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Divi Theme Preview

Divi Theme Preview
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How to Use any YouTube Video as your Page Background Do you like the video backgrounds on the Bing homepage? You too can easily embed any YouTube video as your page background with a line of code. You are probably using a single static image as the background for your website but it may offer a slightly more richer experience if you could consider placing moving images, like an animation or a self-playing video clip, in the background of your web pages. The Bing homepage frequently uses video backgrounds, like those penguins jumping out of an ice hole one after another, and so can you on your own website. There are several approaches here: Bing uses the standard HTML5 <video> tags to serve videos on the homepage. To get started, simply paste the code below near the opening <body> tag of your web template. <div style="position: fixed; z-index: -99; width: 100%; height: 100%"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="100%" width="100%" src=" Bonus Tip: Embed Background Music with YouTube

30 Splendid Websites Using Divi WordPress Theme 2017 Divi is a premium WordPress theme that is versatile as it is flexible. It has many features across a wide spectrum that make it a favorite among WordPress users. It is an extremely popular WordPress theme, many website designers and non tech savvy folk have used to build websites. The drag and drop design, easy to use modules and customization options make it easy to build websites according to desired specifications quickly and with little working knowledge of web design. Some features included are, I’ve also written a full review on the Divi Theme. Let us check out some example websites which have used the Divi theme as their framework. City Hill Church City Hill Church is a website for the faithful. Cyklus Vancouver Cyklus Vancouver features all the services offered by an innovative indoor cycling studio in British Columbia. Fashion or Famine Fashion or Famine is an online fashion store that showcases clothing. Best Little Coffee Shops Academy of Mine Mini-You FloorPlan Online FirstBird Hyphen

Mania | Fashion Blog Beitrag Farben kombinieren mit Adobe Color Hallo, ich bin von der Werbung. Nein, nicht TV-Werbung. Ich bin online. Du nicht auch? Wie ihr wisst bin ich in der Werbebranche tätig. Probleme bei der Kombination von Farben? Ziel: Zu einem Kleidungsstück mit bestimmten Farben passende Gegenfarben / Kleidungsstücke finden. Von Adobe habt ihr bestimmt schon alle etwas gehört. Öffne nun Adobe Color online. ! #1 Farbregel auswählen Unter der Farbregel bestimmt ihr, wie die Farben zu deiner Farbe aussehen sollen. Ähnlich: Sollen dir Farben angezeigt werden, die ähnlich zu deiner im Farbregler bedienten Farbe sind, aber nicht unbedingt zur gleichen Grundfarbe gehören müssen (angrenzende Farben mit gleicher Sättigung und Helligkeit)? Monochromatisch: Sollen dir zu deiner Farbe passende Farbabstufungen innerhalb der gleichen Grundfarbe angezeigt werden (gleiche Farbe mit unterschiedlicher Sättigung und Helligkeit)? Triade: Sollen dir zu deiner Farbe passende Farben angezeigt werden, die in gleichen Farbabständen zueinander stehen? #3 Farbausgabe

Asus X553MA-SX451B · Portátil Celeron N2840 4GB 500B 15,6" En virtud de la cooperación con el BANCO CETELEM, S.A. (en adelante Cetelem), nuestros clientes cuentan con la posibilidad de financiar sus compras en redcoon a través de Cetelem. Datos de Cetelem: BANCO CETELEM, S.A C/ Retama, 3, 28045 Madrid. Email: redcoon se reserva el derecho a modificar o eliminar esta forma de pago sin más aviso que la modificación o exclusión de la misma en su página webs. Solo podrán financiarse a través de Cetelem las compras realizadas por personas físicas mayores de edad con DNI o Tarjeta de Residencia en España. El cliente debe ser la misma persona que el beneficiario del préstamo de Cetelem. Solo podrán financiarse a través de Cetelem las compras en redcoon de un valor mínimo de 180 euros y máximo de 6000 euros, y bajo las condiciones de mensualidades y tipos de interés indicados al momento de realizar la compra. Financiación – FAQ ¿Cómo funciona la financiación a través de Cetelem? Condiciones Legales Sí.

