn over and pull thru all loops (cluster stitch made) Chain 3 Make a second cluster stitch in the loop that closed your first cluster stitch Join with a slip stitch where your first cluster begins To do this go thru the stitch leaving 1 part of the stitch in the back and 2 parts in the front Single crochet in your next space There you have it.... Cute little pompoms along the edge of your blanket They do take a little while to make but are well worth the cute factor that they give to my blanket!! Robin

Crochet Stitch: Playblocks Click here to zoom (colors A, B, C, D, E, F, and G) Stripe Sequence2 rows A, 2B, 2C, 2A, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G FPtr (Front Post treble)Yo twice and insert hook from front to back to front around post of stitch two rows below (first row of previous color), yo and draw up a lp, [yo and draw through 2 lps on hook] 3 times. (ch a multiple of 10 sts + 12) Row 1 With A, 1 dc in 5th ch from hook and in each ch across. Rep rows 2–5, continuing stripe sequence. Stitch directions reproduced with permission, from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary: Volume Four, Sixth & Spring Books, 2007

Crochet Stockinette The Animator's Wife complains every year that Christmas comes before we even have a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving. Well this year I'm complaining that winter has arrived before I had a chance to enjoy November. I was looking forward to snoozing in my spot by the window, watching the leaves change colors and the squirrels pack away their nuts for the winter. But it seems as soon as Hurricane Sandy hit, autumn was gone and winter is here! On the bright side, winter is the best time for crochet projects. As such, Brown Eyed girl has requested infinity scarves for her birthday. Longer ones can be doubled up and wrapped twice around the neck for some extra warm coziness. You can make them just as you would a regular scarf and sew the ends together, or you can crochet it in the round. Here's a close-up of the stitches in Brown Eyed Girl's infinity scarf. It looks an awful lot like knitting, doesn't it? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Mémos tricot et crochet français / anglais Nous inaugurons une nouvelle catégorie sur Intheloop : la section « Boite à Outils », qui sera nous l’espérons, aggrandie au fur et à mesure. Opaline vous a concocté de jolies fiches pense-bête pour les tricoteuses et les crocheteuses. Vous ne vous souvenez jamais de la correspondance entre les numéros d’aiguilles US et les numéros impériaux (mm) ? Nous non plus ! Vous commencez à débuter le tricot/crochet en anglais, et vous avez encore besoin de vous référer à un petit dico des termes les plus couramment utilisés ? Pas de panique ! Nous avons prévu plusieurs versions, en fonction de vos gouts, mais aussi, des versions compatibles noir et blanc, pour celles et ceux qui ne sont pas équipés d’une imprimante couleur. Vous trouverez aussi un dictionnaire des principaux termes utilisés dédié au tricot, et l’autre au crochet. Comment imprimer ? C’est tout ! Les mémos aiguilles et crochet Memo Crochet Couleur, format A6 Memo Crochet Noir & Blanc, format A6 Luttyn

Rectangular, 2 color, never ending granny square! | crochetjim I have been making some granny square blankets recently. I had seen Mikey’s pattern for the never ending granny square but his pattern required an odd number of strands. I wanted to use 2 colors. I figured out how to modify Mikey’s pattern to use 2 colors and finished my first blanket, adding in a third color towards the outside. I realized that the regular square granny square wasn’t ideal for a blanket. When you got the blanket long enough it was too wide. Once I had my rectangular granny square pattern I took a look online for other rectangular patterns to compare. So here is how I made it. This pattern starts with a chain. For example the picture above I chained 8 (4×2) then added 2 for a total of 10. The total length of the chain is important too. Here is my chain: Here I have chained 12 (4×3) then added 2. Make a half-double crochet into stitch 11 (correction - 4 stitches from the hook). Continue this pattern down the chain. Then chain 2 and TURN. Like this: Like Loading...

My double spirals - on Bonsoir Tout d'abord un grand merci à Sophie pour m'avoir fait découvrir ces jolies spirales et cette technique que je ne connaissais pas. Elle a remarqué un tout petit détail qui fait que mes spirales sont légèrement différentes et avec Leelou, toutes deux se demandaient comment j'obtenais ce résultat. Alors, comme je mourrais d'envie d'en crocheter d'autres, j'ai fait un pas à pas en images pour l'expliquer.Le voilà : N'oubliez pas, un petit clic pour agrandir et mieux voir Et voilà ma double spirale terminée Enfin, une dernière, un peu plus grande, qui m'a permis de tester la classique méthode d'augmentation des ronds : Ces deux doubles spirales ont été crochetées avec les mêmes restes de jolies laines multicos que les premières. Bon, maintenant que j'ai pris goût au FreeForm, il faut que je m'essaye à d'autres formes. Bizatous et à bientôt

ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit I hope you haven't forgotten me and my little space here. In case you have, I have come with a free pattern for you to enjoy and remember me for some more time. I created this pattern long ago but due to my neck and shoulder pain I had to stay away from crochet and computers for a few days and eventually lost interest in it. Today I somehow regained my mojo and completed it. So here is the free pattern for you. You may use any yarn and a suitable hook. I have written the pattern using American terminology. Abbreviations that I have used are: sc - single crochet (UK - double crochet) dc- double crochet (UK - treble) sl st - slip stitch (UK - single crochet) st - stitch Cluster: 3 double crochet (UK - treble) stitches worked together into the same stitch or space Begin Pattern Round 1: Using color A make a magic ring and 16 sc into the ring (or) chain 4 and join with a sl st to form a ring and 16 sc into the ring. Join yarn and make a few chains and join them to form a loop. Have a great day!

