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DevArt. Le code au service de l'art.

DevArt. Le code au service de l'art.

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4 Design Tactics to Take Your Deck From Good to Great In order to deliver an all-around memorable experience, great content must be accompanied by great design. My motto is, “Content is King, and design is its Queen.” Take, for example, these two slides below. Which one grabs your attention more? I’m pretty sure we all agree on the same one. I’ve done this to show that design can allow a person to better experience content.

Reza Ali C++, code art, GUI, Inspiration, iOS, iPad, ofxUI, open source, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Special Effects, Technology, UI Design, User Interface Algorithmic, Art, C++, code art, Computational Design, Design, Generative, GLSL, Graphic Design, Gray Scott, Inspiration, ofxUI, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Prototyping, Reaction Diffusion, Reza, Simulation, Visualization, Visuals Algorithmic, C++, Computational Design, Design, EDM, Freelance, Generative, ofxUI, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Particles, production, Reza, Simulation, Special Effects, Technology, vfx, Visuals, VJ Deadmau5 + Rezanator February 19, 2013 My 2.5 Star Trip to Amazon's Bizarre New Bookstore The store assumes familiarity with This goes beyond understanding whether 4.5 stars is, in fact, a good if oddly precise number of stars. A shelf labelled “Most Wishlisted Cookbooks” faced the line of excited customers outside.

The Mesmerizing Digital Artwork and Complex Mosaic Portraits of Charis Tsevis Charis Tsevis is a visual designer from Athens, Greece. Trained in Munich and Milan, he currently runs his own small studio in Athens, from which he works for clients around the world. Small but significant, since among its clients are large multinational companies like Nike, PepsiCo, Toyota and IKEA, advertising agencies such as TBWA Chiat Day, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, DDB Munich and Leo Burnett Hong Kong, and media like Time, Fortune, Wired and the Wall Street Journal. Serif vs. Sans: What’s Right for Your Presentation? When designing presentations, which font should you use? If you’re overwhelmed by the number of options these days, you are not alone. Typography, however, can be just as powerful and important as the images you use. It’s integral to your design, and can help amplify your message. While there are many techniques for selecting the best font, the easiest way to tackle the topic of typography is to first ask yourself: Sans or Serif?

How to Live Multi-Dimensionally Through Sacred Geometry Adapted from a lecture at the Astrological Society of Connecticut 19 August 2012 All the graphics are originally from the two volumes of the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (c) by Drunvalo Melchizedek, although I have altered them in many cases (for instance, I created the looping gif, and the multicolored Flower of Life sphere, and colored the merkaba positions). Sacred Geometry is not what you learned sophomore year of high school. This is something much different and much more fun.

Tomorrow's Internet Turns 20 “The newest key person at publishers,” says trade publication Digiday, is the “platform wrangler.” That is: “a strong voice representing their interests at a time when platforms are increasingly the way that audiences find their content and setting the rules for publishers to distribute and monetize their articles and videos.” If a large portion, or a majority, of a publication’s audience is going to be arriving through or on another company’s app or platform, someone probably ought to be paying close attention to those relationships. Edward Carvalho-Monaghan — Outline Artists Edward Carvalho-Monaghan Despite Edward Carvalho-Monaghan's young years (he graduated with a BA hons degree in Graphic Design in the summer of 2013) his work has already been championed by the likes of leading graphic art blog and journal It's Nice That and WRAP magazine. While the London-based image-maker readily cites psychedelic music and the work of avant-garde filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky as strong influences, it is his desire to create work that doesn't draw on visual references or pander to stylistic trends that makes him such an exciting talent. Ed developed his distinctive visual language during his final year at college, a period in which he tried to be, in his own words, "as insular as possible in order to make the most honest work I could". His highly original style combines bright colours, uniform width black outlines and a natural flair for creating narrative-rich imagery.

Top Design Resources for Non-Designers So you aren’t a professional designer but still want to create beautiful presentations — don’t worry, that’s the majority of us. Without having to shell out thousands of dollars in years of training or outsourcing, there are some resources that can help you hone your eye (and ability) for great design. I sat down with my design team a few days ago and compiled a list of some of the best presentation design resources on the planet. These resources are no substitute for a well-rounded education in design, but they can serve as a compass that will help guide your presentation to a tropical island of success.

Metatron Cube by IDTimeTraveller from 3rdDimensionOnLine Website Metatron's Cube ASCII Characters By Keyboard A first stab at reproducing Jennifer Kyrnin's massive HTML Special Characterset Guide was added 13 May 2013. (13 May 2013) How to create alternate characters, such as foreign characters, those with diacritical (accent) marks, symbols, etc. [Numbers MUST be keyed on the Numeric Keypad, NOT on the top line of the keyboard.] This listing does not begin to be exact; different platforms and servers handle these codes differently. Further, I have not yet checked out each of the nearly 700 codes and results. Harmony-Comprehension and Wholeness-Extending 26th February 2010 | Draft eliciting psychosocial transformational principles from design IntroductionInsights of Christopher AlexanderControversy regarding 'subjectivity' vs. 'objectivity' regarding 'beauty' and 'life'Comprehending Alexander's transformation principles within the psychosocial realmUse of pattern language for the material world as a templateTentative adaptation of Alexander's 15 transformations to the psychosocial realmSystemic comprehensiveness of setsGeometrical configuration of Alexander's 15 transformationsRelevance to global governance in the psychosocial realmAssociating qualities of harmony and wholeness with geometryBeauty as a verb: de-signing the future, human nature and the environment Application of 15 transformational criteria to a rendering of the Mandelbrot setReferences

Police creating ‘safe exchange zones’ to keep Craigslist deals from going bad Carl Pardiny, chief of police of Fairfax City, Va., stands in the newly established “Exchange Zone” outside police headquarters, where citizens can complete online transactions. (Tom Jackman/The Washington Post) The rise of Craigslist, and the easy online sale of unwanted computers or concert tickets, has been accompanied by a dark side — the tense moments when strangers must meet to complete the deal. The stories are plentiful: a string of armed robberies in Prince George’s County in June of people selling phones; a college student slain in Missouri in May after agreeing to sell a car on Craigslist; a job seeker in Ohio killed and buried by a farmer.

Dodecahedron Stellations By Felicia Thrash First, let’s discuss and find out exactly what a stellation is. Stellation is the process of constructing polyhedron by extending the face planes past the edges until they intersect. For example, if you extend the edges of a polygon, they intersect to form a star. In the left diagram below, an 11-sided polygon has its edges extended to form star polygons. Each possible star is denoted by a different color.