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DevArt. Art made with code.
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NEW MEDIA ART INFOS 4 Design Tactics to Take Your Deck From Good to Great In order to deliver an all-around memorable experience, great content must be accompanied by great design. My motto is, “Content is King, and design is its Queen.” Take, for example, these two slides below. Which one grabs your attention more? I’m pretty sure we all agree on the same one. I’ve done this to show that design can allow a person to better experience content. Here are 4 ways to help create that experience with design: Find Powerful Images “Images can improve recognition and recall, and images combined with text can make for an even stronger message.” – Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen Design Slide A does a good job delivering a simple message about an important subject. Use Full-Scale Photos When using photography for presentations, larger and full bleed images allow for more impact. Select the Right Typeface When designing your slides, remember to use a typeface that allows for maximum legibility. Make Data Visualization Memorable About the Author Related Posts

My 2.5 Star Trip to Amazon's Bizarre New Bookstore | New Republic The store assumes familiarity with This goes beyond understanding whether 4.5 stars is, in fact, a good if oddly precise number of stars. A shelf labelled “Most Wishlisted Cookbooks” faced the line of excited customers outside. Crucially, books in the store are priced as they are on Amazon’s site. Matching online prices is crucial to the conceit of Amazon Books: the store is not just an overcrowded ex-sushi restaurant with limited selection and a creepily insistent smile in its logo, but a physical extension of the site itself. Each book in the store is displayed face-out.This display method limits the stock that can be carried. Books are not always arranged in a clear manner. Selection is, of course, limited. Below many books is a small placard—booksellers call them shelf-talkers—giving the book’s average star rating and one of the reviews posted for the book on the site. The staff carried small handheld scanners to help them locate books. Or, that’s not exactly right.

Reza Ali C++, code art, GUI, Inspiration, iOS, iPad, ofxUI, open source, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Special Effects, Technology, UI Design, User Interface Algorithmic, Art, C++, code art, Computational Design, Design, Generative, GLSL, Graphic Design, Gray Scott, Inspiration, ofxUI, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Prototyping, Reaction Diffusion, Reza, Simulation, Visualization, Visuals Algorithmic, C++, Computational Design, Design, EDM, Freelance, Generative, ofxUI, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Particles, production, Reza, Simulation, Special Effects, Technology, vfx, Visuals, VJ Deadmau5 + Rezanator February 19, 2013 In August of 2011 I was presented with an amazing opportunity. Art, C++, Computational Design, Data Visualization, Freelance, GUI, iOS, iPad, OpenFrameWorks, Reza, Technology, User Interface, Visualization iCubist February 18, 2013 An Interactive Exploration of Analytic Cubism for the iPad. ciUI: A User Interface Block for Cinder July 5, 2012 March 14, 2012 Audio Shader Toy March 5, 2012 January 27, 2012

Serif vs. Sans: What’s Right for Your Presentation? When designing presentations, which font should you use? If you’re overwhelmed by the number of options these days, you are not alone. Typography, however, can be just as powerful and important as the images you use. It’s integral to your design, and can help amplify your message. While there are many techniques for selecting the best font, the easiest way to tackle the topic of typography is to first ask yourself: Sans or Serif? Let’s first define the difference between the two styles. Serif The small, projecting elements extending from letters are called “serifs.” Popular Font Options: Times New Roman, Georgia, and Baskerville Sans The sans-serif style is any typeface that lacks the projecting features radiating from the edges. Popular Font Options: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, and Lucida Grande Can I Mix and Match? So the big question now is whether one can mix and match these typefaces when building a presentation. Moving Forward So, what’s best for you and your next presentation?

Tomorrow's Internet Turns 20 “The newest key person at publishers,” says trade publication Digiday, is the “platform wrangler.” That is: “a strong voice representing their interests at a time when platforms are increasingly the way that audiences find their content and setting the rules for publishers to distribute and monetize their articles and videos.” If a large portion, or a majority, of a publication’s audience is going to be arriving through or on another company’s app or platform, someone probably ought to be paying close attention to those relationships. This makes sense! So there is a hint of self-flattery in referring to this role as a “wrangler” or a “director” or a “manager,” but I suppose that’s what job titles are for, online, in 2015, where everyone is an editor of writing, or a director of editors, or a leader of projects, of a manager of leaders. “Cool” is the highest accolade in the [Ted] Leonsis lexicon, and he has conferred it on more than two dozen presentations this year. Advertisement

Robert Lawlor Sacred Geometry Philosophy and Practice Top Design Resources for Non-Designers So you aren’t a professional designer but still want to create beautiful presentations — don’t worry, that’s the majority of us. Without having to shell out thousands of dollars in years of training or outsourcing, there are some resources that can help you hone your eye (and ability) for great design. I sat down with my design team a few days ago and compiled a list of some of the best presentation design resources on the planet. These resources are no substitute for a well-rounded education in design, but they can serve as a compass that will help guide your presentation to a tropical island of success. Creattica This is a beautiful online inspiration gallery that showcases web/UI design, logo design, print design, photography, and artwork from around the web. Design Taxi This site is a new favorite of Ethos3. If you are looking for insightful and thought-provoking articles to help guide your creative work, you need to check out 99U. Designinspiration Abduzeedo Fuck Yeah, Book Arts!