Wool Eater Instructions Crocheted Wool-Eater Blanket © 2007 Sarah London. All rights reserved. 8 ply wool 4mm crochet hook Ch 6, join with a slip stitch to form a ring. 1st round: * ch 5, work 4 dtr (wrap yarn around hook twice) into the ring, ensure to leave the last remaining loop of each stitch on the hook as shown in the photo below, now, yarn over and pull the yarn through all 5 loops on the hook. {1 cluny group made}. ch 5, slip stitch into the ring. Rep from * 3 more times. {4 cluny groups made}. Round 2: * ch 2, work 12 dtr into the top of the cluny group, ch 2, slip stitch into the slip stitch of the previous round. Rep from * 3 times. Fasten off. {4 corners made}. Round 3: Join new colour in between any 4th and 5th dtr of the previous round. Continue working round in this manner, finishing with a slip stitch into where the contrast yarn was joined at the beginning of the round. Continue working round in this manner, finishing with a slip stitch. Enjoy! Like this: Like Loading... Related mystery motif #2 Ready!

Master class on knitting spiral squares - crochet. Blog Nastika Мастер-класс по вязанию пледов из спиральных квадратов подготовила Анастасия Осадчая, г.Минск. Связались эти пледики невероятно быстро! Спиральки-квадратики просто покорили своей геометрией. Потребовалось: ниточки «Малышок» (шерсть меринос 30%, акрил 70%); крючок № 4,5. Вязать такой квадратик оказалось очень быстро. Найдено ещё одно применение остаточкам ниток! Итак, нам нужно 4 цвета ниток. Условно можно разделить работу на этапы. Подготовительный этап: цвет 1 — я связала кольцо из обычных 5 ВП. Провязать 1 ВП для подъёма, 12 СБН в кольцо, соединить. Первый этап. Цвет 2: ввести нить в ту же самую петлю, что и предыдущие 2 ССН цвета 1. Второй этап: цветом 1 провязать 1 ССН в предыдущую ВП цвета 2, по 2 ССН в предыдущие СБН, НССН, ССН. Аналогично провязать остальными цветами. Третий этап: формирование углов квадрата. Четвёртый этап: цветом 1 провязать 1 ССН, в предыдущий ССН, продолжить формирование угла 2 ССН, 2 ВП, 2ССН. Вот и готов квадратик! Дальше только ваша фантазия! Похожие записи

Magic Spike Mandala Square - 12" Afghan Block A mandala… square? Yes! I recently had a request come in asking me to turn the Magic Spike Mandala into an afghan square. I thought it was a great idea ( particularly for such a busy week). Here’s the result – the Magic Spike Mandala Square! The Magic Spike Mandala Square is a 12″ x 12″ afghan block that retains the look of the original mandala but is decidedly blanket-friendly. Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue US – I/9, 5.50mm hook 135 yds total worsted weight yarn in 4 colors (Lily Sugar’n Cream shown)Special Stitch: Spike St – Keeping tension on the active loop on the hook, insert hook into specified stitch, yo and pull up a loop to the height of the current row. Instructions: Round 1: Using Color A, make a magic circle. Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 2dc in next ch sp. Round 3: Using Color B, join with a sl st to top of one of the dc sts that is worked into a dc (not a dc that’s worked into the ch sp). Round 4: Ch 1, sc in first st. Round 6: Ch 1, hdc in first st.

The Granny Stripe :: ta-dah! Hello my friends, thank you so much for being here with me. I 'm really happy that finally, finally, I've found a (relatively) quiet little spot in my busy-busy days to sit and whizz up a multi-coloured ta-dah post to share with you all. Pheww....for a while I thought it would never happen, I can't tell you how incredibly difficult it is at the moment for me to find time to sit and write. When I first made the decision to go with the acrylic for this blanket, there was quite a bit of uncertainty and I really wasn't at all sure whether it would work out or not. And oh-me-oh-my, I was not disappointed. I have loved every moment of working up these granny stripes (excepting perhaps the first couple of rows), and everything about it has been a surprising pleasure. I know that a great many of you Hooked-A-Long with me and embarked on your own Granny Stripe blankets. One of the most exciting and rewarding bits of blanket making is working The Edge. Do you like it? Ahhhhhh I do. So. Me :: happy

punos-sidos-silmukka: Virkkuupulma Tänään piti postata ihan muuta, mutta virkkuu -verkostossa kaveri "vaati" ohjetta kuvan virkkuuseen. Kaveria ei jätetä, ei ainakaan kässähommissa ;-) Kaksi ruutupintaa hahmottuu heti, mutta työn aloitus vaati muutaman minuutin tuumauksen. Kokeilemalla aivojumpan tulos osoittautui oikeaksi. Tässä ohjeet kuvina step-by-step. *) Kuvan lähde on: 1. 2. 3.. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. jne. Tässä mallitilkussa keltainen lanka on Mambaa ja vihreä kutakuinkin samanvahvuista puuvillaa. Siitä vaan kokeilemaan, mutta varo väliinjäämisvirhettä! Reunoihin en vielä keskittynyt, joten ohjeita pitää tarkentaa / korjata.