Divi by Elegant Themes: Divi Sections and how to use the parallax effect like a pro One of the great things about the new Divi theme by Elegant Themes is not just that it’s an awesome pagebuilder theme, but that it’s backed with tons of documentation, videos and extra free resources to help you get your site up and running… in double quick time. It looks as though Nick Roach and his team have worked on the development of the Divi theme and the production of the resources in tandem so that they could be released at the same time and it’s worked perfectly. In this post I’m going to use one of the Divi teaching videos to run through the basics of Divi Sections and then take a look at combining Sections with the parallax effect to create some stunning effects. If you’re not familiar with the Divi theme you might want to bring yourself up to speed by checking out my post Divi by Elegant Themes: the ultimate drag and drop WordPress theme. Divi is a unique theme in our collection. Divi Sections – the basic building blocks of the Divi theme Adding a video background

Cette astuce est incroyable. Elle vous permettra de conserver vos bananes plus longtemps Trop souvent, on se retrouve obligé de jeter des fruits parce qu'ils sont pourris. Mais cette méthode va vous permettre de conserver vos bananes plus longtemps. Il n'y a rien de pire que de découvrir que les fruits qu'on se faisait une joie de manger sont en fait pourris. Même si l'on sait très bien que, plus d'une semaine après les avoir achetés, ils ne pourront pas encore être bons, cela peut être extrêmement énervant, surtout si l'on passe déjà une très mauvaise journée. Pour réaliser cette astuce, munissez vous simplement d'un rouleau d'aluminium. WordPress › Crelly Slider « WordPress Plugins Crelly Slider has Layers Animations, a Drag and Drop Builder, is Free, Responsive and Easy to Use Crelly Slider is a Free / Open Source WordPress slider with a powerful Drag & Drop Builder. You can add Texts and Images using animations and transitions. It's perfect to display your creative content in posts and pages. With it's tons of features, Crelly Slider is the best free solution for your online WebSite. Official WebSite (with live demo) User Friendly Admin Panel Crelly Slider does not require any Coding Knowledge. High Cross Browser Compatibility Most of the animations and the transitions are written in jQuery (using the "animate" function). Drag and Drop Builder How can you position all the elements in to the slider area? Transitions & Animations Foreach element and slide you can choose an in animation and an out animation using a simple selection menu. Completely Responsive Responsive means that the Slider will be displayed correctly in every resolution that the user will use.

Comprar tablet a buen precio y con calidad En esta comparativa para comprar tablet te vamos a guiar para que elijas la que más se adapte a las características y presupuesto que tienes en mente. Te vamos a presentar las tablets más baratas del mercado divididas en cuatro categorías. Menos de 100, menos de 200, menos de 300 o más de 300 euros. Las podrás ver comparadas por sencillas tablas, pero si lo que quieres es ver cada una de ellas al detalle puedes hacer visitar nuestra sección análisis o dentro de la misma comparación hacer click en análisis. Pero antes… En caso de que quieras adquirir uno de estos dispositivos con perspectiva de lo que opinan los compradores de tablets y tengas un presupuesto más grande puedes echar un vistazo a los siguientes artículos: – Tablets más vendidas en España – Mejores tablets En el caso de que tengas un presupuesto limitado te recomendamos: – Mejor tablet calidad precio – Tablets de menos de 100 euros – Tablets de menos de 200 euros Comprar tablet de menos de 100 euros ¿Puedes gastar algo más?

Divi Theme Customization Resource List update: October 24, 2015 I’m working on a continuously updating this list of resources from the web that help with customizing Divi. If you know of any other great resources, please leave a comment below or send me a quick message. And of course, remember that the support forum in Elegant Themes is a fantastic resource. The $69/year annual fee has paid for itself many times over. How to add CSS customization to your Divi theme: Shortcodes: How to add CSS to a module Creating a Child Theme before customizing General Tutorials & Overview – How to use WordPress and Divi Collections of CSS Customizations Specific Customizations Inspiration Plugins & Tools Support Other Resource Lists (similar to this one) Creating a horizontal opt in view the original question here (you’ll probably need to log in): Adding this to the CSS in the epanel will make all of your opt ins horizontal CTA Button Color on Slider 5.