MusicMe : musique gratuite, telechargement illimit?, video-clips HD

MusicMe : musique gratuite, telechargement illimit?, video-clips HD

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With Beatguide, Listening Connects to Live Events: New Electronic Music Startup Event listings you can play: Beatguide’s guide to electronic music events combines event metadata with listening. If it’s music events, what your calendar really needs is a play button. A funny thing happened on the way to the online music world. Roughly a century after the music recording revolution, we’re all newly concerned with getting into venues with other human beings. Hacker News | Is Bitcoin the most dangerous open source project ever? Bitcoin "can be really dangerous to social news ecosystem" So you agree with the article, but you don't want people to talk too much about it on HN? I think it is a very weird position to hold. Imagine there was a very dangerous disease, should it be discussed openly in physician congresses? Yes? Same here (HN is the hackers congress, right?)

How To Write A Privacy Policy For Your Website Table Of Contents §1 – What Is A Privacy Policy? §2 – Privacy Policy Requirements §3 – Privacy Policy Best Practices §4 – Sample Privacy Policy Clauses §5 – Privacy Policy Study Cases Google Shows the Future of Browser Games Earlier today at GDC Europe, which takes place before Gamescom this week in Germany, Google's new game developer advocate Mark DeLoura and Chrome developer advocate Michael Mahemoff talked about Google's major entry into the browser game space with its app store for Chrome. Set to launch this October, the store aims to make a proper marketplace for browser games -- one that solves a lot of the issues of games on the web today, from discovery to monetization. First, Mark discussed the benefits of Chrome for browser gaming (mainly its speed) and why developers should be excited about its app store, which you can watch in the video highlight below. After that, we'll walk you through the rest of their presentation.

Factory Tour: Inside Martin Guitars Here we have some pre-bent wooden strips that will be used for binding on the front and back edges of certain guitar models. We love us some real wood binding. Classy. The binding is not always made out of wood, in fact most guitars use plastic binding, and that is what this worker is gluing in the channel that is perfectly cut into the edges. After she installs the binding, she’ll used tape to hold it in while it dries. Here are some guitar bodies after binding installation, while the glue dries. Minilogs Lets You ‘Playlist The Web’ We’re on a quest for the best ways to collect music, which recently saw us examine, an InstaPaper-style web app that makes music collection in these difficult times a little bit easier. Minilogs (free; web) was designed to solve the same problem of collecting music on the web, with a little more versatility. By clicking on a bookmarklet (as with, using the Chrome extension, or entering a URL, the app lets you save songs and videos you’ve found on your web travels for future listening, so you don’t lose track of the stuff you like during your busy day. To keep your findings (which can also include non-music things) organized, you can save music in different lists, or minilogs. An included media player lets you stream them; when you do, you can “like” your favorite songs or discard the ones you don’t actually like, which means Minilogs works for auditioning as well as collecting.

L019: Bitcoin P2P Currency: The Most Dangerous Project We've Ever Seen - Launch - Solid discussions of this piece on, Hacker News, Slashdot and Reddit. Rob Tercek has a follow up to this piece here. by Jason Calacanis and the LAUNCH team A month ago I heard folks talking online about a virtual currency called bitcoin that is untraceable and un-hackable. Folks were using it to buy and sell drugs online, support content they liked and worst of all -- gasp! -- play poker. 17 Battle-Tested Resources for Marketers Who Stink at Design You’re a smart marketer. You can do it too. Image made with Canva. Design is my arch nemesis. Vibrator Chess Set Makes You Want to Bop the Bishop | Co.Design A new sex toy designed by New York-based product consultancy Aruliden is the perfect gift for the horny, fabulously rich chess fanatic in your life. It's a chess set with pieces that double as vibrators, 32 in all, from round-tipped pawns to knights shaped like anal beads. Like any decent vibrator, they're made of medical-grade silicone and ABS. Unlike any old vibrator, they've also got gold-plate detailing and could cause you to have inappropriate thoughts of Bobby Fischer. Produced for the chichi erotic shop Kiki de Montparnasse, the sets are being trotted out in late November, early December. The cost: 7 large.

Going It Alone: Top Ten Solo Albums That Shook the World It's either a sad or wonderful fact of life: sometimes our favorite band members decide to fly the coop and strike out on their own. Sometimes the results are absolutely disastrous. Sometimes they're pretty good. Sometimes they even overshadow the work of the band that made them famous.

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