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Moovly & Explee : créez des vidéos « à la RSA animate » !

Moovly & Explee : créez des vidéos « à la RSA animate » !

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5 Best Prezi Alternatives - Business Presentation software by PowToon! In the last couple of years many people have been searching for innovative ways to create executive, unique, and memorable presentations. PowerPoint was exciting in the early days of its launch, but too many boring presentations led to the creation of new softwares like Prezi. Prezi presentations helped to prevent us from falling asleep during presentations, but the zooming in and out effects of their software, and limited manipulation capabilities, called for more options and new players in the presentation market. How to Take a Screenshot on an iPad and Annotate it How to Take an iPad Screenshot This is easier than you might think, but it might take you a few tries to perfect the technique. All you have to do is press and hold the home button and the power button at the same time for about a second, and then let go of both buttons. (See the image below for where to locate your home and power buttons.)

Cool Tools – Wideo, Moovly, and PowToon – Animated Videos Made Easy Have you ever wanted to create a sweet splainer video? (I swear ‘splainer’ is a real word. At least as long as appearing in urban dictionary counts.) powerpointgames - PowerPoint Game Templates Use Your Own Content These templates allow you to type in your own questions with the games which are already created. Hoop Dreams.pptHoop Dreams2.pptHoop Dreams - Revised.ppt Soaring Skyward w_questions.ppt Who Wants to be a Millionaire.pptMillionaire Template InteractiveStateMapBlank.pptInteractiveTexasMapExample.ppt How to generate an Instagram Access Token It’s really easy to generate your own Instagram token in a safe and secure manner. Just follow the steps below and let me know in the comments whether you have any questions. Step 1 Head over to Login to your account. Then click on Manage Clients, and finally on Register a New Client

3 Powerful Web Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos for Your Class October 23, 2014 Whiteboard animation videos are videos that draw themselves. They involve an animated use of images, shapes, characters, sounds and voice-overs to create a clip. This form of video production has been very popular recently and is widely used by some leading educational YouTube channels such as TED Ed and RSA Animate. Creating a whiteboard animation video is no longer a graphic designer's job. Top 6 Apps for Flipping Your Classroom Teachers all over the world are flipping their classrooms. Instead of doing homework and projects at home, students watch lectures and videos. When they get to class they engage students with activities and tests designed to test what students have learned. While flipping your classroom may sound like a good idea, it requires having a way to present information to students at home. These top 6 apps for flipping your classroom will give you the tools you need to turn your classroom upside down. VoiceThread

5 Free Apps and Sites for Creating Short Animations Creating animations can be a fun element to add to a creative writing project. Creating the animation could be the final piece of the project in which students bring their short stories to life. You could also have students create short animations to use as story starters for their written works. Different ways to make a voice over video - Do voice overs on videos with ease When creating a video, you may want to make your voice over for various reasons. This includes making a voice over demo, creating a vivid tutorial, preparing a presentation with voice explanation, making a video advertisement and even creating your personalized greetings for special occasions. If you have not done this before, don’t fret, making a voice over is not hard to achieve as long as you take a good tool. You can use a recorder to record what you do and what you speak at the same time, well, please make sure your microphone is OK.

» Lesson 1: Twitter API and an Introduction to the Terminal Blogclub Tworkshops The way that researchers and other people who want to get large publically available Twitter datasets is through their API. API stands for Application Programming Interface and many services that want to start a developer community around their product usually releases one. Facebook has an API that is somewhat restrictive, while Klout has an API to let you automatically look up Klout scores and all their different facets. 12 Tools To Create Powerful Presentations About two weeks ago, I wrote an article about representing information in form of an infographic. You can read the article here: 17 Fantastic Infographic Generators! Today, in this article I would write about another form of representing information i.e. through a presentation. Presentations have an important place in the corporate world. Whether presenting product releases or quarterly year reports, a nicely designed presentation captivates the audience.

Record Your Desktop with These 12 Great Screencasting Apps Need to record your desktop? Perhaps you’re demonstrating how to use an app so you can upload the clip to YouTube, or you just need to show a friend or colleague how to do something relatively simple, but can only do that by recording and sharing the clip. Everything You Need To Know About Uploading Videos To YouTube Everything You Need To Know About Uploading Videos To YouTube One of the best websites that we have available to us is YouTube. You can find a vast amount of content from useful information to cute and funny videos, like kittens.

Setup your own private GitHub server using GitLab and Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS I’m the first to admit that I absolutely love writing code and applications, I’m also a huge fan of GitHub, GitHub is a fantastic tool for hosting and collaborating on public projects such as open-source projects however and although you can pay to enable you to host private Git repositories on GitHub if you have more than a few you’ll soon start paying big bucks! Recently I found a fantastic ‘clone’ of GitHub, it’s called GitLab and pretty much has all the features that GitHub does and like GitHub, GitLab is written in Ruby (on Rails). In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to configure you’re own GitLab server specifically on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS – for those that follow my blog posts quite closely you’ll not doubt of realised by now that I do love Ubuntu Server (I prefer the debian based distros over the likes of the RedHat derivatives!) Lets get going… From the console of your server we need to download and install some initial packages, execute the following commands:

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