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Exploring documentary storytelling in the age of the interface

Exploring documentary storytelling in the age of the interface
Watch Radiolab on stage in Seattle Radiolab once again raises the bar for live documentary storytelling events. And the winner is: I Love Your Work Read the full jury rapport for the firestarters IDFA Doclab Award for Digital Storytelling 2013. Interactive Reality Lab Report The Interactive Reality Lab is a new meeting place or “un-conference” for international experts and a talent program for twenty digital documentary storytellers from the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Online screening: Journey To The End Of Coal A project powered by Klynt Editing & publishing app. Journey To The End Of Coal tells you the story of a sacrifice. A sacrifice millions of Chinese coal miners are making everyday, risking their lives and spoiling their land to satisfy their own country’s appetite for economic growth. Your journey begins in Datong which is located just a couple hours away West from Beijing. You travel from there all around the region and visit its major coal mines, from the “best” state-owned complex to the worst private coal plants. In and around the coal mines, you get the story first hand from the mingong, the rural migrants traveling their country looking for work.

the cross-browser WebSocket for realtime apps. What is Socket.IO? Socket.IO aims to make realtime apps possible in every browser and mobile device, blurring the differences between the different transport mechanisms. It's care-free realtime 100% in JavaScript. Server On the loss of control over the narrative. New roles on the interactive documentary (I) The intrinsic nature of the conventional documentary has experienced major changes since the advent of this new type of documentary, as a result of today’s new technological landscape. Based on Nichols’ argument (1991) regarding a possible definition, we specifically analyses three trends in depth: - The author can no longer set out to create a unique, closed and subjective narrative program, and must assume to some extent that he will lose control of his work, and as such the new situation often works against his interests. In short, he no longer depends on himself to convey a particular narrative program. - The construction of the discursive narrative and order involve a linear and sequential pattern in a new scenario characterized by the multi-deployment of approaches, nodes and outcomes.

untitled For documentary lovers IDFA (Interanationl Documentary Festival Amsterdam) is like a sweet shop full of wanderful temptations… and for the interactive documentary festival lover it is a bit as a treasure hunt… where lots of jewels can be found, and they are spread here and there in the city. Could there be a better excuse to visit such a wonderful town as Amsterdam? I went to IDFA just for DocLab (the new media part of the festival), where fifteen idocs have been selected to illustrate the best stuff around this year.

Resources BRITDOC Foundation Resources At ❤BRITDOC❤ we want to support documentary makers of all levels. These links and documents are designed to connect you to the organisations you need to know to get your doc funded and make it all happen. We understand that the filmmaking process can be daunting and you need all the help you can get. This is a growing and evolving page, so if you can think of any resources you need please e-mail your suggestions to our Film and Distribution Manager, Luke Moody: Collapsus: Walkthrough with Tommy Pallotta Director Tommy Pallotta introduces Collapsus, Submarine Channel’s 2010 transmedia project that combines interactivity, animation, fiction, and documentary. Collapsus looks into the near future and shows you how the imminent energy crisis affects a group of ten young people, who appear to be caught up in an energy conspiracy. Collapsus is part of the VPRO documentary series, The Green Transition (watch in Dutch).

Native Fullscreen JavaScript API (plus jQuery plugin) HTML5 <video> is great, but when it was first released, one of the big complaints was that it couldn’t do true FullScreen like Flash. Thankfully, this is changing and native FullScreen support is coming to most browsers in the next few months (no word from the Internet Explorer team Update on IE below #5)) The API is still heavily in flux especially since the W3C joined in this week. What is pervasive media? Girl playing Escape From The Tower. Copyright: Calvium and Benjie Croce The simple explanation: Pervasive Media is basically any experience that uses sensors and/or mobile/wireless networks to bring you content (film, music, images, a game…) that’s sensitive to your situation – which could be where you are, how you feel, or who you are with.

Inside the Haiti Earthquake Inside the Haiti Earthquake – Interactive Documentary Inside the Haiti Earthquake is designed to challenge assumptions about relief work in disaster situations. This is not a game. Sehsucht™ Founded in 2000 by a bunch of hungry design addicts, Sehsucht has come to leave its mark as a top-notch quality label in the field of animations and graphics. With the same untiring drive and excitement as back in the early days, we direct and produce cutting-edge digital content for our clients from the creative industries.We count more than 30 design-obsessed individuals that are united in their aspiration to further push the boundaries of storytelling by deploying narrative concepts that deliberately blend commerce with art. Our services encompass the entire creative process for any animation production – starting with the very first idea, through the conception and realization phases, all the way to the final touches.

The 6 Most Innovative Interactive Web Documentaries Digital platforms are expanding the field of the traditional documentary, not only in terms of the distribution of linear stories, but especially in the production of content created specifically for the web. As seen in interactive web-based films like Highrise: Out My Window and Collapsus, different degrees of interactivity are now possible and are changing the way documentary storytelling relates to reality. As interactive media professor at the London College of Media Sandra Gaudenzi suggests, the differentiating levels of interactivity are a good way to classify these new forms of documentaries. According to Gaudenzi, there are three different levels of interactivity that determine the type of documentary.

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