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Archive Living Without Sacrifice: Solutions to the Top 5 Tiny House Limitations

Archive Living Without Sacrifice: Solutions to the Top 5 Tiny House Limitations
by Gabriella Morrison Do you want to live tiny but are worried about having to make too many sacrifices in space and comfort? We were too but can say with total confidence and from experience that with the right design and house size choice, you can go tiny and still live extremely comfortably. We will assume that if you are reading this article on that you share some (if not all) of the same dreams, goals, and values that we do. Living a life that is mortgage/rent inexpensive or free, that is abundant in time for travel, hobbies, family and friends, that is peaceful and harmonious is what we have been working towards for decades. We were so committed to creating that lifestyle for ourselves that we took a risk and built a tiny house (221 SF on a 28′ trailer + 128 SF in lofts) rather than a more conventionally sized home. Here are the common areas in a conventional tiny house that typically pose significant compromises/sacrifice and how we found a solution for each:

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Amsterdam Houseboat A floating home in the Nieuwe Prinsengracht area in Amsterdam, Netherlands. More info. here. The Playhouse - Tiny House Project led by: Chris Foraker Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR Date: August 2011 – July 2012 This project was the main build in Aprovecho’s ‘Sustainable Shelter Series’. The playhouse is 150 square feet, small enough to avoid costly permits in Oregon. It features a variety of different natural building materials and techniques to both educate and be a model of what is possible. I had the pleasure of working on this structure for the best part of a year. Spending time at Aprovecho is always a joy, being surrounded by so many varied but inspired people.

8 Survival Tips For Your Tiny House Build Having been involved in several construction projects over the last 20 years, I am deeply familiar with the physical and emotional process that happens when building. I liken it to the process of being in labor, something I have experienced twice being a mother of two. As it is with labor, just because I have been through it before doesn’t mean that I have figured it out and that I won’t go through many of the same challenges and frustrations that I have experienced before. When a process is intense, it is easy to forget and draw upon the learnings previously received which is why it is so helpful to have a variety of emotional tools to deal with challenges as they arise.

The Five Biggest Tiny House Mistakes - Tiny Home Builders Let’s be honest here: we are all human and we all make mistakes. And knowing that, you can prepare yourself for some of them, and there are others that you are just going to have to learn as you go. But in the interest of hoping we can all share knowledge and prevent a few of the biggest mistakes from happening, here are the five biggest tiny house mistakes that you will encounter while building. Dornob Sheds do not sound like something you would want to live in, but as modern modular, mobile and miniature houses become increasingly popular sustainable living space options, well, even products dubbed with titles like the Big Shed and Little Shed is not such a bad idea. There is an art to designing smalls-space structures so they are convenient and compact but also comfortable and livable – and a certain lifestyle of simplicity sought by many that makes them a good match for some people.Plus, these designs by Dwelle are relatively affordable as home prices go: you can buy ones of these all-in-one buildings (and not worry about the hassles of construction) for between fifty and eighty thousand dollars. This surprisingly cheap and simple-yet-modern shed home is has its own living area complete with fireplace, elevated bedroom loft space and separated restroom and cooking areas.

Meet Jivr, the chainless e-bike that wants to revolutionize city cycling Commuters the world over face the perennial problem of how to optimize their journey to work: What time should I leave? Is the connection running on time? Will bad weather mean the train’s too full? Am I better off just taking the car? Feelin’ it out – Life-size tape floorplan This morning a thought entered my mind that I could not shake: I have never sat in a life-sized floorplan of my house! That’s me, taking a pretend dump in the composting toilet Sure, I have been in other tiny houses, and I know how much space I will be dealing with. But I have never sketched out MY floorplan and felt what the space would be like — as I enter the house and need to find a place to store my muddy shoes. As I hang my coat and run to the bathroom, narrowly missing the corner of the sofa with my knee, and avoiding the dog’s tail with my foot. Or as I head from the bathroom to the stove and navigate the kitchen to boil water for tea.

Casa Cúbica – A Tiny Container Home Cúbica has designed Casa Cúbica, a compact dwelling built from a 20-foot shipping container. A 20-foot container has just 160 ft2 of space but Cúbica stretches it out with a short extension at one end. They market it mainly as a vacation home that sleeps up to four. However it would also be suited for full-time living by a single person or a couple, being complete with a kitchenette, full bath and even laundry facilities.” - Small House Bliss 13 More Modern, Mobile & Modular Tiny House Designs Could you live in 200 square feet or less? For most people, the answer to that question is an emphatic no – but perhaps that’s because you’ve never seen some of the amazingly imaginative, well-designed tiny houses that are popping up around the world. Tiny houses can be mobile (including awesome converted house trucks) or stationary, plugged in or off-grid, pre-fabricated or built on-site. Some are ultramodern while others are decidedly rustic, and though a few are just part-time retreats, many shelter occupants year-round. These 14 tiny house designs show just how diverse compact dwellings can be, from three-story apartments in urban Tokyo to whimsical cottages in the American countryside. Fab Lab House: Small and Modern

Lunar, Martian and Planetary Architecture - Cal-Earth Building Designs MAGMA, CERAMIC, AND FUSED ADOBE STRUCTURES GENERATED IN SITUWritten By: E. Nader Khalili The accumulated human knowledge of "universal elements" can be integrated with space-age technology to serve human needs on Earth; its timeless materials and timeless principles can also help achieve humanity’s quest beyond this planet. Two such areas of knowledge are in earth architecture and in ceramics, which could be the basis for a breakthrough — in scales, forms, and functions — in low gravity fields and anhydrous-vacuum conditions. Should You Build or Buy a Tiny House - Tiny House Design Pictured here is the 246 square foot Riverside by New Frontier Tiny Homes. It’s a 24-foot tiny house with batten board siding and plywood paneling that you can buy completely furnished right now for $79,000. I know I just lost half my readers with that price tag – but hang in there with me for a second – this post is not just about the house pictured. I don’t think anyone would knock the quality of the home. New Frontier Tiny Homes has 40 years of building experience and a team of knowledgeable builders and architects. But naturally, when you hire professionals the cost goes up.

Traveling Carpenter’s Home Away From Home Hey all! I just finished building my tiny house on a trailer in western NC & thought I would share. It was built using all sustainable materials from the area, nothing pressure treated or finished with chemicals. Why recycling smartphone batteries is vital for sustainability Few smartphone batteries end up in a landfill. In part this is thanks to strict UK and EU landfill regulation and directives on battery disposal. But even countries without regulation tend not to throw away the lithium-ion batteries that power smartphones and the majority of portable electronic equipment, due to their reusability and the salvageable metals they contain.