Was Benching Johnny Manziel an Act of Discrimination? Last year, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel signed a four-year, $8 million contract, with $4.3 million guaranteed up front. Ask most Americans, and they'll tell you they think Manziel is overpaid. Two million a year, they'll say, is too much for a guy who throws a ball for a living. Disregarding the merit of those claims—the athlete is a product of their market, so it's oddly simplistic to point a finger at one individual—the fact of the matter is: Johnny "Football" Manziel is paid to perform a task. About three weeks ago, Manziel was named starting quarterback of the Browns. For most players, this wouldn't have been an issue. "There is a very good argument that the Cleveland Browns are violating the ADA by disciplining Manziel for being at a bar." Here's where things get tricky. Alcoholism falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act. So then, let's go back and review the timeline: The Browns had the following week off. So would Manziel have a case here?

away3d | Coding on acid. So, I have started cross-engine 3D primitives project at github. Just like as3dmod, it plugs seamlessly into your favorite engine to help you out whenever you feel limited by it. Initial commit supports Alternativa3D 8.12, Away3D 4 Alpha, Minko 1 and contains two spheric primitives: UniformSphere and Globe. UniformSphere is a mesh built from the spiral of vertices uniformly distributed across the sphere. Globe is a mesh that minimizes texture distortions for classic plate carré projection. I plan to add few more primitives over time, both useful and not really, and maybe more engine proxies if there will be any interest. Ok, boring things first. Now, to fun things. but, overall, this was a failure. As you see, even shape as simple as flash logo produces really poor values most of the time. It stands for “quadrilateral tracker”, little pet project I have been sporadically working on since october. After December 7th, qtrack is the only free, as in “free beer”, flash 3D AR tracker. Credits

Solène Voegel N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour toutes questions/demandes je suis gentille et je ne mords pas Ce site présente mon travail, aussi bien personnel que réalisé dans le cadre de mes études. J’ai pu suivre, en plus de mes cours, des initiations à la reliure, à la gravure, à la sérigraphie, et à la typographie. Je m’intéresse à TOUS les domaines artistiques et, armée de ma bonne humeur, suis encline à de nouvelles découvertes ! Merci pour votre attention et bonne matinée/ journée/ nuit ! Il va sans dire que les travaux présentés ici ne sont pas libres de droits, c'est gentil ! J’ai auparavant passé un BAC scientifique, option SVT, pour ensuite me diriger en mise à niveau en arts appliqués à Estienne. Je m’appelle Solène et je suis en BTS Design Graphique option médias imprimés (DGI pour les intimes), à l’école Estienne, Paris XIII.

ASCII Characters By Keyboard A first stab at reproducing Jennifer Kyrnin's massive HTML Special Characterset Guide was added 13 May 2013. (13 May 2013) How to create alternate characters, such as foreign characters, those with diacritical (accent) marks, symbols, etc. [Numbers MUST be keyed on the Numeric Keypad, NOT on the top line of the keyboard.] This listing does not begin to be exact; different platforms and servers handle these codes differently. Further, I have not yet checked out each of the nearly 700 codes and results. Here are print-outs created in a graphics program of the active, non-duplicating sets Alt 032-254 and Alt 0128-0256 (because they are so detailed, I have also thumbnailed them): (07 Jun 03) (07 Jun 2003 Images by and © 2003 S. "{ }" indicates a non-funtioning code; blanks are codes that did not print in the graphics program (these images have not been fully checked out yet). (More to follow.) Here's a first stab a reproducing Jennifer Kyrnin's Web Design / HTML Guide: (13 May 2013) (04 Sep 2013)

MODELING: Chapter 5: Solid Modeling (UP19980818) Go to the Next ChapterGo to the Previous ChapterGo to the Table of Contents for This ManualGo to the Guides Master Index Chapter 1 * Chapter 2 * Chapter 3 * Chapter 4 * Chapter 5 * Chapter 6 * Chapter 7 * Chapter 8 * Chapter 9 * Chapter 10 * Chapter 11 * Chapter 12 * Chapter 13 * Chapter 14 The purpose of using a solid model is to relieve you of the time-consuming task of building a complicated finite element model by direct generation. Let's take a brief look at some of the solid modeling and meshing operations that you can use to speed up the creation of your final analysis model: Building your model from the bottom up: Keypoints, the points that define the vertices of your model, are the "lowest-order" solid model entities. Figure 5-1 "Bottom up" construction Building your model from the top down: The ANSYS program also gives you the ability to assemble your model using geometric primitives, which are fully-defined lines, areas, and volumes. Figure 5-5 Copying an area Command(s):

Guide des Caractéristiques et Couleurs des Réseaux Sociaux Vous recherchez les caractéristiques d’un réseau social spécifique ? Ou encore la palette des couleurs d’une entreprise 2.0 en particulier ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin. Findeguidelin Ainsi, vous trouverez sur Findguidelin toutes les caractéristiques des éléments qui composent l’ADN des principaux médias sociaux voire plus. Brandcolors Du côté de Brandcolors, vous avez la possibilité de découvrir la palette complète de couleurs utilisées par un grand nombre d’entreprises tech ou 2.0, y compris les plateformes sociales. Catégorie: Social Media