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UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals

UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals
Basic UX Principles: How to get started The following list isn’t everything you can learn in UX. It’s a quick overview, so you can go from zero-to-hero as quickly as possible. You will get a practical taste of all the big parts of UX, and a sense of where you need to learn more. The order of the lessons follows a real-life UX process (more or less) so you can apply these ideas as-you-go. Each lesson also stands alone, so feel free to bookmark them as a reference! Introduction & Key Ideas #01 — What is UX? #02 — User Goals & Business Goals #03 — The 5 Main Ingredients of UX How to Understand Users #04 — What is User Research? #05 — How to Ask People Questions #06 — Creating User Profiles #07 — Designing for Devices #08 — Design Patterns Information Architecture #09 — What is Information Architecture? #10 — User Stories & Types of Information Architecture #11 — What is a Wireframe? Visual Design Principles #12 — Visual Weight, Contrast & Depth #13 — Colour #14 — Repetition & Pattern-Breaking #22 — Forms

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Beginning Infographics: Information Driven Storytelling Infographics are great—they share ideas and information effectively, work as essential communication tools and let's be honest, they can look pretty cool. Infographics are an amazing way to share new & interesting information with friends & audiences all over. It's the reason why we see them so often—they are a great tool for distilling really complex ideas down into easily digestible stories. Whether you're an experienced designer with a desire to experiment with data, an ambitious student interested in seeing how we work on client projects, or maybe even a non-creative who wants to get some tips on how to better communicate information to their audience—we're here to help you through your own personal journey. What You'll LearnIn this class, we'll take you through the process, start to finish, learning about:

CSR Racing 2 and its 'beyond console' graphics launch on iOS and Android You could call Zynga’s latest release a drag — but that’s just because its all about racing another beastly car down the line for the win. The mobile and social gaming company released CSR Racing 2 today for iOS and Android. The sequel from the NaturalMotion studio adds a bushel of social features and loving treatments of some of the world’s most amazing cars (and mundane ones as well). The first has more than 190 million downloads — over 2 percent of the world’s population have played it. Zynga is beginning to find its footing in the $36.4 million mobile gaming market, and free-to-play releases like CSR Racing 2 mix bleeding-edge graphics, tons of customization, and the publisher’s traditional social gameplay.

How Prototyping is Replacing Documentation Working at a design consultancy, documentation is often the primary deliverable we hand off to clients. When dealing with complex interactions, it’s not uncommon for documents to be over 100 pages long. Drafting these types of deliverables takes serious care, attention to detail, and significant time working at high fidelity in programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. The big concern is that when designers ship their work to clients, the final documentation doesn’t become the final product regardless of how well it’s crafted. Fifa: the video game that changed football Jan Tian stood in nervous silence in the departure hall of Beijing Capital International Airport. Beside him, his sister held an envelope containing a thousand yuan, close to her entire year’s wages. It was May 1993 and China’s capital was humid, its parks ablaze with tulips, crab apples and red azaleas. But Tian, who had graduated from Beijing University a decade earlier and now worked in Vancouver for the video game company Electronic Arts, had not come to sightsee. The previous week, he had received a phone call to say that his father had suffered a stroke and Tian’s bosses had booked him an emergency flight to China. After a week, the doctors had given their prognosis: Tian’s father would be paralysed down his left side, but would recover.

How to Launch a Startup Without Writing Code Have an idea for a startup, but no technical skills to build it? Did you know that some of the world's greatest tech startups were in fact launched with very little technology? These are companies that were acquired for $50-$540 million, or IPO'd. How did they do it? There are tons of online tools you can put together to create a product without writing any code.

Why do we play MOBA Games? A Factor Analytical Approach Abstract While quite some research efforts have been made to investigate player motivations and in-game behavior within massively multiplayer online-role-play games (MMORPGs), especially World of Warcraft (WoW), other genres have not made it into the focus of specialized research, yet. This paper is the first to fill this gap investigating player motivations in a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) context. As player type theory and motivational research needs a very special focus to be accurate, this work modifies recent findings in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) field to match MOBA games – more specifically League of Legends (LoL) and DotA 2 – using a quantitative and statistical approach. The empirical findings show that a strong motive to play these games is the desire to dominate others. This paper’s findings furthermore suggest that one single motive may be pursued in different ways.

How to Create a User Experience MapBlink UX – User Experience Consulting October 2, 2014 | Kathryn Kitchen At Blink we create experience maps as an instrument to articulate user engagement with a product. Experience maps are a visual representation of the users’ journey over time, and they provide a handy communication tool for teams to inform product direction. The benefit is that it tells a visual story in one-page that can be easily shared to communicate a product’s current state and opportunities. Many types of research can be used to inform the experience map including longitudinal studies, retrospective interviews, ethnographic research, and observational studies. An experience map’s foundation starts with knowing your target user audience.

How Marketers Get You to Buy New Stuff - The Atlantic Several decades before he became the father of industrial design, Raymond Loewy boarded the SS France in 1919 to sail across the Atlantic from his devastated continent to the United States. The influenza pandemic had taken his mother and father, and his service in the French army was over. At the age of 25, Loewy was looking to start fresh in New York, perhaps, he thought, as an electrical engineer. When he reached Manhattan, his older brother Maximilian picked him up in a taxi. They drove straight to 120 Broadway, one of New York City’s largest neoclassical skyscrapers, with two connected towers that ascended from a shared base like a giant tuning fork.

Contract Writing for Freelancers So you've been in business for yourself for a little while. You know you should have a contract, maybe you even have one, but is it really comprehensive? Maybe you can't afford a lawyer and you've cobbled together your own version on a wish and a prayer. It's time to clear up the gray area before you get burned. Nonstop Knight: A case study in mobile ad monetization - Mobile Dev Memo Nonstop Knight is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Kopla Games and published by Flaregames in which the player's avatar (the eponymous Knight) descends through the levels of a dungeon, killing creatures and collecting loot along the way. The game was released in early June 2016 and fuses gameplay elements from the dungeon crawler and clicker genres: the Knight is autonomous, identifying and killing creatures -- in other words, playing the game -- on its own, with the player responsible for making equipment upgrade decisions, selecting special abilities, and choosing when to fight boss monsters. While operating on his (or her; the Knight's gender can be changed in the game settings) own, the Knight continues to collect resources from slain dungeon creatures; these rewards are presented to the player upon their next login. - The Knight faces a "boss" on every third floor which must be defeated when the player is "driving".

UX 101: What is User Experience? [INFOGRAPHIC] What do popular brands like Apple, Google, and BMW have in common? They boast great designs that center around UX. UX stands for “user experience,” one of the most vital parts of any user-facing product. UX addresses all the aspects of a service from the perspective of the consumer, both visually and functionally.

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