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An Interactive Introduction to Graphics Programming This is a proposal and proof-of-concept for an interactive book about programming the graphics processor. Modern computers come with two separate processors, two “brains”: The traditional CPU, the Central Processing Unit The newer GPU, the Graphics Processing Unit Almost all books and courses about programming only teach you how to program the CPU. Quadcopter Math and Modelling: May 2014 The center of mass is the unique point at the center of a distribution of mass in space that has the property that the weighted position vectors relative to this point sum to zero. In analogy to statistics, the center of mass is the mean location of a distribution of mass in space. Center of gravity is the point in a body around which the resultant torque due to gravity forces vanish. Near the surface of the earth, where the gravity acts downward as a parallel force field, the center of gravity and the center of mass are the same.

Rubicon : A Machine-Building Puzzle Game Rubicon is a machine-building puzzle game, based on Chris Pressey's RUBE programming language. Using a selection of bulldozers, pipes, conveyor belts and other mechanisms, you must build machines to transport numbered crates to their destinations. Each playable game level has one or more targets - if a target has the same crate above and below it, it lights up green (if the crates are different, it lights up red). To complete a puzzle level, you must make all of its targets light up green. Rubicon comes with twelve pre-built puzzle levels. To play levels that other Rubicon users have designed, or to design and share your own, the Rubicon Forum has threads for sharing and discussing both puzzle-style levels and abstract design challenges.

Point, Line, Plane In what follows are various notes and algorithms dealing with points, lines, and planes. Written by Paul Bourke October 1988 This note describes the technique and gives the solution to finding the shortest distance from a point to a line or line segment. Mathbreakers! A 3-D Math Exploration Game by Imaginary Number Co. Founded by Morgan, Charlie, & Vivian. Scroll down to the team section for our story ;-) "This game is epic!" -Eric, age 8 Mathbreakers is a 3-D math exploration video game. Translations Translations are often informally called “slides”. Why is this? Guidance A translation is one example of a rigid transformation . A translation moves each point in a shape a specified distance in a specified direction as defined by a vector.

1ucasvb's lab 79629813053 305 1394863200 mrfb asked: What are your thoughts on the pi v. tau debate? (For those unaware of the Pi. vs. CIRCULAR MOTION,2D motion,mechanics revision notes from A-level Maths Tutor Summary of equations Describing the circle - position vector R i & j are unit vectors along the x and y-axis respectively.

Math Puzzles For Kids - Free Math Games for Schools Free Teaching Tool: KenKen Classroom KenKen was born in a math classroom—and we want it to stay there! That’s why we introduced our KenKen Classroom Program for teachers. Everything Maths and Science Decide how to tackle the problem The first thing we must realise is that the order that we add the vectors does not matter. Therefore, we can work through the vectors to be added in any order. We also draw up the following table to help us work through the problem: